Bee Folks Holding Honey-Themed Christmas Party on Sunday

From the Illinois Extension Service comes news of the McHenry County ‘Just Wing It’ Pollinators Club Meeting 12/15/19:

December’s meeting with be at the Extension office in the auditorium at 2:30pm on Sunday December 15th for a first year-end holiday party. 

It will be a potluck with a theme of dishes made with honey!

Would you like to learn more about Beekeeping?

Contact the Extension office to learn how you can join the club.


Bee Folks Holding Honey-Themed Christmas Party on Sunday — 9 Comments

  1. I want Tyhoid Mary to come.

    When she swept by my bee exhibit at the fair, the bees went into a real highly agitated fit!

    They do that when a very wicked person person approaches the hive.

    In all my bee-years, I only saw it once before.

    People should see how these clever insects react to her!

    It was really something to behold!!!!

  2. Horses do the same thing when Evil Mary nears.

    They rear up and try to get away.

    She does attract ravens tho.

    Lots of ‘em!

  3. OMG! These slanders against Mary McClellan are way too much!

    –they are not funny because idiots will believe them.

  4. Underwood Now, you are quite the lame brain.. …… Slander is spoken words, NOT written.

    Do you work for Kenneally?

  5. Slander, Defamation, Libel suits only work if

    a) what is said can’t be open to interpretation and

    2) if it’s True

    UnderwoodNow is not too bright, or doesn’t know McClellan.

  6. Does Typhoid Mary actually raise leeches in her heated swimming pool?

    That would be really disgusting, but rather informative as to how she operates and behaves sucking the taxpayers’ blood to, quite possibly, fund her off shore accounts. Did she list any on her bankruptcy papers.

    What the hell did she and her lovely Gil do with the $900K they collected over 4 years and then suddenly went bk?

  7. Oak Harp, do you work for Pat Kenneally? Defamation actions only work if the claimed ‘defamation’ is NOT true!

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