IL-14: Petition Objection Against Catalina Lauf Filed *UPDATED*

Gregory C. Nichols

Greg Nichols of Will County and Justin Robert Nudo of Kane County File Joint Objection

(McHenry County Blog NOTE: As Cal Skinner documented last week, A “Rite of Passage” for candidates begins filing their nomination petitions, and potentially facing a petition objection against their nominating petitions. It must be pointed out that any citizen has a 1st amendment right to object to any candidates’ petition.)

The only objection in the 14th congressional district Republican primary was filed Monday mid afternoon at 2:48PM CST in Springfield. Yesterday was the last day to file an objection to a petition for the March 17, 2020 primary election.

The co-objectors to Catalina Lauf’s nominating petitions are Gregory C. Nichols of Plainfield and Justin Robert Nudo of Pingree Grove.

The screenshot from the State Board of Elections website is below.

Here is the information McHenry County Blog has obtained about the two co-objectors to Lauf’s petition:

Greg Nichols: Serves as a Republican member of the Wheatland Township Board of Trustees, where he was appointed to serve the unexpired term of a trustee who resigned over the summer.

Prior to his township trustee appointment, Nichols served on the Plainfield Community Consolidated School District #202 Board of Education for two terms until spring of this year, when he did not seek reelection to a 3rd term. He served as the school board president in his final term.

Justin Robert Nudo: Ambiguous concerning this co-objector. The address given on the objection in Pingree Grove in Kane County did not have a voter registration for Mr. Nudo in the Kane County clerk’s voter registration, but unclear if an objector must be a registered voter at the address used to file the objection. Kane County property records shows the duplex at the address on the objection has been owned by a member of the Nudo family since 2015.

According to the State Board of Elections (SBE), neither of these two gentlemen formally requested to view Lauf’s petitions, but 12 people including a DC-based attorney, did. Clearly the co-objectors worked with someone else who did request to view Lauf’s petitions, which will be made clear as the SBE objection process plays out.

According to the SBE candidate’s guide for 2020:

“Within 24 hours of the receipt of the objector’s petition, the Chair of the State Board of Elections shall send a call, by registered or certified mail, to the objector and candidate whose Certificate of Nomination or nomination papers are objected to stating the day, hour and place at which the State Board of Elections shall meet to hear the objection. (10 ILCS 5/10-10)”

Source: 2020 Candidates Guide from SBE, p. 18

Therefore, by 3PM CST on Tuesday, the next step will be formally communicated to the parties involved.

McHenry County Blog will update information on the Lauf objection as information becomes available.


IL-14: Petition Objection Against Catalina Lauf Filed *UPDATED* — 40 Comments

  1. Holy cow, quite the investigative work done on the objectors!

  2. These objectors will now be the target of the entire truckload of sunshine outrage from this sunshine blog. Stay tuned for more irrelevant, useless gossip from my favorite cyber evangelist…329 days…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeoooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww…

  3. I lean towards candidates that have the most comedic potential and Marter rhymes with Farter.

  4. So out of 12 people – a school board person and a no namer who worked for a Chicago Democrat are objecting her petitions?

    Give me a break.

    If there were something there you better believe the more legitimate campaigns would’ve tried to kick her off

  5. It seems the shenanigans of Crystal Lake are now being implemented by others who are challenging the application of opponents to disqualify them based on minutiae to make sure that they aren’t paper clipped but stapled, each page numbered and each “i” is dotted and “t” crossed.

    In the future someone will challenge based on a spelling or punctuation error.

    This in my opinion is because these type of jackalope’s are worried that they’ll lose in a head to head matchup and be publicly exposed for some malfeasance.

    Perhaps checking for skid marks in opponents drawers is next?

  6. Two losers playing their roles. And you people still think elections are legit?

  7. Perhaps a better use of investigative time would be spent on the two people who collected the vast majority of the Lauf petitions.

    A man from Arizona and a woman from Kentucky.

    Since Ms. Lauf is a candidate with no grassroots in the 14th District, and recently parachuted into the her parents’ basement from Chicago and DC residences, it should not be surprising she had to hire out of state operatives to try and get ballot access.

    Unfortunately for her, and her high priced consultants at Axiom and Strive, she is likely to be removed from the ballot in the next 30 days.

  8. Well, well, well, as anticipated, put enough honey on the blog on this story, and see who gets attracted to it to crow about it with inside baseball talk and it’s Mr. Zahm.

    As anticipated, I knew you were behind this, though on whose behalf, at this point, is unclear. Unless Mr. Zahm wishes to fess up now and tell us all.

    Looks like the State Board’s website is correcting the spelling of Mr. Zahm’s first name, so the entries about him are temporarily offline in reference to the petition requests in the 14th.

    Or he may have done it completely on his own.

    No matter, the truth will come out, and if he was paid, the truth will come out, then, too.

    Knowing the protocols and Ms. Lauf’s due process must play out and not to jump to conclusions, the puzzling thing is the candidate who’d benefit the most with Lauf’s removal from the ballot is not the one whom Mr. Zahm would want to help.

    No matter.

    We’ll see what happens, and the Lauf team will fight this and we’ll watch it all play out.

  9. Gary McCarthy is a a Democrat and Justin worked for him.

    According to Wikipedia: “On March 21, 2018, McCarthy announced he is officially running for Mayor of Chicago in the 2019 election, against Mayor Emanuel. He currently resides in Chicago”

    There are connections to the Democratic Party and their people are trying to sabotage Catalina Lauf. This is an act of desperation. Further, this demonstrates that they know Catalina Lauf is a threat to them and Lauren Underwood could lose the election.

    This proves, they are immature, unprofessional, deceptive and lack a moral compass!

    Lauren Underwood should lose the election and this should be another wakeup call for the people of Illinois. She is a disgrace and this only damages her campaign further! Those conniving Democrats don’t know how to play by the rules. Rather, the rules don’t apply to them.

  10. Yes Gary McCarthy ran for Mayor, not sure about Justin, but what a campaign that was.

    They brought Alan Secrest into the campaign, I thought that was genius.

    Mr. Secrest did a Poll on Rahm’s chances of winning, turned out that Rahm would have an embarrassing loss.

    Rahm decided he would rather not run for Mayor again.

    You see, Allan Secrest was the recipient of the Dead Fish, from Rahm, when he worked for the Clinton’s.

    Just a little history lesson.

  11. First, it’s “Garry” not “Gary”.

    If the “Justin Nudo” that appears on McCarthy’s D2s is the same “Justin Robert Nudo” of Pingree Grove is still unclear since the D2 has a Chicago address in the Loop. Given there is no connecting the McCarthy campaign staffer, who was paid $6K/month, is the same guy from Pingree Grove.

    I know, “Justin Nudo” is not a common name, and “Justin R. Nudo” was linked to McCarthy’s campaign through social media.

    I’m sure we’ll find out for sure in due time.

  12. Jon Zahm. So, you work for or manage

    So I must ask, how many campaigns is it that the Goliathslayer has helped win?

    And since you are engaging in prognostication, what will happen if Ms. Lauf isn’t kicked off the ballot?

    And since we are on the subject, are you or the organization involved in the effort to have Ms. Lauf removed from the ballot.

    So many questions………

    And Ms. Lauf helicoptered in?

    And what did Ms. Underwoood do in 2018 (she was on the East Coast serving in the Obama administration the last I checked).

  13. WOW!

    Thanks for the information Steinar O Anderson!

    This is HUGE!

    John Zahm is a typical Democrat who is busy accusing others of the things they are guilty of.



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  16. Zahm pulled petitions for Catella, Evans, Gradel, and Lauf.

    Zahm did not pull petitions for Rezin, Marter, Oberweis, or Underwood.

    He says Lauf got most of her signatures from two people and he would know since he saw her petition.

    It sounds like Lauf pulled a Reinert.

    Lauf wouldn’t get that reference though, because she has no connection to local politics.

  17. Underwood is the candidate that has the most to lose if Lauf were to make it on the ballot.

  18. Lauf was born and raised in Woodstock ….there are way too many people who know her at the local level that trying to use that she’s “not from here” is a complete wasted effort.

  19. There was an ulterior motive here.

    The fact is, Lauf is a huge threat to the Underwood campaign.

    Notice, that “BLACK SUPREMACIST” “Underwoodnow” is not commenting.

  20. That’s right, we need to protect White folks from the dangerous oppression of Lauren Underwood. Stay tuned…the entertainment never ends…328 days…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic,tock, meeeeeeeeoooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww…

  21. I am neutral in the race and not paid by any candidates.

    I can make arguments to vote for Marter, Oberweis and Rezin.

    Lauf and Gradel have serious ethical/resume problems and neither is fit for public office.

    Evans and Catella I do not know well enough to Make a judgement.

    Lauf has gone from an ineffective $3000 a month Rauner staffer
    Trying to defeat Jeanne Ives in the 2018 primary
    To a candidate for an office that she is completely unqualified to serve.

  22. No Angel, we obviously and sadly need to protect our children from the likes of your best buddy Carlos Acosta.

  23. “To a candidate for an office that she is completely unqualified to serve.”

    Wouldn’t that be up to the people of the district to make that vote and not your decision to make for us.

  24. No Mr. Zahm, cut the crap on being “neutral” in the race.

    A neutral person does not participate online meetings with supporters of James Marter, and others with direct interest in the outcome of the primary, let alone in the general.

    A neutral person does not go and pull petitions for half of the field from the State Board of Elections, as Correcting pointed out.

    A neutral person does not spout hate, from his fear of a woman closer in age to their sons than to themself, who has been blessed by God and may be His chosen instrument to advance His Agenda in DC.

    You’re not fooling anybody Mr. Zahm, and just because you are not getting paid by any of the candidates directly, you were careful to not rule out you were getting paid by anybody who has an interest in a particular candidate in the Republican field. And I do not believe you are doing the legwork for this race for free.

    Maybe you would have done that in your 20s or 30s, but not in your early 50s.

    You know how to reach me by email, Mr. Zahm. If you have something to say you have not yet freely revealed in the blog comments on this matter about the Lauf petition challenge, or the 14th district election.

    Now is the time to reveal the whole truth.

    It would go better if you revealed the whole truth on your own accord now, and I will give you a platform to reveal the whole truth.

    And for someone whom you claim was ineffective as a Rauner campaign staffer, your putting a lot of weight on “Trying to defeat Jeanne Ives in the 2018 primary”, is a contradiction you made in your early morning comment above.

    Put another way, you are contradicting yourself.

    My challenge to you, Mr. Zahm if you have the courage to accept it, are you willing to tell us all here that you had absolutely nothing to do with the petition challenge against Catalina Lauf in any way, paid or for free.

    You did not recruit Mr. Nichols or Mr. Nudo, or do you even know these men?

    You have shown too much fear on the 14th district race to date.

    Now let Perfect Love cast out your fear, and admit the whole truth.

    I’ll be waiting to hear from you in email.

  25. Zahm, you wrote, “Lauf and Gradel have serious ethical/resume problems and neither is fit for public office.”

    Most people don’t know much about Gradel.

    Could you tell us what you meant by that?

  26. John Zahm’s linkedin page says:


    goliath slayer political consulting and support services
    Consulting and Support Services for the Political Candidate

    —His previous comments make him a certifiable liar, who has proven that he is politically savvy and lacks integrity!

    In other words, he is paid to play in any political arena he is paid to work for!



  28. The challenge is pretty simple, this is a Democrat led objection because Republicans are spineless like Hultgren was on the info he sat on pertaining to Underwood.

    Democrats and Rinos can’t take a chance to have Catalina a pretty young Latina win or take votes from Rinos Rezin etc.

    Whose paying high priced Chicago ATTORNEYS Odelson& Sterk???

    Democrats worst nightmare in the 14th Underwood versus Lauf. Marter is the best candidate for the 14TH.

  29. Let’s see what we have in the 14th. Catella, Evans, Gradel, Lauf, Marter, Oberweis, Rezin.

    Big money in accounts: Gradel, Oberweis.

    Some money in accounts: Lauf, Rezin.

    No Money so far: Catella, Evans, Marter.

  30. Big Money: Oberweis and Gradel.

    Some money: Lauf and Rezin

    No money: Catella, Evans, and Marter.

    Hint: RNC will not engage in this race, even after the primary.

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