Defection of Jack Franks Voter

From Steinar O. Andersen under the article entitled, “Mike Buehler Files Over 1,200 Signatures to Run for County Board Chairman Against Jack Franks:”

Pointing out the VAC budget issue was spot on.

I spoke out at the last County board meeting demanding Jack Franks and the board address the budget issue regarding the VAC (which the board AND Mr. Franks tabled a year before).

Over 20 veterans were at that County board meeting (and they are just as upset at the board).

He didn’t even look me in the eyes, muttering something about that he wasn’t the one who tabled it).

And yet, it has sat with no effort to bring the issue back up in front of the board.

And would you believe, nothing has moved forward?

It hasn’t even been discussed.

It is as if no one had brought it up at all. Crickets.

Jack Franks was the only Democrat I voted for in the 2016 election (due to his statements about reducing taxes & getting spending under control).

The VAC has VOLUNTARILY reduced its budget multiple times, and is operating on a string budget (and cannot even retain the VSO’s necessary to the job nor can they bring any VSO’s on board as the job’s salary is seriously deficient to attract/keep VSO’s).

And who suffers as a result?

The Veterans of McHenry County.

I personally do not understand why Mike at the VAC even stays on the job (dealing with such political footballs)….

wait – I know –

he gives a damn about Veterans and is fighting the good fight despite the County Board’s actions.

While having both arms tied behind his back.

And if we lose Mike, they won’t be able to afford a replacement with even half of his skill/knowledge.

Jack Franks is losing me and my support as a result, and if this continues –

I will do what I can to support the effort to throw him out of office at the next election


Defection of Jack Franks Voter — 8 Comments

  1. It is a great day for all of us to start with the comments on this blog.

    People will see more and more that Mike Buehler is a good and decent man, very intelligent and motivated, whose intentions are truly to bring representation to the people of McHenry County.

    We must make this our mission to spread the word and gain support for Mike Buehler. Mike’s election is a turning point.

    Dissident Republicans must pledge their support for Mike and not bail out as they did in the election of Jack Franks.

    This pledge should start with all members of the McHenry County Board immediately.

  2. I am very tired of Frank’s legal gymnastics and dirty tricks.

    He will say and do anything to get reelected.

  3. McHenry County Veteran’s Assistance Commission (VAC)

    Michael Iwanicki, VAC Superintendent


    McHenry County Budgets

    The budget is the spending plan, and includes past results and future predictions.


    McHenry County Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR)

    The CAFR is the financial results.

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