IL-14: James Marter Video from St. Charles Meet & Greet

James Marter

Taking direct shots by name at Jim Oberweis and Sue Rezin, and inferred shots at Catalina Lauf and Ted Gradel that all chose to stand with Bruce Rauner in 2018 over Jeanne Ives

FACT CHECK: Catalina Lauf worked for Citizens for Rauner from late January to mid-November of 2018.

Jim Oberweis and Sue Rezin did not publicly support either Bruce Rauner or Jeanne Ives in last year’s primary.

Ted Gradel was not involved in the 2018 gubernatorial primary or was a member of Rauner’s Finance Committee.

McHenry County Blog note: We are trying to obtain pics from the event, including of the attendees to share on the blog. The campaign said they would be posted in social media soon.

We thank the volunteer for the campaign who shot this video and posted it on YouTube.


IL-14: James Marter Video from St. Charles Meet & Greet — 2 Comments

  1. DId this joker forget Jeanne Ives came out in favor of Red Flag laws before talking about how important it was to support her?

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