IL-14: America First Policies Targets Lauren Underwood on Impeachment

Lauren Underwood

America First Policies is a non-profit organization supporting key policy initiatives that will work for all citizens in our country and put America first.

Around 10:30AM Central Time this morning, America First Policies released this digital ad through Twitter.

Congresswoman Lauren Underwood being asked to end the Impeachment process and her office phone numbers in both Washington and her main district office in West Chicago are shared.


IL-14: America First Policies Targets Lauren Underwood on Impeachment — 9 Comments

  1. Those impeachment hearings got uncomfortably close to ensnaring me too.

    If I’m going down, I’m taking all of you with me.

  2. It’s disgusting the Way the GOP has betrayed America and democracy to embrace Trumpism

    I’ll never understand how the party that was so vehemently opposed to Russia has become Putin’s lapdogs.

  3. The people should never forget Lauren Underwood’s participation in the “IMPEACHMENT CHARADE” against Trump!

  4. Joe, you fools have wanted and said OUT LOUD that you wanted to impeach Trump before he even took office!

    You know why?

    Because they all knew he was going to expose them for the projecting crooks, thieves and pedophiles they are!

  5. Joe, It’s so nice to see that the Dems have embraced the soviet style of taking down it’s leaders when they don’t like there politics. This is setting a dangerous precedent that will not stop with Trump. An eye for an eye will now be the paradigm for all future government.

  6. Democrat politicians, and their supporters, are fools. Their hate of Trump is driving them over the cliff. They have never got over the loss of their grossly incompetent and liar/thug candidate to Trump and have been seeking revenge since November 2016. They are filled with hate and vindictiveness. What a surprise on the night of the election after the mostly left wing media and pollsters were telling Americans that the woman would easily win. A slam dunk. It was in the bag for the lady.

    Members of the Obama regime, many still in the government as the “Resistance”, started their campaign to destroy Trump well before November 2016 and will suffer the consequences after all ongoing investigations by the Department of Justice are concluded and the senate has acted. Also, what did the big kahuna know about spying on Trump and subverting Trump and when did he know it, what part did he play?

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