McHenry Township Mary Mahady Challenges Precinct Committeeperson

While the Republican Party has three intramural contests for Precinct Committee Person, local Democrats have none.

Mary Mahady outside of a Town Hall Meeting of three GOP State Senators.

McHenry Township Assessor and former candidate for State Senator Mary Mahady is challenging Andrew McKay, who has the following on the Democratic Party web site:

Andrew McKay

Andrew McKay

I believe humans are interdependent. I believe that everyone who contributes to society deserves a dignified and secure quality of life. I believe that government must be the people’s balancing force against the cold consolidation of power and wealth inherent to free market capitalism. I believe that individual religious beliefs should have no standing in civil law. I believe that our military should serve to defend our nation and allies, and not be employed to expand or protect the interests of our private businesses. I believe that we must value our future more than our past.


McHenry Township Mary Mahady Challenges Precinct Committeeperson — 4 Comments

  1. A less flattering way of saying this would be that about 98.5 percent of Republicans in McHenry County have no choice for PC and 100 percent of Democrats in McHenry County have no choice for PC.

    And these people will vote for your party leaders, who you do not vote for.

    Yay for politics LOL

  2. He dared to call Mahady an “ugly, lying hag” at a Party Meeting.

  3. Mary Mahady is still mad that Wilcox kicked her large rear (shown above) in the last election.

    She’s also still seething that jimmy condon brought up her college years when she got axed from a production of “Cats” for mewing about how all the good parts were going to male cats.

    Mary likes to eat Rice-a-Roni with chopsticks to show her ‘sophistication.’

  4. LMAO Cal your picture is so epic.

    Mary Mahady REFUSES to play dress up like her funny silly “activist” Democratic lady friends who like to LARP as HBO characters who think they’re providing serious social commentary about the state of the U.S.A by dressing up as fictional characters (LOL), but she WILL go across the street from them and NOT dress up to show her SOLIDARITY with oppressed women.


    Yes, that’s the real sign of solidarity, not participating!

    Is she laughing at them or supporting them?

    We don’t know.

    Pretty sure the WHITE MAN in this contest is decisively more left-wing than her.

    He seems to have reasonable critiques of capitalism while Mary is primarily concerned with extracting money from working class home owners.

    Oh, what a conundrum!

    Ball’s in your court, Democrats…

    But I know you’ll do the right thing!

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