Judge James Cowlin Announces Cameras, Recording Will Be Allowed in McHenry County Courtrooms

From the McHenry County Circuit Court:

22nd Judicial Circuit Announces Extended Media Coverage Approval

(Woodstock, IL) The 22nd Judicial Circuit has been approved by the Illinois Supreme Court, and the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts to allow Extended Media Coverage (EMC) in the courtrooms of the Michael J. Sullivan Judicial Center.

The approval allows members of the media to file requests to bring cameras into the courtroom for still photography and video recording of
the proceedings.

Local Court Rule 1.15.5 has been adopted by the Circuit Judges of the 22nd Judicial Circuit, which outlines the EMC program and will become effective on January 1, 2020.

In prosecutions for sexual abuse, or when sexual abuse is an essential element of a proceeding, there shall be no Extended Media Coverage of the testimony of a victim unless the testifying victim consents.

Additionally, no Extended Media Coverage shall be allowed in any matter involving juvenile, dissolution, adoption, child custody, visitation, family law, criminal or civil pretrial hearings regarding suppression or admission of evidence, specialty criminal courts, or trade secret issues.

Jurors may not be photographed or recorded until they are no longer subject to service and only then with their consent.

In order to coordinate the EMC program, Kristen Zambo, from Shaw Media, was selected by members of the media and approved by Chief Judge James S. Cowlin, to serve as the Media Coordinator.

The Media Coordinator is responsible for receiving requests for media coverage and filing those requests with the Circuit Clerk of the Court.

Parties to a case where EMC has been requested have the ability to object to the coverage and a hearing will be held on the matter.

All requests for EMC must be filed with the Circuit Clerk at least fourteen days in advance of the hearing.

Additionally, Ms. Zambo will collaborate with James “Dan” Wallis, Trial Court Administrator, who will fulfill the role of Court Media Liaison.


Judge James Cowlin Announces Cameras, Recording Will Be Allowed in McHenry County Courtrooms — 8 Comments

  1. Cal Skinner has been pushing for this for years congratulations Cal.

  2. “members of the media” can request it.

    This isn’t for Joe Schmo.

    This is for Breadstick Man and his Ed Komenda-clone army.

    This if for snapping pictures of Orville Brettman the moment when he hears that he has to pay tens of thousands of dollars to his political rivals to put it on the front page of the newspaper. This is for taking pictures of Joe Tirio scratching his nose.

    And you guys think this is good. LMAO

    Will you ever learn?

    And to those who are cheering it, didn’t Demetri specifically say he did NOT want this and many of you guys were the ones who cheered for him and said Cowlin was some liberal stooge.

    The clown car sure is accelerating.

  3. Zambo is a very stupid ‘journalist.’

    She cannot read longhand script and she constantly mistakes the ‘its’ and ‘it’s’ usage.

  4. Just in time for the Cunningham/Freund trials – if there is one.

    Would this include their sentencing, if Freund also pleads guilty?

  5. Judge James Cowlin loves to put on a show, now he has his chance.

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