Patronage Alive in Pritzker Adminstration

From State Rep. Allen Skillicorn:

Rep. Allen Skillicorn@allenskillicorn

More corruption and cronyism from the Pritzker administration! Tollway boss brings in five former colleagues, at $893,000 a year …Tollway boss brings in five former colleagues, at $893,000 a yearThe Illinois tollway is home sweet home for Chicago Housing Authority execs. Tollway Executive Director José Alvarez, former chief operating officer at the CHA, has brought in five former colleagues…dailyherald.


Patronage Alive in Pritzker Adminstration — 10 Comments

  1. Corruption continues in Illinois.

    Thanks to Allen Skillicorn, as he continue to unveil rampant corruption in Illinois, as he fights for the rights of the people.

  2. Driving from Chicago to Downers Grove is a feat?


    Well at least you don’t have to pay tolls!


  3. Illinois will beat the true meaning of Christmas into your skulls, with yet another round of Tollway corruption.

  4. Of course, it is Illinois!

    This is the best part:

    “Alvarez said Thursday the new employees are top-notch and dovetail with his management of the agency”

    A true Illinois vetting process.

  5. Please no more Tony “Quarters” Boyle types at the Tollway—a former Tollway Executive who stole, in actual quarters, by the millions…so what they have degrees? I’m with Sweeney on this one, you need to spread out the work experience and creativity by hiring from the Private Industry not just former cronies from govt jobs (especially Chicago city related) as was done here.

  6. But they need to qualify for another pension. please have some sympathy.

  7. LOL it has just become so predicatable and acutally at this point comical in this black hole state, I wonder how many votes this will add to the coffers when running time comes around…

  8. The Illinois tollway system is the main cash cow for the democrats and should be eliminated…

    George Ryan tried that but he was sent to prison ….

    the real reason he was sent up and then have his state pension taken away

    think about it

  9. Rauner put a LAW in place for this account Not To Be touched Ha! they just blew past that and got him out of office, so they could dig their parasite hands into the till over and over…. as the $ roll out from the backs of the Taxpayers…

  10. Earth to Jose Alverez

    Alvarez his friends from Chicago housing Authority {CHA} Believe they did a good- great maybe fabulous job at that authority but reality will set in after they stop blowing smoke on each others butts to impress the general public.

    former CHA CEO Eugene Jones aka the welfare Santa or the Santa of Housing and Jose Alvarez are by far the most disappointing leaders at CHA since CHA came out of Receivership with the exception of Micheal Merchant who is totally Noneffective and usually used as a paper weight by some Chicago DEMS to hold important positions.

    Governor Pritzker take some advise and rid your administration of these worthless Corrupt political hacks.

    They will bankrupt every agency they are allowed to control.

    They will fill the rolls with crooks like leon finney , Eastlake and many other of the same worthless contractor friends.

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