IL-06/IL-14: Conservative Squad Launches

Republican Women Candidates for Congress Mobilizing as 2nd “Squad” Group Launches

Well, looks like there is a new trend emerging for the 2020 congressional elections.

A second group of Republican women candidates for Congress has formed its “Squad” group, calling themselves the “Conservative Squad”, one day after the launch of “Stop the Squad”

As the tweet from Michelle Fischbach states, the “Conservative Squad” vow to fight socialism in Washington, too.

The embedded video above is from a FOX News interview this morning introducing the four charter women members of Conservative Squad.

Distinct differences between Conservative Squad and Stop the Squad are obvious:

  • Women are older, late 30s into their 50s
  • Significant life experiences including
    • Business owners/professional experience across decades
    • Marriage and kids
    • Elective public office experience
      • Michelle Fischbach former lieutenant governor of Minnesota
      • Beth Van Duyne is a former 2-term mayor of Irving, TX, a Dallas suburb and worked in the Trump Administration
    • White

All are running in seats that are occupied by a Democrat, or are open.

Indeed our friend, commenter D J, will recognize the woman on the far right as Beth Van Duyne, who is running for the open seat in the TX-24 district where he lives.

Unlike Stop the Squad, which included 14th district candidate Catalina Lauf, the other two women running for Congress in the 6th and 14th, Jeanne Ivess and Sue Rezin respectively, are not part of either group.

Conservative Squad members appear to fit the profile for both Ives and Rezin, given their age and life experiences including elective public office.

Whether Ives or Rezin joins this group or form one of their own is up to them.

The Conservative Squad is the brainchild of the youngest of the four, Alabama congressional candidate Jessica Taylor, who’s running for the open seat being vacated by one of the 13 Republican women currently in the House.

When Taylor announced her candidacy in late October, her video hinted to the Conservative Squad announced today:

OBSERVATION: While Republicans genuinely shy away from “identity politics”, the fact there are only 13 Republican women in the House and two of them are not seeking reelection next year, Democrats are thriving in Washington with women candidates and elected members of Congress and the gender gap in the suburbs is real.

And in the 14th, Congresswoman Lauren Underwood was propelled into Congress with significant support from women.

Primary voters need to take notice of this when weighing the electability of all of the candidates.

And yesterday’s 14th district ballot placement lottery was not random chance that the two women candidates are the top two candidates in the 7-candidate field, with Sue Rezin first on the ballot, and Catalina Lauf second.

And in Rezin’s case, she was meant to be at the top of the ballot, given the first numbered ping-pong ball drawn yesterday in Springfield was the #7, which did not apply to the 14th race.

But had Anthony Catella filed his petitions at 8AM on the morning of the 25th of November, Sue Rezin would have been #7 (based on alphabetical order by last name), and she would have been top of the ballot, anyway.

God was with Sue Rezin, and had either contingency covered for her, since the first two ping-pong balls drawn in Springfield were numbers 7, then 6.


IL-06/IL-14: Conservative Squad Launches — 3 Comments

  1. Beth Van Duyne is as good as it gets and that “Texas is turning blue” nonsense is way overhyped.

    In as much as Trump’s ‘tariff-them-back-to-the-Stone-Age’ messaging doesn’t resonate as well in a Tech/Energy State, as in the northern Bust Belt.

  2. Referring to Jessica Taylor’s very pertinent comment about AOC and the others having zero life experience “having never even run a lemonade stand, this very much also (and most concerning) applies to Catalina Lauf, as well..

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