ROAR Announces Dec. 13th Courthouse Demonstration for AJ

The group dedicated to obtaining justice for 5-year old AJ Freund has announced that a rally will be held at the McHenry County Courthouse on December 13th at 9 AM.

Before Jonanne Cunningham pled guilty to murder, the demonstation was scheduled for December 10th.


ROAR Announces Dec. 13th Courthouse Demonstration for AJ — 19 Comments

  1. What about justice for Andrew, McClellan’s son? Free AJ coffee cup for the person that can deliver that bit of justice. AJs father is a lawyer going to prison because he allowed the abuse of AJ and tried to cover it up. And McClellan wants to be a judge. The NWH would not report on any of it because she’s a darling. They also never looked into Acosta either.

  2. Why is Acosta still on the board and why does it seem like nobody in power, be they Democrat or Republican, is pressuring him to resign?

  3. This demonstration date was changed as the court date changed . It is this Friday the 13th at 9 am.

  4. Will Acosta be burnt in effigy?

    This ought to happen.

    I’ll supply the dummy!

    Or should that be the dummy’s dummy?

  5. ROAR if you need another location for the Coat Drive in the McHenry Area, I will volunteer my office location in Lakemoor.

    Please contact me if it is not too late.

  6. Ole Chuck Weaver! Start putting things on the County Board agenda instead of talking about for months on end!

    Franks must go, but you give him pass after pass.

    We’re tired of getting grassed!

  7. What you do anot understand is that individual members of the County Board do not have the power to put anything on a committee or County Board agenda that Jack Franks does not approve.

    Unlike in Springfield, a member of the county’s legislative body cannot even introduce an ordinance.

  8. Crystal Lake businessman Mike Beuhler filed to run for McHenry County Board Chairman.

    Time to get rid of Jack Franks! The people are tired of his temper-tantrums!

    Chuck Wheeler is a reformer and fights for the people.

  9. Can someone from the County Board clarify something?

    Talking with people it appears that the County Board can cut Jack’s power off at the knees the question is will they?

    He does not have executive power and Peter Austin is suppose to be the one in charge of the agenda’s for all committee meetings from my understanding?

    Jack is only suppose to control the agenda for the County Board meeting?

    But the County Board lets Jack run the show and unless they stand up and change things they are letting him get away with all of this.

    Didn’t Walkup actually write about this when Jack became Chairman?

  10. Roar should start protesting the county board meetings!

    Carlos should be gone and unless the demonstrations take place outside the county board meetings, nothing will change.

  11. Frank, ROAR has been attending the County Board Meetings . . . keeping a close eye on Carlos Acosta and Jack Franks.

    If you live close enough, you would be welcomed to join them.

  12. ROAR is a reactionary little hate group.

    The murderers were all white people.

    But somehow Carlos Acosta is blamed.

    How insane is that?

  13. Because Acosta had the opportunity to intervene and didn’t, you moron. read a newspaper.

    why do you think he has been suspended from DCFS.

  14. Black, white, pink, yellow does not matter nor does right or left, red or blue.

    This is about right and wrong, it’s about holding those involved, all involved, accountable for their actions and lack of actions that resulted in abuse, torture, and murder of AJ a 5 year old boy.

    A boy who mustered up the courage and knew right from wrong and used his voice and despite that was not heard as his cry for help fell on deaf ears, Carlos Acosta’s ears!!!

    ROAR and It’s members hate what happened, hate it was not prevented yes that is true but in no way are we a HATE group Underwood, your comment actually makes you look like a hateful person and that comment directs hate at whites.

    That’s fine keep hating, it just poisons your own soul and will keep you down.

    Try loving yourself then maybe you can love others no matter their race, religion etc. I revoke your race card!

  15. UnderwoodNow way to throw out the typical race card.

    The murderers are white but Acosta could have done his job to save that poor child.

    You actually think DCFS would have fired him if he was innocent?

  16. UnderwoodNow, the only response I can think of for Acosta’s Position, and any advice he might need, is a Quote from John Wayne, “‘Life Is Hard; It’s Even Harder When You’re Stupid’.

    Now for you UnderwoodNow, Racism is, in NO Way, an issue here . . .you might put the above quote on your wall, as a reminder.

    Character and Accountability for one’s actions, are the reason for termination.

  17. Underwood Now may get her wish. A civil war, he/she or it may very well not survive.

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