IL-14: Catalina Lauf Fundraiser in Crystal Lake Tonight

Catalina Lauf

The Catalina for Congress Campaign’s Winter Reception at Old Towne Hall plus a commentary in light of recent events

Details in the screenshot from Eventbrite:

The link to the Eventbrite page is here:

COMMENTARY: Tonight would be an excellent opportunity to meet face-to-face, the woman whom some people want to kick off the ballot. Find out for yourselves what it is that frightens people by seeing her in person.

Many of the comments about Lauf in recent days betray fear, and fear-bred hatred.

It is asked to see for yourselves.


IL-14: Catalina Lauf Fundraiser in Crystal Lake Tonight — 15 Comments

  1. I’m guessing this Lauf has to have the heart of Mother Teresa.

    I would think if you were a non-stop smokeshow, you’d aspire to something greater, than representing a bunch of floppy banged Illinois goomers and their concubines.

  2. Too rich for my blood ($250).

    My wife took one look at the photos and said “no way you’re going alone”.

    Can’t win; what can I say.

  3. Maybe a meet and greet would be more appropriate for someone who hasn’t met her instead of a 150 dollar fundraiser.

  4. I know her personally – she does have the heart of Mother Teresa.

    So sad to see some comments on here.

    She could do whatever she wants in this world and is doing THIS to bring some good to the political arena.

    I give her a lot of credit and those who know her personally, know that this woman has the power to truly change things.

  5. Cal, you need to hire new person to give COMMENTARY.

    “Correcting” nailed it while Lopez flubbed it by urging people to shell out $150 to make an assessment of a candidate of whom you might be skeptical.

    You don’t go accessing candidates at a $150/person a pop.

    Correcting – “Maybe a meet and greet would be more appropriate for someone who hasn’t met her instead of a 150 dollar fundraiser.”


  6. Sadly, Oh never even got to learn the correct pronunciation of Beto or Kamala as well.

  7. Will Kenneally be there loading up on hor d’oeuvre’s and sipping on Shirley Temples bragging how he solved the AJ Freund murder?

  8. I have seen her petitions.

    This candidacy is on life support.

    She will likely be removed from the ballot.

    Giving her money and support now is reckless.

    Will she return this money when her candidacy ends?

    Strive Strategies should have been putting together a professional candidacy packet, not planning fundraisers.

  9. Yup, Oh is right, I flubbed it concerning a real fundraiser, instead of the “Meet & Greet” that James Marter held last week, even though it was right in front of me.

    Will do better, though I must admit, some of the comments were amusing.

    I do have it from the Highest Authority who is really in control of all of these events, as well fully be revealed in time.

    As for Mr. Zahm, he knows what he must do, and he simply needs to do it, instead of trying to gloat over something that has not happened, he needs to fess up.

  10. Oh on, go blow! How much are you being paid per word on this blog?

  11. Speaking of that meet and greet Marter held…

    I saw on Twitter or FB that this blog’s account (which I’m assuming is managed by Lopez) asked Marter to send pictures and Marter replied that they’d be posted soon, but the only thing I saw posted afterwards about that event was an edited video that didn’t show the audience at all.

    Did the Marter camp not post pictures because of embarrassingly low attendance?

    Did I just miss the pictures?

    Or is there some other explanation?

  12. This is on the same par as those township touch-a-truck stupidities.

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