Petition Games

In Cook County politicians make a practice of challenging opponents’ petition signatures.

Looks like it has infected McHenry County:

Date: Requestor: Candidate Office:
12/2/2019 Ruth Scifo Shannon Teresi Auditor
12/2/2019 Ruth Scifo Angela Byrnes Coroner
12/2/2019 Ruth Scifo Michael Rein Coroner
12/2/2019 Ruth Scifo Katherine Keefe Circuit Court Clerk
12/2/2019 Ruth Scifo Patrick Kenneally State’s Attorney
12/2/2019 Ruth Scifo Tom Wilbeck County Board 1
12/2/2019 Kristy Smith Jeffery Thorsen County Board 2
12/2/2019 Kristy Smith Joseph Gottemoller County Board 3
12/2/2019 Kristy Smith Stephen Doherty County Board 4
12/2/2019 Kristy Smith Kay Bates County Board 4
12/2/2019 Kristy Smith Dan Bertrand County Board 6
12/2/2019 Kristy Smith Tracie Von Bergen County Board 6
12/2/2019 Kyle Schwartz Jim Kearns County Board 6
12/2/2019 Kyle Schwartz Michael Buehler County Board Chairperson
12/2/2019 Kyle Schwartz Jeff Thorsen County Board 1
12/2/2019 Kyle Schwartz Mike Skala County Board 5
12/3/2019 Ruth Scifo John Reinert County Board 2
12/3/2019 Ruth Scifo Mike Shorten County Board 3
12/3/2019 Ruth Scifo Erik Sivertsen County Board 4
12/3/2019 Ruth Scifo Michael Skala County Board 5
12/3/2019 Ruth Scifo James Kearns County Board 6
12/3/2019 Kyle Schwartz Mike Shorten County Board 3
12/3/2019 Kyle Schwartz Erik Sivertsen County Board 4
12/3/2019 Kyle Schwartz Erik Sivertsen PCT Comm – MCH 29
12/4/2019 Stephen Doherty Erik Sivertsen County Board 4
12/5/2019 Pat Keefe Renee Overlee Circuit Court Clerk
12/5/2019 Angela Byrnes Mark Justen Coroner
12/5/2019 Angela Byrnes Michael Rein Coroner
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Renee Overlee Circuit Court Clerk
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Jack Franks County Board Chairperson
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Theresa Meshes County Board 1
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Jessica Phillips County Board 2
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Paula Yensen County Board 5
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Lynn Gray County Board 5
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Nancy Glissman County Board 6
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Larry Spaeth County Board 6
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Jim May Precinct Committeeperson ALD  1
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Katherine Martin Precinct Committeeperson ALG  4
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Sandra J, Bartholmey Precinct Committeeperson ALG 10
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Deanna Darling Precinct Committeeperson ALG 12
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Gregory C. Alexander Precinct Committeeperson ALG 19
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Karen Migaldi Precinct Committeeperson ALG 21
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Phil Heil Precinct Committeeperson ALG 30
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Marianne Fontes Precinct Committeeperson ALG 32
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Nick Chirikos Precinct Committeeperson ALG 33
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Taylor Johnson Precinct Committeeperson ALG 34
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen John Labaj Precinct Committeeperson ALG 36
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Daniel Giallombardo Precinct Committeeperson ALG 40
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Kristy Smith Precinct Committeeperson ALG 42
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Theresa Hart Precinct Committeeperson ALG 48
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Ruth Scifo Precinct Committeeperson ALG 50
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Robert R, Barton Precinct Committeeperson ALG 51
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Mary Ewert Precinct Committeeperson ALG 52
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Edward M. Gogol Precinct Committeeperson ALG 66
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Robin S. Taylor Precinct Committeeperson BUR  2
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Lisa Haderlein Precinct Committeeperson CHE  1
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Henry Pepper Franks Precinct Committeeperson COR  1
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Margaret M. Ruelius Precinct Committeeperson COR  2
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen David Alexander Precinct Committeeperson COR  3
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Lynn M. Gray Precinct Committeeperson DOR  1
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Michael Krause Precinct Committeeperson DOR  2
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Ann Legg Precinct Committeeperson DOR  4
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Jennifer Wegmann-Gabb Precinct Committeeperson DOR  5
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Brian D. Meyers Precinct Committeeperson DOR 11
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Anthony “Tony” F. Casalino Precinct Committeeperson DOR 12
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Lisa Arvanites Precinct Committeeperson GRA  1
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Jill McCutcheon Precinct Committeeperson GRA  7
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Miriam Smith Precinct Committeeperson GRA  8
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Michael Bissett Precinct Committeeperson GRA 12
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Peter Atterberg Precinct Committeeperson GRA 23
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Nancy Glissman Precinct Committeeperson GRA 26
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Joseph Galli Precinct Committeeperson GRE  1
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Mark Nichols Precinct Committeeperson GRE  3
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Michael Freeman Precinct Committeeperson GRE  4
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Susan M. Reed Precinct Committeeperson HEB  1
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Martha “Marti” B. Swanson Precinct Committeeperson MCH  1
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen David Trost Precinct Committeeperson MCH  2
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Dorothea King Precinct Committeeperson MCH  6
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Melissa “Missy” Funk Precinct Committeeperson MCH 10
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Robert Rosenberg Precinct Committeeperson MCH 21
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Andrew G. McKay Precinct Committeeperson MCH 28
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Mary Mahady Precinct Committeeperson MCH 28
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Terry Kappel Precinct Committeeperson MCH 32
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Robert Schroyer Precinct Committeeperson MCH 35
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Kathleen Bergan Schmidt Precinct Committeeperson NUN  1
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Robert Janz Precinct Committeeperson NUN  4
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Nancy Schietzelt Precinct Committeeperson NUN 18
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Sandra Jensen Briggs Precinct Committeeperson NUN 22
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Kristina Zahorik Precinct Committeeperson NUN 25
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Mary C. Johnson Precinct Committeeperson RIL  1
12/5/2019 Evert Evertsen Michelle Mendoza Precinct Committeeperson SEN  1


Petition Games — 19 Comments

  1. Be sure to follow up by telling us how many of these are successful.

  2. Can’t Evertsen’s husband find something more productive to do?

    His wife ought to have been recruiting people to run for GOP Committeeman.

    But she can’t do that.

    She fiddles while the party burns.

    Great Work!

    No wonder McHenry Co. Has turned blue.

  3. What is the point of people from the opposite political party challenging uncontested PC races?

    The person who responds to my question has to give a real answer, not just “because they can.”

    Is there any strategic/political benefit to it, seeing that PC are just glorified door knockers and anybody can knock on doors?

  4. This started with all of the Dems doing it.

    So, now, Reps will respond in kind.

    Never happened like this before that I know of.

    Just responding.

  5. Angela Byrnes pulls her Republican opponents petitions??

    Really tacky.

    Gonna loose her votes.

    True colors come out???

  6. An elected PC gets a vote whereas an appointed PC gets none.

    Any PC unopposed who is knocked out due to petition challenge would likely be appointed but this strategy would narrow the group qualified to vote on Party business.

    It also teaches the PC rules matter.

    Is this a tactic or strategy with merit?

    A little.

  7. Nah, James K, Democrats aren’t wasting their time on PC races according to this list.

    Pretty much just Ev Evertsen is doing that.

    Most of these requests make sense, even if I think challenges are total dick moves.

    Someone named Keefe is looking at Overlee, Byrnes is looking at her primary opponents, and an assortment of Democrats are looking at Republicans running for high office like county board, coroner, etc.

    (Speaking of that last point, notice how Democrats scatter their responsibility among multiple people while Republicans just have one old man doing it. What does that say about the health and future of the GOP?)

    I don’t get Ev’s plan.

    Won’t it just piss Democrats off and make them work harder in their precincts with or without their silly titles?

  8. Correcting, just because you don’t get it, doesn’t mean it is a productive use of Ev’s time.

    I’m sure you’re missing quite a few things

  9. You all are a bunch of overreacting nut jobs.

    They’re public records so who cares if someone pulls them for an audit.

    IF things were correctly audited in this county in the first place we wouldn’t be in this mess with our county offices/candidates in the first place.

    If you have to worry about your petitions then you didn’t fill them out correctly, did some shady crap or don’t belong on the ballot in the first place.

    Knowing how inept the county party is it’s probably all three!

  10. Maybe Ev is compiling a list of people to be picked up for questioning when normal people take this area back from the Franks’ communists and thugs.

  11. Hey, Priest, I thought about your first point before you posted it but find it unlikely that there’s some big brain calculation going on.

    “An elected PC gets a vote whereas an appointed PC gets none.

    Any PC unopposed who is knocked out due to petition challenge would likely be appointed but this strategy would narrow the group qualified to vote on Party business.”

    In what way does that harm Democrats or help Republicans though?

    They’re still going to have PC and they’re still going to have an Executive Committee.

    You’re not going to kick everyone off the ballot.

    It would be one thing if Republicans were going to target a specific faction to alter the Democratic Party’s ideological composition, but I doubt Ev Evertsen, or hardly any Republicans for that matter, knows anything about Democratic factions or what they do at their meetings.

    As to the second point of teaching them about rules.

    It’s a possibility.

    Still, I think it could backfire in a spectacular way, making Republicans look like bitter petty cranks who want to limit voters’ choices even for such low level positions as PC, and attracting sympathy from people who aren’t necessarily Democrats.

    But you know, do what you guys want.

    Afterall, the Evertsens are doing such a great job with this McHenry County Republican Party, so why should anyone question their wisdom?

  12. There are a lot of reasons why the Republican party would want to know who signed Democrat petitions such as confirming that Republican election judges have not signed Democrat petitions.

    There are more reasons to pull petitions than just to file challenges.

  13. Yeah, to find out how many buckets of chicken Erik eats at one sitting, or how many signatures are forgeries.

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