IL-14: Catalina Lauf Blasts Tired Politicians’ Dirty Games

Catalina Lauf

From the Catalina for Congress Campaign:

Woodstock, IL – Catalina Lauf condemned the latest round of dirty
Chicago-style Democrat, thug-like politics from her career politician opponents, who have challenged the Catalina for Congress campaign’s petitions.

Their sad strategy recognizes Catalina as a threat to the establishment status-quo and too strong of a candidate to beat fairly.

The Catalina for Congress campaign will defend every one of the valid, verified signatures.

The people of the Illinois 14th District want her on the ballot and they are tired of these career politicians who use dirty political tricks. Catalina had this to say:

“Our message is resonating with thousands across the district and
the country. People want a fresh face to lead our party and our
district forward.

“Our movement clearly terrifies our opponents, so much that they have to result in playing the same thug-like political game Chicago Democrats play.

“And though I’m disappointed that people in my own Party do not want to compete honorably on the campaign trail, I am not surprised by their cowardly actions.

“That’s the only game these old-school, establishment campaigns know how to play. And why they are going to lose. Their actions show exactly the type of negative politics the American people are tired of and the culture I am fiercely committed to changing.

“Now more than ever am I motivated to win this primary and general election. Illinois can and will have a better future. So let this be a warning to these old time political cronies – your days of backroom politics and dirty games are numbered.”

Catalina Lauf from Catalina for Congress News Release 12/10/19

Catalina was born to an American father and Guatemalan mother.

After graduating from McHenry County College with an Associate’s Degree at just 17, Catalina continued her education at Miami University of Ohio. She jump-started her career by working in Chicago and throughout the Midwest in the non-profit and private sector.

At Uber, she focused on community engagement initiatives and strategic partnerships. After the conservative victory of 2016, Catalina was inspired by President Trump and decided to leave the public sector to serve as an advisor at the U.S. Department of Commerce where she applied her private sector experience to government.

In 2019, Catalina left the Trump Administration to help her father grow the family business, focusing on a new product launch and leading the company’s sales and distribution initiatives.


IL-14: Catalina Lauf Blasts Tired Politicians’ Dirty Games — 19 Comments

  1. ah the young and innocent, better people have tried to do what you are, and failed against the machine of IL good ol boy network.

    We all thought like you .. once, until the taxes began, and un-ending pensions, like a snowball that has not reached Hell yet… it goes on…

    they will chew you up and spit you out like the rest of us…

    beware… i.e. as our President has shown the backstabbers he left in office when he took it who should have been fired the day walked into the position.

  2. Here what you are saying, TTB.

    Late yesterday, Congresswoman Underwood and Congressman Casten were thrown under the bus by their fellow House Democrats.

    Will get that story up, soon.

  3. Gary McCarthy is a a Democrat and Justin worked for him.

    According to Wikipedia: “On March 21, 2018, McCarthy announced he is officially running for Mayor of Chicago in the 2019 election, against Mayor Emanuel. He currently resides in Chicago”

    There are connections to the Democratic Party and their people are trying to sabotage Catalina Lauf.

    This is an act of desperation.

    Further, this demonstrates that they know Catalina Lauf is a threat to them and Lauren Underwood could lose the election.

    This proves, they are immature, unprofessional, deceptive and lack a moral compass!

    Lauren Underwood should lose the election and this should be another wakeup call for the people of Illinois.

    She is a disgrace and this only damages her campaign further!

    Those conniving Democrats don’t know how to play by the rules.

    Rather, the rules don’t apply to them.

  4. If her petitions are good she’ll have no problems.

    Otherwise, well it was brief but fun.

  5. Didn’t Cal just publish a piece about how petition challenges are a “rite of passage,” that happen to every candidate?

  6. She was a low level functionary at the Department of Commerce.

    It’s a bit of a stretch for her to claim she was part of the Trump Administration.

  7. Joe, this article is a statement from Catalina’s campaign. The words aren’t coming from Cal.

    Cal did say it’s a rite of passage.

    No contradiction here.

  8. I believe it was the Democrats challenging her petitions.

    She would be Underwoods biggest nightmare.

  9. Billy Bob – Actually just but her salary history you can assume she was a GS 12/13 which puts her at pretty high / legit position in gov terms.

    Considering USMCA and Trump Tax Cuts were all passed through and advised upon at the Department of Commerce, I would say that’s a coveted DEPT to be assigned to in this Administration with the exposure that comes with it.

    your “low level functionary” comment is pathetic at best.

    Do your research.

  10. Oops. Sorry about that Cal.

    You are right.

    They were Lopez’s words.

    Sometimes I forget to check who authors the articles.

    I’m still getting used to there being two authors on here!

    Regardless, I don’t think there is a contradiction between this article and the rite of passage one.

    The headline itself is just borrowing words from Catalina’s campaign.

  11. Jen, I believe most of the Democrats are scared . . .

    Nancy Pelosi put up a post, on Facebook, asking for donations last week, to preserve Obama’s Legacy.

    Yes She Did, LOL

  12. She worked for the corporate headquarters but if you want to make things up go for it, you have zero credibility with lies.

    Just pathetic envy… but that’s your problem.

  13. Uh, wasn’t it a Republican who challenged the signatures? Way to deflect. Dems has nothing to do with this. She is a nothing candidate, nothing to offer, nothing to worry about. Next month she’ll be gone.
    Let’s keep our eyes on the ball here folks, and not make up stuff.

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