Questions Asked of Mary McClellan with Regard to Her Motion to Unmask Identities of McHenry County Blog Commenters

Here are the questions that attorney Robert Hanlon had propounded to Mary McClellan, who is a candidate for Circuit Court Clerk.

They relate to the discovery motion filed by McClellan.

Ed Gil and Mary McClellan in 2011.

Each statement asks McClellan to admit or deny its truthfulness.


Pursuant to Illinois Supreme Court Rule 216 Admit the Truth of the Following Facts:

  1. The birth certificate attached hereto as Exhibit A is a true and accurate copy of the birth Certificate of Edward Joseph Ershbock.
  2. Edward Joseph Ershbock is your biological son.
  3. At the time you gave birth to Edward Joseph Ershbock, you were not married.
  4. Your son, Edward Joseph Ershbock, was raised by his grandmother in the greater Atlanta Georgia Metropolitan area.
  5. Your son, Edward Joseph Ershbock, began living with you and Edward Gil at a time when he was 12 years of age.
  6. Your son, Edward Joseph Ershbock, lived with you for a period not exceeding three years.
  7. During the period that Edward Joseph Ershbock lived with You and Edward Gil, You regularly witnessed Edward Gil physically abuse Edward Ershbock.
  8. At no time did you undertake any action to prevent Edward Gil from physically attacking Edward Joseph Ershbock.
  9. You are married to Edward Gil.
  10. During the period that Edward Joseph Ershbock lived with you and Edward Gil, Edward Gil on more than two occasions spat in the face of Edward Joseph Ershbock.
  11. During the period that Edward Joseph Ershbock lived with you and Edward Gil, Edward Gil broke a coffee cup on the head of Edward Joseph Ershbock.
  12. During the period that Edward Joseph Ershbock lived with you and Edward Gil, Edward Joseph Ershbock ran to a neighbor’s house to call police because blood was running down his face as a result of the coffee cup broken upon his head by Edward Gil.
  13. While you were the McHenry County Clerk you hired Edward Gil to be employed in the office of the County Clerk, without disclosing your relationship as his wife to anyone on the county board at the time of hire.
  14. You were sanctioned by the United States District Court in the matter of Martinez v City of Chicago et al, case number 1:09-cv-05938.
  15. The sanction imposed against you and the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office in the matter of Martinez v City of Chicago, was directly related to your reckless conduct in attempting to prevent the delivery of evidence the opposing party was entitled to obtain.
  16. You are presently a candidate for Circuit Court Judge.
  17. You publicly announced your candidacy for Circuit Court Judge on or about September 6, 2019.
  18. Prior to August 1, 2019, you communicated with at least one other person that you were going to run to the position of Circuit Court Judge.


Questions Asked of Mary McClellan with Regard to Her Motion to Unmask Identities of McHenry County Blog Commenters — 14 Comments

  1. Wow, the birth certificate’s issuance in 2010 means somebody gave the Hanson the certificate.

    Maybe McClellan should run for judge on the South Side where these sort of ‘events’ are more commonplace.

  2. I feel so bad for her son.

    I am sure it must be difficult for him to come forward with information against his own mother.

    Hopefully he gets the much needed revenge he has been waiting for and can begin the healing process.

    I will pray for him.

  3. This Request to Admit should convince the three remaining people in McHenry County who might have voted for MM to change their vote.

    On her website she claims to have been a single mother, a statement that loses its impact when your mother raised the kid FOR TWELVE YEARS!

    Generally the facts stated in such a request are true and the opposing lawyer is simply trying to get an admission to avoid having to put on evidence to prove the fact, like having testimony from the son as to whether Big Ed Gil actually spit on MM’s son and smashed him over the head with a coffee cup and sent him bleeding to a neighbor, while MM watched.

    If MM admits these facts, her admission could lead to Big Ed being criminally prosecuted for domestic abuse (ala AJ Freund’s folks).

    If she denies the facts and they are ultimately proven to be true, then she is guilty of perjury.

    Her best bet is to drop this lawsuit and drop out of the race.

    Good work Hanlon.

  4. Why the hell
    Do you people

    this blog is generally anti abortion- now your anti birth.

    Hanlon is a scum bag.

  5. “Live your faith” MMMaule!

    Isn’t that what you were preaching yesterday?

    Atty Hanlon’s questions have hit a nerve with you.

    You must have some parallel life experiences as Unethical McClellan to get so riled up and start name calling Atty Hanlon simply for bringing certain things to light.


  6. This is certainly informative as it exposes their way of thinking and their true characters.

    I personally thank everyone who came forward, regardless the threats by these two evil animals, which will lead to the downfall of their disingenuousness.

  7. Hanlon, works for the truth and is ethical, and Mary seems to have a big problem with ethics and truth.

    Anyone, that leaves a duck head and blood on someones porch, is not only twisted but is vengeful and manipulative.

    Not exactly the standard the people of McHenry County want for someone as an elected Judge.

    Mary McClellan needs to take a hike right out of McHenry County!

  8. Please remember that evidence of any headless duck’s connection to McClellan was not proven in court.

  9. I was in a place where I couldn’t talk freely yesterday when the editor John called me back.

    To be honest, I had NO IDEA the political affiliation of anyone involved.

    My disdain was for the question using the words woman, wedlock, and whore within the same sentence.

    SO apparently there was a question and answer session for a Circuit court Judge Mary McClellan, who was asked certain questions.

    I will post below shortly.

    I can assume it was to determine the fact that she hired her husband- didn’t disclose it, and he has a violent past, with her son (not his).

    Also found out a few more facts, that personally would prevent me from considering her personally as a Judge- BUT none of that is the point NOR does it change the fact there is a lack of judgment at the Northwest Herald.

    I cannot tell you – John the Editor did NOT know my political affiliation, nor did I infer as to one way or the other, my point was specifically that Readers Poll.

    HOWEVER, now that he asked…… My 2nd call to him will address his comments to me:

    “You people in this county keep voting for these type of people”

    “The predominant party in McHenry county are voted in over and over and we shouldn’t have there people representing this county.”

    So – I never brought that up, cared about if it was a Rep or Dem nor did I rant, I stayed neutral and continued to say his lack of sensitivity to women, and mothers was abhorrent.

    I read the article, I did my own research, now I have other opinions.

    However, I remain convinced he was baiting me into a political discussion and as the editor of the Northwest Herald- should be ashamed in his bias and pandering of any political party.

  10. Great to know Cassandra, not that we ever doubted that the Northwest Herald was nothing more than a Liberal Tabloid.

    Very left leaning .

  11. Why the hell do we care?



    It sure as hell should not be you in my opinion!

    I can’t fathom why you would think you are qualified morally to judge ANYONE!!!

  12. Mary Margaret Maule, you are the scum bag defending this awful excuse for a human being.

    She should never be a Candidate for Judge!

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