IL-06/IL-14: House Democrats Racing the Clock to Give Lauren Underwood and Sean Casten a Legislative Win on Taxes

Never Mind Raising the SALT Deduction Limit Will Go Nowhere in the Senate

In a Roll Call article published Wednesday evening, House Democrats are preparing legislation incorporating components of the Lauren Underwood/Sean Casten H.R. 1757 legislation to temporarily raise the state and local taxes (SALT) deduction limit by the end of the year.

Lauren Underwood

The final House legislation has yet to be published.

According to Roll Call, the “marriage penalty” of SALT deduction limits will be eliminated, per H.R. 1757.

The actual amount of the temporary raise in the SALT deduction limit will likely be different than the Underwood/Casten legislation. But it will incorporate keeping a SALT deduction cap in order to not be a change to benefit the wealthy.

The House calendar says the last day to consider legislation in 2019 is December 20, and Democrats know this legislation is competing with a vote on Articles of Impeachment and averting a government shutdown with the current Continuing Resolution set to expire on the 21st.

Given this House vote will be used to bolster Underwood’s and Casten’s reelection prospects, the Republican candidates who want to challenge them next year will need to weigh-in on this legislation and if they would support it or oppose it.

Jeanne Ives

Only 6th district candidate Jeanne Ives has stated a position on SALT deduction limits, telling Crain’s Chicago Business on October 8 she is in favor of raising them, though she did not give any specifics.

Where her opponent Dr. Jay Kinzler or the 14th district Republican candidates stand on SALT deduction limits is unknown.

Hopefully, with the House poised to pass legislation by the end of the year, the Republicans will discuss the legislation and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 fully for the primary campaign.

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IL-06/IL-14: House Democrats Racing the Clock to Give Lauren Underwood and Sean Casten a Legislative Win on Taxes — 11 Comments

  1. Probably right on your statement” …will go nowhere in the Senate. ”

    Over two hundred bills passed by the House, and languish on Moscow Mitch’s desk.

    He is afraid to even have a debate on many of these bills.

  2. “Never Mind this will go nowhere” is such a stupid stupid take.

    Underwood ran on this.

    If Mitch is going to sit on this bill just like the hundreds of other bills, that’s on him.

    The voters of Kentucky (who just elected a Dem governor) can decide if Mitch should get another 6 years.

    Going back to how stupid Lopez’s line sounds…. using the Lopez mentality/logic, the Republicans should have ran all their idea by Obama before they tried to repeal Obamacare to see if he was goign to sign any of those bills.

    Never mind that was a waste of time that went nowhere.

    (NEVER MIND that was only when Obama was president and the GOP put forth absolutely no plan to replace Obamacare and when the GOP finally got control of (1) White House AND (2) the House AND (3) Senate they still had no plan that could pass).

  3. How is it a take?

    Maybe it’s just a description of the way things are.

    If Lopez were so against the House taking action on this because it’s DOA in the Senate (which is what you’re inferring he’s saying, despite the fact that he never said that), then why does he think the House candidates should even bother weighing in on the issue, which he did explicitly say they should do???

    I don’t think those things are mutually exclusive. I can acknowledge my actions are futile while still believing it’s right to act.

  4. “Never Mind Raising the SALT Deduction Limit Will Go Nowhere in the Senate”

    This blog and John Lopez are big time but I don’t think it’s so big time that Lopez has headline writers like the newspapers.

  5. Give Underpapoose 30 more IQ points and she might be dangerous

  6. Oh, my last comment wasn’t phrased so well but I think people know what I meant.

    To reiterate, someone can acknowledge that taking action won’t matter in the grander scheme but still feel obligated to act because they believe it’s the right thing to do.

    I don’t know if that’s what Lopez meant or if he was truly saying the House should not act on this, in which case your criticisms would be valid.

    I don’t see why he would ask for the other candidates’ opinions on the issue if he thought it were totally pointless though.

    Anyway, congrats to Skinner for making it “big time” and I hope nobody loses sleep over these mansion owners.

    If you’re in the sixth district and think mansion owners SHOULD have more money, you’re OK because Casten and Ives both agree on this issue!

    Finally, we found that elusive bipartisanship that Lopez so often opines about.

    And Underwood agrees with Ives too.

    How wonderful!

  7. Underwipe needs to buy some shampoo and quit hanging out at vaping joints.

  8. I read “Never mind that this effort is going nowhere” as a critique.

    When someone prefaces a phrase with “never mind that…” it seems pretty dismissive.

  9. Lopez was pretty clear on why he thought they should weigh in.

    He knows it’s going to be a campaign issue and he wants to hear the GOP candidates’ positions now on something that will surely come up after the primary.

  10. Democrats have been very busy over the last 3.5 years in their hate campaign activities regarding Trump including using federal agencies to spy on his presidential campaign, creating a phony Russia collusion hoax out of thin air and the subsequent Mueller investigation and now the fraudulent quid pro quo/bribery hoax. They are wasting time in the U.S. house on impeachment nonsense when they could be doing something useful for Americans, perhaps about immigration, infrastructure, prescription drug prices, DACA, salt limits, etc.

    Regarding Mitch in the Senate, Democrats should recall that their Senate leader creep Harry Reid of Nevada circular filed numerous, numerous bills passed by the Republican House. Reid had zero integrity including his grand lie of stating that presidential candidate Mitt Romney had not been paying his federal taxes.

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