IL-14: Catalina Lauf Part of “Stop the Squad” Launch

Catalina Lauf

Stop the Squad Movement Launches Ahead of 2020

From Stop the Squad Press Release:

New York, NY — Today, an extraordinary group of young women banded together to take on the liberal United States Congressional group called The Squad. This group is led by the following strong conservative women and will continue to grow over the coming months:

  • Scherie Murray (NY-14)
  • Catalina Lauf (IL-14)
  • Anna Paulina Luna (FL-13)
  • Lisa Song Sutton (NV-04)
  • Aliscia Andrews (VA-10)

For too long The Squad, led by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY-14), Ilhan Omar (MN-05), Ayanna Pressley (MA-07) and Rashida Tiaib (MI-13), have pushed progressive policies like the Green New Deal.

That’s why Scherie Murray announced her candidacy against AOC back in July. She knew it was time for women to stand up and remind voters that their representatives should work for them, not the limelight, not for partisan political agendas. Since then, there has been both a national and local response to her race which is a key sign that America is ready to “Stop the Squad”.

Now, other strong female candidates across the country are banding together, pushing back against the radical left and the divisive rhetoric that women and minorities should by default vote Democrat.

The group of young conservative women are ready to stand up against the liberal madness put put a stop to it.

They aim to continue to grow the movement, encouraging and supporting other Republican women and minority candidates across the country to get involved.

Over the coming months there will be more candidates to join the movement and stand together to put an end to the madness that is now known as the far-left’s politics as usual.

Keep track of the movement at

McHenry County Blog note: Currently, the above link will redirect to a WinRed page to donate financially to the campaigns of Stop the Squad members.

This video from congressional candidate Anna Paulina Luna was tweeted this afternoon:

And Catalina Lauf’s tweet about Stop the Squad:


IL-14: Catalina Lauf Part of “Stop the Squad” Launch — 15 Comments

  1. My last and final Movement was Surf City, Beach Boys and ‘Two girls for every boy’.

    Than that stupid Summer of Love, Folk Rock Hippie crap came along and ruined everything.

  2. “For too long…” These congresswoman took office in January and by July they had been in office too long?

    This Republican party is just ridiculous.

  3. So only women are up to this task?

    Catalina is just as guilty of the identity politics as anyone from the left….

    And the only reason for that is lack of substance… I don’t dislike Catalina…. I just keep looking for reason to get to believe she’s more than just a female of color looking for power and prestige, but still haven’t found that reason yet.

    She has, however, given one indication that she may actually be a complete egomaniac, in her Facebook post stating that if we send her $100 by tonight, SHE WILL SEND US HER AUTOGRAPH! REALLY??

    Wanted to be a fan… But just can’t get there…

  4. None of these people —- republican, or their democrat incumbents/rivals, are qualified to run a little shoe store.

  5. Lopez likes the young ladies, if they look good in a T-shirt, he will have some bible quote to support inexperienced, Uber drivers.

  6. $100 for an autograph of a Congressional candidate????! Lol.

    I’m old enough to remember a couple months ago when Underwood sold actual shirts for money and it got coverage on this website because it was evidence that she was an egomaniac

    What are you supposed to do with an autograph?

    Proudly display it and show to people?

    Yeah let’s send her to Washington to solve problems!!!! Lol.

  7. She is quite the opposite of an egomaniac but not one of you know her personally, so your jealousy has no basis other than your own insecurities.

    It’s actually pretty smart.. she has created a massive following and growing by the day where she can do things like that.

    Nothing wrong it, we all know this takes resources.

  8. J, yes there is jealousy here from the commenters, and there is also projecting.


    And now, this morning, another group of congressional women candidates has launched, called #ConservativeSquad.

    No, to my knowledge, Sue Rezin is not a part of the #ConservativeSquad interviewed on FOX this morning tough she fits their profile more than #StoptheSquad.

    Will have more later.

  9. It’s not jealousy.

    It’s the hypocrisy that when Underwood sold shirts this blog gave her shit and the commenters said she was an egomaniac.

    If she can get $100 for an autograph I’m all for it.

    Good for her.

    I think it’s stupid to pay her $100 for an autograph.

    I’m sure if you met her at a meet and greet she’s happily sign a piece of paper for free.

    I don’t think an unelected congressional candidate’s autograph worth the piece of paper it’s written on big good for her if people are that dumb to pay her $100 for it.

    Not jealous at all.

    More amazed at the stupidity of someone who would do that and amused at the hypocrisy because Underwood got called out on this site for selling things you can actually use (and they were a whole hell of a lot more reasonable on price).

  10. J – You say “She is quite the opposite of an egomaniac but not one of you know her personally”…

    This may be true but are we really to expected to pay $150 for the privilege of meeting her to form an opinion?

    She may very well be this wonderful person and tremendous candidate that you say…

    But, how are we to know that?

    – Her website and Facebook provide no substantive info on her positions?proposed policies…

    – She offers no opportunity to meet/speak with her without paying her money…

    How do you propose one gets to know her “personally” so as to gauge her and formulate “an accurate” opinion of her?

  11. For too long…” These congresswoman took office in January and by July they had been in office too long?

    Yes Joe, That was too long for these idiots.

    Every time they open there mouths they prove it.

  12. Oh on, maybe if you left Mommy’s basement and got a job you’d wise up.

    BTW, Momma’s sick and tired of picking up your skid marked underwear and ‘doobie’ buts the size of cigar butts.

    “It ain’t legal yet” she wails.

  13. Our girls are better looking than their girls.

    Cleaner too

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