Two Mayors Running for State Rep. Have Hefty Public Sector Incomes

Knew that Woodstock Mayor and State Rep. candidate Brian Sager, now a declared Democrat, had pension, mayoral and RTA income, but didn’t know until this past weekend that New Lenox Mayor Tim Baldermann, a Republican State Rep. candidate, was fairly simlarly situated as far as public sector income goes.

Brian Sager can be seen in the second row of the July GOP Central Committee meeting after endorsing Jack Franks for County Board Chairman in 2016.

Brian Sager is receiving two pensions.

  • $105,341.40 for 31 years working for community colleges, mainlyj at McHenry County College
  • $4,447.20 from the State Employees (Pension) System for two years employment as Far East Trade Representative in the State of Illinois Hong Kong Office under former Governor Jim Thompson from 1977-1979

He also receives two salaries:

  • $12,000 for being Woodstock’s Mayor
  • $25,000 from his RTA Board appointment by Jack Franks

Baldermann “receives $71,000 a year in disability from Chicago Ridge as former police chief there, a salary of $206,000 as superintendent of the tiniest school district in the state [with other fringe benefits], and an $18,000 salary as mayor of New Lenox (which he says he donates to charity), plus “$15,000 as a Metra director until stepping down in August when he announced he was running for the state House seat.” 


Two Mayors Running for State Rep. Have Hefty Public Sector Incomes — 11 Comments

  1. Another bloated pension, a pension for 2 yrs of work, and combined $150,000 for driving the town of Woodstock into the ground since he became Mayor!

  2. Where do you see Sager’s pension payments??

    He also promised to stop receiving his Woodstock salary when he was appointed to the RTA so if he’s still receiving it he’s a liar.

  3. If this politi’kin thingy hadn’t done so well for Sanger.

    He would have been a most excellent, comic relief Russian Supervillain, in an Action Movie knockoff spoof.

  4. Nevermind about the pensions I see those now.

    But has anyone checked to see if he stopped taking his woodstock salary like he said he would?

  5. Fools, [1st post, above] Aren’t we the fools for allowing scum like Sager to prance triumphantly around us.

    He’s a Ground Hog Day supernumerary so very curious about catamites. His strange appointment by Thompson to the laughable IL-Hong Kong post is something. Sager was part of Jim Thompson’s lavender mafia and was all set to be in the George Bush, Sr. Admin. under VP nominee Jim Thompson …. until the crushing FBI report came out on Jimmy’s ‘preferences.” Ask Danny Rutherford, another Thompson Lavender Mafia operative chummy with Sager, about it all.

    That’s how Danny Quale became VP nominee and the actual VP at the last minute. [A Midwest Republican was called for to replace Thompson].

    The GOP convention already had tens of thousand of Bush-Thompson signs (which were all burned in the Astrodome VIP parking lot).

    Sager didn’t go to Washington after all.

    But Thompson with his Deep State connections did co-chair the phony 9-11 US Commission, to blame 19 patsy-idiots for the 9/11 hoax.

    Now, like a bad penny, Sager resurfaces from the homosexual sewer to plague us.

    An opptunistiic infection on the McHenry Co. body politic now running against a raging, convicted drunk who had to give up his law license.

    Yes, we are fools to permit such people to lord over us.

  6. Partridge:

    That explains a lot about Sager and why Illinois, and the whole nation for that matter, is in such a mess.

  7. I’d vote for the Mayor of Virginia Street instead of Sager.

    He looks like another loafer shuffler in my opinion.

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