Grass Roots Workers for Republican Party Way Down

This analysis from commenter “Correcting” finds the Republican Party in decline and Democrats on the rise when looking at Precinct Committee Person, County Board filings:

My counting could have been off; feel free to double check.

In 2016, 35 Democrats were elected PC and 153 Republicans were elected PC.

In 2018, the Democrats had 62 precincts filled through election and Republicans had 136.

Today, Democrats are competing for 55 precincts and Republicans are competing for 76.

In 2016, 22 Republicans ran for County Board in the primary.

In 2018, 16 Republicans ran for County Board in the primary.

Today, Republicans have 12 candidates for County Board.

So between 2016 and now, you have about 50 percent fewer Republicans running for County Board and PC.

That sounds like a dying a political party.


Grass Roots Workers for Republican Party Way Down — 10 Comments

  1. Same thing occurred in Lake County.

    Trump is virtually killing the GOP as the base shrinks.

    The reality is immigrants from Latin and Asian Countries really do subscribe to Conservative values, but the angry old fear tactics of the GOP exclude looking at this demographic.


  2. I don’t think it is only Latin and Asian groups, a high percentage of my republican friends have bailed on Trump and question their Party.

  3. As an angry confused old man, I’ve begun training for the Biden Fitness Challenge.

    Push Ups
    IQ Test
    Hair Sniffing
    Chewing on wife’s fingers in Public
    Incoherent babbling

  4. Dream on ladies what you’re seeing is the spread of the Democratic disease from Chicago into McHenry County the state has been blue and the state will stay blue.

    Trump won without Illinois and Trump will win without Illinois again.

  5. How could this possibly come as a surprise to anyone.

    Wingnuts ecentric unlikable lazy and unremarkable people like Diane E and Karen T have taken the reins.

    It’s been a disaster.

    These people are agitators wierd ineffectuals unwelcoming and drive normal people away.

    Not leaders strategizers fundraisers or organizers.

    Basically they share sentiments and overall political approach as bloggers on this website.

    I love you guys don’t get me wrong I’m one of you but we are all anonymously saying sh*tty things on an obscure website because people don’t want to be around us we are not running successful businesses that take up our time and can’t get elected ourselves.

    In other words we are people who shouldn’t be in charge.

    It’s sad to see the party like this.

    Two more years of current Republican leadership and McHenry may turn blue not because of demographics but incompetence.

  6. So many idiotic commentators.

    All leftist scum, and all from the same person.

  7. Satin is unraveled ^

    You’re probably saying the same thing about Trump and he’s breaking records and draining the swamp!

  8. Cmon dentblah.

    Quit lying.

    You have no friends.

    Franks is your paymaster not your friend.

    Take a bath sometime and get some clean clothes from Biddy Swanson.

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