AJ’s Caseworkers, Their Supervisor No Longer Working at Woodstock DCFS

Carlos Acosta

Calling the Woodstock Department of Children and Family Services office this morning, I asked for Carlos Acosta.

The receptionist replied,” He doesn’t work here anymore.”

Continuing, I asked for the other employees who were involved in the murdered AJ Freund’s casework.

“Kathleen Gold?”

“Doesn’t work here anymore.”

“Andrew Pobvin?”

“Doesn’t work here anymore.”

October 21st, the Chicago Tribune reported contents of an Inspector Geneeral’s report on mishandling of AJ’s problems by the two caseworkers and supervisor.

Dismissal of the three was the recommendation.

Despite the reply provided by the Woodstock receptionist, DCFS Communications Department employee Deborah Lopez said, “We cannot comment until there is a final determination.”

She later added by email, “DCFS can’t comment on ongoing personnel matters.”

= = = = =

From State Rep. Allen Skillicorn: “Update: Kathleen Gold retired some time ago and is no longer with DCFS.”

And as for as Acosta and Pobvin, Skillicorn learned, “DCFS confirmed that the two are on leave.”


AJ’s Caseworkers, Their Supervisor No Longer Working at Woodstock DCFS — 30 Comments

  1. Does anyone think they have been moved to another location and promoted to a higher wage level?

  2. Paul Revere, that would not surprise me . . .seems to be standard procedure for the School Systems.

    But DCFS is receiving National Attention and there is a RICO Investigation going on with CPS, out of Texas.

    CPS is Child Protective Services, we have DCFS.

  3. Wouldn’t be surprised about a RICO investigation involving DCFS.

    They should also be investigation Court appointed evaluators who work in the court system.

    Many of them of been found guilty of misconduct by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations.

  4. During Greylord, it was discovered that Court Appointed evaluators such as Psychologists were a part of the fix. Proven and documented during the investigations.

    Something to think about.

    Andrew Freund is a well known Attorney in McHenry County and therefore, has many connections.

  5. sara, basically because one has nothing to do with the other.

    Inthe interest of human decency he should resign.

  6. Until I see terman1tion papers Published I suspect they are still on the payroll…………..

    Anf that they are patronage workers ………

  7. What took them so long?

    And, if true, I bet they received a nice severance, not to mention their pensions!

  8. Whens the last time a State employee has been terminated?…

    this crew has probably been shuffled off to some other location or told to stay home with pay over the Holidays until this goes away…

    all the more reason a full public trial was needed by Kenneally for Cunningham, to keep the torturous details that boy went through forefront in the public eye and why DCFS wasnt more responsive…

    the observations of; neighbors, bank employees, dog walkers, Doctors, Police, City workers turning utilities off at that place—what these folks saw, why was it ignored, not responded to properly?

    Sure DCFS has always been understaffed, and overworked, but how do you miss the obvious abuse cases like was with AJ?

    And why arent those who missed these signs up on charges, let alone maybe not even fired yet?

  9. There is still much going on behind closed doors that is in the works.

    This is a step in a long journey.

    Don’t let this tragedy fade away.

    Use your voices l, be a voice for this precious child and all the others still suffering in silence.

  10. What about case worker (30 + years $90,0000annual and pensions) Judy Kreklow at Algonquin township Ann Street Cary Illinois

    She new as well and gave Them $$$$$ from tax payers to pay to keep there lights on made a joke of them?

    There are many people accountable!!

  11. If this went to trial and a jury verdict Kenneally would have botched it!

    In my opinion, he’s nothing but a shyster!

  12. Jose Lopez Gomez – Could you imagine Keneally trying this case before the Honorable Judge Mary McClellan.

    God help us all.

  13. Why isn’t pat kenneally doing anything about Acosta?

  14. Partridge Family adoptee, in my opinion based on his track record Kenneally is overmatched and can only comprehend and prosecute the most simplistic crimes.

    Those who control him politically want someone like a ‘Colonel Klink’ to manipulate as a useful pawn.

    If a crime has more than one element to prove he’s overwhelmed and the reason he boast’s about the low hanging fruit matters he ‘wins’.

    Criminal Prosecutor’s should be experts in the field and in search of Justice. Not incompetent or political puppets in my thoughts!

    The McHenry County States Attorneys Office is completely minor league operation and one need look no further than the lack of leadership and professionalism.

  15. Norm Vinton is also part of the ‘Kenneally Problem.’

    A Yes-Man of the first water.

    Every high publicity potential prosecution is scaled on whether it is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ for Kenneally’s re-election, and whether Franks OK’s it.

    Kenneally betrayed Bianchi — along with everybody who voted for Kenneally.

    I agree with what Prim said:

    ‘Pat’s first concern is taking care of Pat and going to his platitude-fo-the-day Calendar.’

  16. There has to be a standard of proof to prosecute Acosta.

    Just because Acosta has not been charged, does mean the prosecution of Acosta will never happen.

    Clearly, there are more players here than just Carlos Acosta.

  17. P.R. me thinks your right on the nail with the moving thing… cause that’s how parasites roll… here in chitville USA give’me mo pensions…

  18. Now that Mr. Acosta has lost his job at DCFS I’m sure he won’t voluntarily seek resignation from the board.

    “Hit the Road Jack” won’t seek it either, as he would lose a for sure vote for his power-seeking agenda.

    “Hit the Road Jack,” will continue to support Acosta because even as the total embarrassment to himself, Jack, and the board; keeping him there will maintain a guaranteed vote for the “Hit the Road Jack” power consolidation agenda!

    After all, It’s All about, “Hit the Road Jack!”

  19. Should Carlos Acosta resign from the McHenry County Board, he must be replaced by a Democrat.

    Jack Franks gets to make the appointment, which would be subject to approved by the County Board.

  20. Stephen Pokorny Yes, Kenneally in my opinion is the Imbeciles Imbecile.

    He likely is wearing two different socks each day as he’s shuffling around in his loafers.

  21. Hard to imagine a Democrat more subservient to Franks than Acosta … maybe Aavang or McCann could swith from RINO status.

    Acosta’s got too much ‘baggage.’

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