Grand Cherokee Stolen from Cary Car Wash by Chicago 18-Year Old Being Held in Cook County Jail after Vehicle Used for Another Crime

From the Cary Police Department:

Charges Filed in Stolen Vehicle Incident

On Friday October 18, 2019 at approximately 3:45 p.m. officers from the Cary Police Department responded to the Cary Car Wash located at 820 W. Northwest Hwy. for a report of a stolen vehicle.

Upon arrival officers learned the vehicle was stolen while being dried after a car wash.

The offender was described as a tall, skinny black male wearing a gray sweatshirt and black pants.

The stolen vehicle, a Jeep Grand Cherokee, was last seen driving westbound on Route 14 from the business.

Cary Police Investigators later learned the vehicle stolen from Cary was used in a crime in Chicago, and two male subjects were arrested by the Chicago Police Department during that incident.

Through further investigation Cary Police Investigators were able to identify 18 year- old Dimari Terry of Chicago, Illinois as the subject who stole the vehicle from Cary on October 18, 2019.

An arrest warrant was obtained for Terry for one count of Theft Over $10,000, a class 2 felony.

Bond for this charge was set at $40,000 (10% applies).

Terry is currently confined in the Cook County Jail for charges relating to the incident that occurred in Chicago.


Grand Cherokee Stolen from Cary Car Wash by Chicago 18-Year Old Being Held in Cook County Jail after Vehicle Used for Another Crime — 17 Comments

  1. No worries, Dimari.

    You can rest assured that Kim Foxx has got your back, just ask Jucie Smolett.

  2. And good ole Patrick Keneally for the charges in McHenry County.

  3. What relatives was he visiting in the Section 8 ghettoes here?

  4. Dude just wandering around, ends up at the Cary Car Wash, and the Porters there outside drying the car, just kinda get out of the way for him to jump in the running Jeep and take off?

    Please tell me theres more to this than that scenario…strange place to be just wandering around, the Cary Car Wash, who else wandering around Cary these days?

    I’ll stick with the 3 dollar wash by WalMart.

  5. The story does not indicate how it came to be that accused was in Cary.

    This is not Mr. Terry’s only alleged carjacking.



    Charges Filed in Northwest Side Carjacking of Vehicle with 2 Kids in Backseat

    by Matt Masterson

    October 23, 2019 2:04 pm

    “Dimari Terry and Tramaine Watson, both 18 years old, were charged Wednesday with four felony counts each.”

    “According to Chicago police, a 39-year-old woman had parked her car at a gas station in the 5900 block of West Montrose Avenue just after 5 p.m. on Oct. 18 when Terry allegedly approached the car and climbed into the driver’s side door.

    He drove off with the woman’s two children – a 5-year-old girl and 2-year-old boy – heading south on Austin Avenue.”

  6. I’ll bet he came by Metra!

    One argument against mainline Metra service.

  7. 1 hour and 15 minutes after allegedly carjacking a Jeep Grand Cherokee at the car wash at 820 W. Northwest Hwy in Cary, Mr. Terry allegedly carjacked another vehicle at a gas station in the 5900 block of West Montrose Avenue, near Marmora Avenue, in the Jefferson Park neighborhood of Chicago.


    CBS 2 Chicago

    3 Suspects Charged In Northwest Side Carjacking Of Vehicle With 2 Children Inside

    October 23, 2019 at 6:59 pm


    Carjackings sometimes turn out even worse for the alleged perpetrator.


    Chicago Tribune

    Concealed carry holder tells cops he killed man who tried to steal his BMW in Loop after crash

    By Charles J Johnson

    April 26, 2019 | 12:05 PM

    “A man with a concealed carry permit told police he shot and killed another man who ran into the back of his BMW in the Loop and then demanded the keys to the car at gunpoint early Friday, authorities said.”


    Other examples of citizens with concealed carry permits defending themselves in Chicago:


    Chicago: Concealed Permit Holder Shoots Robbery Suspect in Head

    by AWR Hawkins

    May 28, 2019

  8. Is Metra a conduit from Chicago to McHenry County?

    How did the panhandlers and bums in Woodstock square arrive?

  9. Section 8 “Ain’t it great!” Thanks for these transplants from Chicago, Jack Franks, Democrats and RINOs!

    McHenry County was deemed ‘too White’ by the Obama bureaucrats running HUD.

    Section 8 vouchers, but only IF they come to McHenry Co., and the Jackal will make sure they get registered and vote (many) times. Acosta will see to it!

    Emperor Barack Obama is going to make sure that his legacy endures long after he leaves office next January. Barry has enjoyed on hell of a victory lap, imposing his wild-assed agenda on America and for good measure – poking white folks in the eye whenever the opportunity presents itself. Obama has doubled down on his blackness, whether it be shucking and jiving with Larry Wilmore at the sycophant’s ball formally known as the White House Correspondents Association dinner to putting Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill. Now according to reports he is prepared to leave a nice farewell gift for white suburbia


  11. Riding the Metra to get to Cary probably true.

    And/Or came to visit “homeys” in the Obama mandated low income housing put up in Cary.

    The housing that former Village Board Rep Chapman, now Algonquin Township Rep, pushed for, above majority residents against it, or at least a different location within Cary to build (like by his house) which was never even Considered.

    Been savory characters wandering around Cary lately, breaking into the computer store, carjacking at the car wash,are they all riding Metra to get here?

    And whats next?

  12. These commenters make me sick to my stomach. They have NO RIGHT to post such filth. This blog eggs them on by posting these racially charged items.

    Aren’t people innocent until PROVEN guilty?

    Not here.

    If they’re Black, they are guilty.

    Case closed.

    These postings are also illegal because they invade the accused’s privacy!

    How do you get Section Eight out of any of this?

    Facts don’t matter here, just hate.

    I’m surprised no comment has been posted linking Lauren Underwood to the accused. President Obama has been.
    But I guess that’s coming.

  13. Blunderwoodnow hates the truth like the true self loathing DEMOCRAT that he/she is.

  14. Probably the same way bread winner, Metra!

    Stops right in the square.

  15. Underwood Nut, yes we do have a right.

    It’s called Free Speech.

    And you, dear socialist and Hillaryite can go pound sand.

    Go cut sugar cane in Cuba for awhile, put shhhhhhhhhh!

    Don’t dream of using Free Speech there.

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