IL-14: Catalina Lauf Named One of Ten “Majority Makers” & Receives Financial Support and Endorsement from Maverick PAC

Catalina Lauf

PAC co-founded by Ted Cruz identified 14th district crucial to flipping House

From Maverick PAC press release:



The ‘MavPAC Majority Makers’ are challenging vulnerable Democrats or running for competitive open seats

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today Maverick PAC (MavPAC), the premier national donor network of conservative young professionals, will contribute to and endorse ten rising candidates for Congress, coined the “MavPAC Majority Makers.” The candidates, who are either running to challenge vulnerable Democrat incumbents or for competitive open seats, will each receive a contribution of $2,500 from MavPAC.

2020 MavPAC Majority Makers:

  • Young Kim (CA-39)
  • Judson Sapp (FL-03)
  • Amanda Makki (FL-13)
  • Catalina Lauf (IL-14)
  • Nicole Malliotakis (NY-11)
  • Wesley Hunt (TX-07)
  • Tony Gonzales (TX-23)
  • Beth Van Duyne (TX-24)
  • Genevieve Collins (TX-32)
  • Omari Faulkner (US Senate – VA)

“This is the first time in our 15-year history that MavPAC has committed an entire funding round to primary candidates,” said MavPAC National Chairman Fritz Brogan.

“This move reflects the organization’s growth and preparedness to evolve to have a greater impact on national politics.

“MavPAC members — more than 500 young professionals from across the country — voted on a pool of strong, qualified candidates resulting in these names earning the most votes.

“We believe these candidates will make exemplary elected officials and represent a new wave of pragmatic, results-oriented ‘mavericks’ that will help Republicans take back the majority.”

With this funding round, Maverick PAC’s total distribution in 2019 is over $75,000, with additional funding rounds planned between now and Election Day. In 2018, MavPAC contributed nearly $200,000 towards Congressional candidates. MavPAC’s members have raised millions of dollars bundling for candidates over the last few election cycles.


About Maverick PAC ( Maverick PAC is the premier donor organization for young conservative professionals. Founded in Texas in 2004, Maverick PAC now has a national track record of recruiting young professionals to the political process through fundraising and events. Maverick PAC provides a platform for engaging the next generation of American leaders in business and politics.

SUPPLEMENTAL: Catalina Lauf responds in Twitter:


IL-14: Catalina Lauf Named One of Ten “Majority Makers” & Receives Financial Support and Endorsement from Maverick PAC — 17 Comments

  1. Ms. Prestia, where do you get that “1%” number?

    What poll?

    Hope it’s not that Oberweis poll from the summer, but if any of the candidates did a poll, it would have been released, like Oberweis did back in September.

    I only know of one candidate who plans to do some polling between now and end of year, but that doesn’t rule out anyone else doing a credible poll from a reputable pollster.

    And if the candidate releases the cross tabs at the same time as releasing the results, it’s that much more credible.

    But you should be happy, given Jeff Ward says Mr. Marter is Jim Oberweis’ only competition given this field.

    He could be right that Oberweis will end up winning the primary, and no one can dispute, including me since I’ve said so, Oberweis is the frontrunner at this point.

    That said, I think Mr. Ward is wrong, and will address why he’s wrong on his site.

    But no matter, Lauf, and the others, just need to run their campaigns, and we’ll get a real good gauge just over a month from now when 4th quarter FEC filings are made public.

    Here’s the link to Ward’s article on the 14th:

  2. Fred, don’t know why Jeanne Ives was not included on this initial list. As the press release said, the PAC will be supporting other candidates throughout the 2020 election cycle, but there are 3 or 4 possible reasons why Ives was not part of the initial list:

    1) Age, Ives is 55 and the group bills itself as helping young conservatives. Don’t know how MavPAC defines “young” but the first name on the list, Young Kim of California, is 57, so age in mid to late 50s does not rule someone out.

    2) The Democrat incumbent/district rating. The 14th is rated a “toss-up” in most ratings like Cook Political report among others. The 6th district was changed just this week from leans Democratic to likely Democratic, so perhaps the priority in the initial endorsements are targeting toss-up districts.

    3) The candidate needs the money more. Ives’ 3rd quarter fundraising for a 1st time federal candidate was really impressive, topping $340K. While Lauf’s total for the first 38 days ending September 30 was impressive, it is not at the Ives’ level, and MavPAC feels a candidate receiving the initial $2,500 will go farther with Lauf than with Ives.

    4) Highly competitive primary. Ives’ primary against Dr. Jay Kinzler, at this stage, is perceived to be one-sided, and Kinzler needs to do a lot to change that, particularly on his FEC quarterlies next month. Lauf is in a multi-candidate field in the 14th where a plurality of 40% is the most any candidate will receive.

    All of the candidates are impressive reads. Our friend D J lives in the TX-24 district, so maybe he can tell us a little more about Beth Van Duyne.

    That’s my take, which is little more than an educated guess, for what it’s worth.

  3. Come on John.

    Why are you carrying water for Ives.

    This is a good endorsement for Lauf but what is with the excuses for Ives?

    One major reason she could have been elected off the round of endorsements is because the group deems her unelectable or they don’t agree with some of the very controversial stuff she has said in the past.

    This is the same reason why the NRCC hasn’t put her on the Young Guns yet and they have 4 candidates from 14 on there.

    Also candidates do numerous polls without releasing the results.

    Ms Prestia may know of a poll done by a candidate that wasn’t released that has Lauf at 1%.

    Candidates don’t release polls for a number of reasons.

  4. FLamont, I was just answering the gentleman’s question in the comments. I’m not carrying water for anyone, and Ives was not mentioned in the article itself. I was curious about the question myself, and shared in comments what I found.

    You are right about campaigns doing “internal polling” and not releasing any numbers, and whether Marter has done a poll is unknown, though we’ll see expenditures on his FEC quarterlies next month to see if he’s done one, especially with a reputable pollster.

  5. There is no poll that puts Lauf at 1% Linda is lying maybe it is Marter who is polling at 1% also I would not be surprised if you see a Trump endorsement for Lauf in the near future.

  6. Can’t wait to hear who you think is the number two in this race, Lopez.

    I don’t always agree with your conclusions, but your reasoning is well supported which is respectable.

    I’d have to agree with Mr. Ward on Oberweis being 1 and Marter being 2.

    Marter arguably has the most name recognition after Oberweis.

    He’s been involved at events for years.

    He’s ran for federal office twice, in 2016 and 2018.

    His fundraising is terrible but I think he has a solid chunk of sticky supporters who regularly vote in primaries.

    What is Lauf’s base?

    People are speculating she’ll do better with young people and Hispanics in a general election, but they aren’t that big of a factor in a GOP primary.

    I’d be surprised if Catella or Evans make it on the ballot and they’ll be nonfactors even if they do.

    Rezin is just not well known.

    How many people even live in the area where her legislative district and the congressional district overlap?

    It can’t be many.

    Gradel is a beast at fundraising, but what is he waiting for?

    Nobody knows who he is.

    Potential is there but the clock is winding down.

  7. Correcting, I’m going to postpone my predictions of how the candidates will win, place or show come March until much later.

    One must be careful with name recognition/ID–it cuts both ways.

    Don’t know if you saw my response to Mr. Ward’s response to me, but where his assessment of Oberweis goes astray is when you compare the times Oberweis was in a race like this with more than 3 candidates, and that’s only happened in 2004 for U.S. Senate with 8 candidates and 2006 for governor with 5 candidates.

    Governor he lost because the 3-term state treasurer had the name ID, but needed another candidate to split the social conservative vote away from Oberweis, which is what happened.

    The 2004 U.S. Senate primary is the better comparison because Oberweis entered that race with significant name ID from 2002, but also his dairy/financial businesses and he peaked when he had his breakout on immigration.

    He still came in 2nd to Jack Ryan, who had youth, good looks and a healthy bank account of his own.

    As you may recall, when a judge ordered Ryan’s divorce case records to be unsealed is when he was forced to give up the nomination.

    Many parallels can be drawn to 2020, but you can read what I said on Ward’s blog for the rest.

    You could be right about Catella or Evans.

    Petition objections are due on Monday, and I’m sure there will be objections filed in the 14th race.

    With Catella and to a degree Evans, it’s the electoral equivalent of a “short stack squeeze” in tournament poker, given Catella has very little money and Evans unknown to afford the attorney fees needed to defend from a strong objection case.

    Will we see similar “games” being played with the other 5, possibly.

    Marter has run twice before, so he knows how to stay on the ballot.

    Similar with Oberweis and Rezin, and Gradel and Lauf had hired help to insure they covered the bases to stay on the ballot.

    We’ll see.

    Gradel, Rezin and Lauf need to get better known in the district, which we’ll start to see in earnest after the first of the year.

    All of their campaigns, along with Oberweis, have professionally managed and fully staffed where they need to be at this stage.

    Maybe one campaign needs to open their campaign HQ, but their infrastructure should be set.

    Right now, in addition to insuring they stay on the ballot, they all want to finish strong fundraising, in spite of the Holidays in full swing.

    Gradel has been cutting the videos to allow voters to get to know him.

    His best one was the “On Life” video, and in social media the feedback was very positive.

    Lauf, she is raising money and with the MavPAC endorsement, she’ll be able to raise more.

    If she qualifies for Stefanik’s PAC endorsement (she has to raise a minimum of $250K from donors in fourth quarter to be considered for the endorsement), her national presence will be enhanced which will help her locally.

    While young people and Hispanics do not traditionally play significant coalitions in a primary, she has two coalitions that traditionally do very well — 2nd amendment supporters and A.B.A.T.E.

    The 2nd amendment passionate supporters will not forget Oberweis and Rezin voting for the Red Flag Law.

    Not sure what Rezin is doing, as the last we saw of her was in the MSNBC interview last week, plus what she posts on social media, which last showed she spoke at McHenry High School this week.

    Finally, as for credible independent polling, we all know the first media polls will be taken in mid to late January, and that poll will provide the baseline.

    Oberweis will lead that poll, no doubt.

    The rest of the campaigns will be fighting to be the clear alternative to Oberweis, and breaking double-digits in that poll will be the first goal.

    Hopefully, the media will hold off on their first polls until after the 4th quarter FEC reports are made public.

    It’s going to really be fun to watch after the first of the year.

    One other significant distraction to all the races after the first of the year.

    The President’s impeachment trial in the Senate.

    Assuming the House approves Articles of Impeachment in the next 2 weeks, the trial will dominate news coverage in January.

    That helps Oberweis, as average voters will be paying attention to impeachment.

    The longer the impeachment trial, the one who benefits from it is Oberweis.

    And that distraction is something no one has brought up until now.

  8. ** if any of the candidates did a poll, it would have been released**


    Candidates do polls all the time without releasing them to the public.

  9. Skip Tracer – Sorry for hurting your precious little feelings but Jeanne can’t and won’t win.

    Also no chance in the world that Marter finishes in 2nd place.

    I don’t care how many races he has run in previously, he had the same problems: no money and low name idea, all the votes he garnered were protest votes against Kirk and Kinzinger they weren’t votes for Marter per se.

    The only way you can make up for lack of money in political races is an extensive and massive volunteer supported ground game, Marter has neither.

  10. Flamont, flame out.

    It’s a time to call it quits.

    Go to walgreens and get some adult diapers quick.

  11. Kvalochuk-It’s funny how easy it is to hurt you and all the Ives supporters darling feelings.

    Any one who doesn’t agree with you hurts your feelings.

    Toughen up.

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