IL-14: State Board of Elections Ballot Placement Lottery & Objections *UPDATEx2 : Ballot Lottery Results*

Catalina Lauf

Ballot Order from Placement Lottery Results:

  1. Sue Rezin
  2. Catalina Lauf
  3. Jerry Evans
  4. Jim Oberweis
  5. James Marter
  6. Ted Gradel
  7. Anthony Catella

The Republican ballot order, it’s quite literally “ladies first”.

Nichols/Nudo vs. Lauf Objection Hearing Tuesday

Today, the State Board of Elections will conduct the ballot placement lottery for all simultaneous filings of nominating petitions accepted in Springfield on Monday, 11/25 for top-of-the-ballot and on Monday, 12/2, for petitions received in the last hour of filing for bottom-of-the-ballot order.

In the 7-way 14th district congressional primary, six of the seven Republican primary candidates filed at 8AM on the 25th. These six candidates’s ballot placement order will be decided for positions 1 through 6 by the ballot placement lottery.

Candidate Anthony Catella filed at mid-morning on the 25th, and since no one filed after his filing, he is guaranteed the last spot on the ballot.

As soon as the ballot placement is set and announced, McHenry County Blog will post the ballot order for the 14th district candidates.

Gregory C. Nichols

Catalina Lauf Objection

On Tuesday, 12/17 at 10:30AM, the State Board of Elections is scheduled for its regular monthly meeting at the Thompson Center in Chicago, with video conference link to its Springfield office.

At a point early in the meeting on the 17th, the State Board will change roles to State Officers Electoral Board and have the first round of hearings on petition objections.

The Catalina for Congress campaign, and co-objectors Greg Nichols and Justin Robert Nudo, or their respective legal representation, will likely have their first hearing on the objections on Tuesday.

Meantime, the Catalina for Congress campaign is wasting no time seizing upon this objection to rally their supporters.

Early afternoon on Tuesday, the following appeared on the campaign’s Facebook page:

Our message is resonating with thousands across the district and the country. People want a fresh face to lead our party…

Posted by Catalina Lauf For Congress on Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Expect more through their more robust Twitter and Instagram presence soon.

As pointed out previously, Mr. Nichols and Mr. Nudo have a 1st amendment right to object to Lauf’s petitions.

Now if their objection is unsuccessful in removing her from the ballot, the Biblical teaching of Isaiah 48:10 could and will strengthen Lauf’s bid and make her stronger.

We will all see how this plays out and the protocol and due process are executed.


IL-14: State Board of Elections Ballot Placement Lottery & Objections *UPDATEx2 : Ballot Lottery Results* — 31 Comments

  1. The Bible says that an unsuccessful ballot challenge will STRENGTHEN a candidate’s bid for political office?????

    What in the holy hell are you talking about?

  2. Oh, the Scripture verse I referred to is about “refining fire”.

    Lauf surviving the petition challenge is like the experience described in Isaiah 48:10, about adversity.

  3. It will “strengthen her bid”?

    The Bible says this will not only make her stronger but it will make her bid stronger?

    The bible says this is a political advantage?

  4. It’s commenters like Oh, that make me want a fully weaponized Commandment, with the whole Wrath-of-God -Hellfire and Brimstone penalty schedule.

  5. What’s the ballot objection will do in the short term is to destroy her ability to raise money at a critical time.

  6. What about our local elections?

    Who won the lottery for placement on the ballot for the coroner’s race?

  7. More trickery by Lauf and her consultants.

    The only “Chicago politician” involved in this race is Catalina Lauf.

    Where has she been living and voting until very recently?


    I have seen her petitions.

    Her candidacy is on life support.

    She does not have “thousands of supporters across the district.”

    Her consultants had to fly a guy in from Arizona and a woman in from Kentucky to collect two thirds plus of her signatures because she has little actual support in the district.

    Not surprising considering she never came home after college to put down roots in the 14th district.

    Instead, she worked for Bruce Rauner and Uber out of Chicago and took an entry level job in DC that she left after less than a year.

  8. Yeah, you keep talking, Mr. Zahm.

    Do what you are supposed to do, and stop giving in to fear, and the hate it has created in you.

    The whole truth will come out, but like I said in another thread, it will be better for you to tell the whole truth now, of your own accord.

    You know how to reach me in email.

  9. Also Jon… more legitimate people than you would’ve objected her petitions if there were actually something wrong with them hahaha

  10. Is Lauf designed to insure Underwood’s re-election?

  11. No Jim was recruited for that.

    Polls have him losing against Underwood, as well as Ted.

  12. Sorry to say that where you see the objections is where you see the threat.

    We all know that Establishment games is what lost the 14th to Underwood in the First place.

    You do not see, that, like Trump, these people are accusing Catalina of which they, themselves are guilty.

    Underwood was shipped in by Pelosi.

    Her IL heritage was as fake as her Nurse ad.

    Catalina grew up here in Woodstock.

    As far as being on Rauner’s Campaign.

    She hooked herself to the first Campaign to when she came back from College.

    Ask her, she actually voted for Ives in the Primary because she didn’t know Rauner was going to be opposed by a Republican when she signed up to work for Rauner.

    She was on the President’s staff!

    The only Candidate that isn’t using Trump to get elected because she came out in Support and Worked for him before she ran.

    We all know this is a Chicago game that is played to get threats quelled, and the only thing this proves is that we all know who has the best chance at beating Underwood because of petty attacks like these.

    Yes, they have the right to Object, but we all know the reason for the objection has nothing to do with residency or ethics–far from it.

  13. Partridge, No!

    Just the opposite!

    She’s Underwood’ s worst nightmare!

    The Dems won’t be able to call her a xenophobic, racist, sexist, ageist, homophobic, ‘old white guy’

    Although Watching the Dems and their twisted impeachment hearings makes me believe they might.

  14. Rezin is not a nice person. I know, who cares. But I’d vote for her in a sec against the Underthug.

  15. Mr. Frye,
    Catalina lied to you.

    Which is her style and pattern. She started working for Rauner, and collecting her $3000 month from her Chicago apartment, in February 2018, one month before the primary.

    Ives made the ballot in December 2017.

    So Catalina knew what she was signing up for.

  16. Jeffrey Frye so you are saying that Lauf got paid $3,000 a month by Rauner but while taking pay from his campaign she voted for his primary opponent?

    That is unreal dishonestly and disloyal. When she supposedly discovered Ives was challenging RAUNER did she resign the Rauner campaign? No she kept taking Rauner’s money!

    That’s fraud. So you trust her now about her resume inflating? Her “fake entrepreneurial background?

    She I was NOT on President Trump’s staff. After putting out that BS she later admitted she had a temp junior position for way less than a year at the Department of Commerce. The hundreds of thousands of people who work for the federal government are not “on President Trump’s staff”. The employees of the Executive Office of the President” are on his staff and they work in the West Wing and the Old Executive Office Building next door. Not at the Department of Commerce. Lauf plays on uniformed people.

    Deceitful just like she now says she was to Rauner in voting against him in the primary while getting paid by his campaign staff. If she had a great job working for the POTUS why did she abandon him after only several months? Would you leave the President’s staff after only several months for a junior position at Uber? And she didn’t last more than several months at Uber.

    Last August she said she was “a state field director for Governor Rauner” but she wasn’t a state field director, she was given 2 counties and didn’t do a thing and after 2 months was removed. In Rauner world exile meant being transferred to Lt Gov Sanguinetti’s staff. After a month Sanguinetti had no use for Lauf because she was worthless as an employee. Ask Sanguinetti.

    Lauf apologist Frye says Lauf just took the first campaign job she found and it was for Rauner even though she voted for Ives while working for Rauner. So she was uninformed, clueless and green only 2 years ago and didn’t know what she was doing in taking a campaign job for Rauner (and that was after saying she worked on President Trump’s staff) but now she is mature enough to serve in Congress??? Or once opportunistic and dishonest always opportunistic and dishonest??

    If she had a base of support here she wouldn’t have had most of her petitions circulated by two people from Arizona and Kentucky and she would have submitted more valid signatures like all the other candidates did. Jerry Evans got an even later start than Lauf and he had no problems filing proper petitions.

    He campaign bank account is in Buffalo, New York! Her campaign is a few college friends winging it. It’s not Chicago-style thuggery that her petitions were challenged. She needs to grow up and have self responsibility. She filed sloppy petitions and she is not entitled to be on the ballot because she thinks she is special.

    I almost threw up at one of her videos saying “WE will send you are personalized thank you note if you contributed.” What candidate doesn’t do that? Is she the Queen of England in referring to herself as WE? She acts like she is a celebrity movie star but she’s a fraud too in love with the mirror that she poses in fat too much.

    Underwood would eat her alive if she won the nomination. Lauf is all fluff and no substance.

    I don’t know Nichols or Nudo and had no role in challenging her petitions but her sloppy petitions deserved to be challenged because she is not entitled to exceptions to the rules all others abide by in all campaigns.

  17. Jon Zahm – For someone with “no horse in this race” as you say.

    You seem to have an awful lot to say about this race.

    What scares you the most about Miss Lauf?

    Why can’t the constituents of the 14th district have their say on who represents the republican party.

    Let the voters decide.

    Why do you think you know what’s best for us

    Who is paying you?

    You once supported Rick Santorum, how’d that work out.

  18. Mr. Frye is someone whom many candidates value in an enthusiastic volunteer.

    Unfortunately, what he posted here is similar to misinformation from him in Twitter I saw recently which I asked campaigns about and he was wrong. I don’t believe he is trying to deceive anyone, he’s simply wrong.

    There are several significant questions being raised here, and questions that need answers with discernment, particularly observations from Mr. Sentinel.

    While Mr. Zahm has his own questions to answer, one of the co-objectors has questions to answer, too, and if the answers do not square with the truth, the objection is tossed.

    Won’t vet it here, yet, but a reminder, an objection can also be tossed if not properly filed, and there are a couple of inconsistencies in the objection itself.

    The truth will come out.

    Additionally, Mr. Zahm, in another thread, said some disparaging things about Ted Gradel, which Correcting asked about, and unless I missed it, have not seen Mr. Zahm forthcoming to answer the ethical questions he’s raised about Mr. Gradel.

    And he can contact me privately via email if he wants to do that.

    As I said, the truth will come out.

  19. Sentinel – you are completely wrong with 100% of your comments and the time you took to write that out, in your sad attempt to destroy Ms. Lauf’s employment credibility …is pathetic at best.

  20. Sentinel is 100% correct, at least with respect to Catalina Lauf’s employment with the Department of Commerce.

    She was a “Special Advisor” to the National Director of the Minority Business Development Agency of the Department of Commerce. That sounds suspiciously like an affirmative action gig to me.

    You can view her financial disclosure form here:

    She was obviously not any kind of big shot when she was there.

    The federal government probably pays janitors more than they paid her.

  21. I want to know—did Lauf tell Jeffrey Frye she voted for Ives over Rauner? Yes or no.

    Then regardless of what she told Frye, did Lauf vote for Rauner or Ives? Normally this would not matter but Lauf seems to have told people she voted for Ives. Either she is a liar or she is telling the truth. Either Lauf is the perfect true conservative she portrays herself to be or she is opportunistically fake .

    By her remarkable feat of almost defeating a first term governor for renomination, Jeannie Ives rightfully became a conservative folk hero.

    Opportunistic Lauf tries do portray impeccable conservative bonafides by telling people she voted for Ives. She does this because the fact that Lauf worked and was paid for by the Rauner campaign AGAINST Ives destroys the fake conservative persona Lauf has tried to create.

    But State Board of Elections online records show Lauf began being paid by the Rauner campaign in February 2018. But Ives qualified for the ballot to challenge Rauner months before in December 2017. So Lauf had to be an airhead if she didn’t know she was going to work for the more liberal of the two Republican candidates for Governor.

    Again, did Lauf tell Frye or anyone else that she voted for Ives over Rauner?

    If Lauf did vote for Ives over Rauner that betrays a profound character flaw in Lauf. It means instead of being principled and resigning from the campaign of a man (Rauner) she could not bring herself for vote for—that instead she was a traitor to Rauner while working in his campaign. Is she that untrustworthy?

    Lauf worked for Rauner BEFORE the primary to persuade Republicans to vote for Rauner over Ives over when she—Lauf herself—voted for her employer’s opponent? If that is true can anyone trust anything Lauf says?

    I suggest to Lauf she start by clarifying with the truth and only the truth. Far better to admit she supported Rauner over Ives than say she got paid by Rauner but betrayed him and voted for Ives and then continued to work for Rauner after the primary. But again—Lauf began working as a paid Rauner campaign staffer BEFORE his primary against Ives. That is an indisputable fact.

    This is far from being afraid of Lauf— it is being disgusted by another phony politician—Catalina Lauf.

  22. J you are delusional to say I am wrong about Lauf’s employment history. Don’t just say I am wrong—point out what exactly I am wrong about.

    Except for working for daddy it seems Lauf hasn’t had a job for a whole year.

    According to her financial disclosure with the Clerk of the House it seems Lauf was not just a junior employee at the Department of Commerce but rather an inlaid intern there. So it’s a lie for her to say she worked on “President Trump’s staff.” Please let me know the details if I am incorrect. She did not ever work for the Executive Office of the President. She was no more a member of President Trump’s staff than a forest ranger is in working for the Department of Interior.

    Again, IF Lauf had an enviable job working on the staff of the President of the United States, why did she abandon him after only a few months? And for what? Her lie is not credible.

  23. Jeffrey, Jeffrey, Jeffrey! What a load of dookie that was.

    Her first payment from Rauner is recorded on February 1st 2018 and it’s half the amount of her regular salary payments. I would guess she started working for Rauner sometime in January. On LinkedIn, it says she worked for a “political organization” from 2018-Nov 2019 (less than a year) so that time frame makes sense.

    You say she was unaware there would be a challenger. The problem with that is Jeanne Ives confirmed she was running for Governor in October of 2017.

    So Lauf would have accepted the job, and possibly even applied for the job, after Ives confirmed she was running (and most people were quite sure Ives would run even before she confirmed it).

    Then you say Lauf didn’t support Rauner. She was a closeted Ives supporter who voted for Ives and wanted Ives to win. She just happened to work for the person who Ives was running against! Well if that’s the case then what does it say about her? It proves that she puts money over principle.

    You say she “hooked herself to the first campaign to when she came back from College.” When was that? She finished college in 2013. She was working with Uber (in Chicago) starting in October 2016. She worked for Rauner in 2018. That timeline is hazy.

    Now onto your statement about Underwood having no IL heritage… Underwood lived in Naperville from age 3 until she went to college. She went to public high school (unlike Lauf) and she served on Naperville’s Fair Housing Advisory Commission, while Lauf has no local political involvement, so I would wager that Underwood was more known in her community prior to her congressional run than Lauf is known in Woodstock. Local Republicans had no idea who she was when she announced she was running.

    As to using Trump, the only candidates I see talking about Trump regularly are Lauf and Marter. I suspect Lauf talks about the squad and Trump so much because she has nothing of value to offer.

  24. Let’s not leave out Jerry Evans concerning President Trump and talking up their support of the President.

    But let’s be honest, none of the candidates have talked up issues & policy positions consistently if at all.

    Only Evans has published a position paper. None are really keeping up with Congress’ actions outside of impeachment.

    Jim Oberweis did link a prescription drug pricing article last week on his Facebook page, but that’s it.

    And Lauf did talk in detail about VAWA (H.R. 1585) just before entering the race, and was the first, along with Oberweis and Marter, to talk about H.R. 3525.

    Oberweis did do a good press release about dental insurance coverage legislation for VA patients.

    But apart from Oberweis’ mention of Rx prices, no one engaged the debate, let alone provided specifics, and Rx prices appears to be the healthcare coverage issue of 2020.

    And none of the candidates addressed Underwood’s Five Point Plan on prescription drug pricing, and that plan’s been out nearly 2 months!?!

    Hoping after the first of the year, will have some good reading material from the campaigns.

  25. Sentinel and Correcting are right above and confirming and expanding upon information about Lauf that I have been reporting since September.

    And John, I will reach out privately about a couple things in the next 24 hours but the ominous “truth will come out” threats do not faze me.

    It seems that you want to know who I am working for.

    The answer is no one in this race.

    I have worked for Jim Oberweis in the past (paid) and also worked against him (paid) depending on the race.

    I am friends with Sue Rezin and have supported all of her campaigns (unpaid).

    I like Jim Marter and supported him in both of his Federal races (unpaid).

    I hope and expect one of those 3 will win the primary.

  26. Mr. Zahm. Good to see you again.

    I’m only telling you the truth, and as long as you do, the truth cannot harm you.

    That said, please include the information you previously said concerning Ted Gradel, as that was one of the questions raised previously.

    Will hold off other feedback until I receive your email.

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