Closer View of Tribune Underwood Anti-Impeachment Ad

From today’s Chicago Tribune, paid for by America First Policies, Inc.:


Closer View of Tribune Underwood Anti-Impeachment Ad — 29 Comments

  1. If your ability to laugh at that Underwood pic, depends on the politics of the poster.

    I’m afraid you have forfeited your own humanity.

  2. Cal, thank you. You got better copy than the Twitter feed I used.

    And America First Policies, we’ve seen them before.

    And UnderwoodNow, what is “racist and White Nationalist inspired”?

    America First Policies is targeting the 31 Democrats in districts across the country with this kind of advertising, just like the Democrats are targeting vulnerable Republicans who voted against H.R. 3 (Pelosi’s Rx Pricing Bill) yesterday.

    It’s the 1st amendment at work.

  3. John Lopez –

    Do you want to hear sworn testimony from Mick Mulvaney and John Bolton to hear from them their 1st hand accounts as to why aid was withheld until after Congress opened an investigation into the same question? Or are you putting your head in the sand and putting fingers in your ears until this goes away?

  4. I’ll listen to it!

    If you dub it over with Surfin Bird by the Trashmen.

  5. Bolton was a neocon zio-crazy, oh on.

    Trump should have never appointed him.

  6. None of this matters.

    Let Schiff and the rest of the libs have their fun

    The result will be a Trump term #2

    Look at what happened in Britain.

    Libs on the run, enjoy it.

  7. I recommend anyone wanting Underwood to lose to call and encourage her to vote with her Party.

  8. Agreed he should have never appointed him. Also… so what? It’s irrelevant. He had a front seat row to the scheme that Trump and Rudy cooked up and he knows as much or more than the other witnesses about what Trump was doing with the aid. He could corroborate or refute the “flimsy” testimony. Let’s here from him, right, Lopez? Or do you fear the truth? Don’t be afraid of the truth Lopez. You should want to hear from him.

    Answer my question Lopez.

  9. Oh on, please explain the following:

    We know what we have seen so far. We can all see the crimes. A blind man can see this with a wooden stick.

    It appears that the previous administration weaponized the FBI, shielded a favored candidate from criminal prosecution, abused the FISA court to spy on an opposition candidate, and deliberately worked to subvert the 2016 Presidential election.

    This makes Watergate, Monica Lewinsky, Teapot Dome, and Iran/Contra look like Romper Room. This was nothing short of an attempted coup, and if you believe rumors and rumblings, the FISA memo is just “the tip of the iceberg”. People are talking about sweeping hearings, numerous convictions, and many, many people going to jail.

  10. PR –

    You are peddling bullshit. The IG report explicitly refuted that the Obama administration weaponized FISA and spied.

    I can’t only imagine what it’s like to watch Fox News and listen to Rush spew BS only to have Trumps IG say it’s BS. They’ve probably rubs hundreds of hits on this and it’s BS. If I saw hundreds of stories on Fox and had my Facebook or twitter or iIG or pick any social media peddle the same BS conspiracy theory then I might not trust Trumps IG either? But believe what you want to believe Paul.

  11. No idea who “Father Time” is or why he’d mention me but I can say that I am not a member of any group.

    I guess its typical of the accuracy of the typical anonymous poster here

    Cal have you ever considered making posters use their real names?

  12. Obama regime and Democrat supporters, by virtue of their comments, likely watch and listen to the U.S. equivalent of the Russian government propaganda operation, Pravda. The U.S. has tv and radio stations, and newspapers, that are handmaidens for politicians and government members of the Democrat Party. According to them, most everything that Democrats do and say is fine and Trump and Republicans are incompetent and evil, data and results be dammed.

  13. I agree with Froggy the Taxpayer!

    Call her office and urge her to vote for impeachment!

    Make our jobs easier!

  14. Don’t call.

    Email her office and send me her reply so I can post it.

  15. Underwood Now, I’m so sorry!

    Cal, please submit all future posts and comments to Underwood Now so she can review them for suitability to be viewed by the public.

    We don’t want Underwood Now’s woolly head to spontaneously combust do we?

  16. BTW when I called yesterday night, her mailbox was full and messages weren’t being taken.

    Just another example of how unprepared and high & mighty she is.

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