DCFS Confirms AJ’s Caseworker and His Supervisor “No Longer Employed by the State”

Carlos Acosta

The following email was received from the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services:

“Following the heartbreaking death of AJ Freund, DCFS began a comprehensive review of the entirety of our work with AJ’s family to understand what needs to change to prevent tragedies like this from happening again.

“As part of this review, DCFS has taken personnel action regarding Carlos Acosta and Andrew Polovin, the caseworker and supervisor involved in the case.

“Mr. Acosta and Mr. Polovin are no longer employed by the state

“DCFS is continuing to examine the department’s work in this case and will take all necessary action to protect the children and families we serve.”

Jassen Strokosch

Illinois Department of Children and Family Services

Chief of Communications 
Cell: 312-802-9786


Pronouns: He,Him,His


DCFS Confirms AJ’s Caseworker and His Supervisor “No Longer Employed by the State” — 54 Comments

  1. Since they are no longer employed by the state, can they, and or should they be charged with negligence in this case?

  2. How come No mention of a Severance and/or retirement packages and his involvement with the county Board

    What type of reprimand or Punishment did his supervisor get?

    He/She should be fired also

  3. ** How come No mention of a Severance and/or retirement packages and his involvement with the county Board**

    Why would DCFS have anything to say about Acosta’s county board position?

  4. Bill Matteson, according to a Post Steve Reick put up on FB, it looks like Acosta is going to file a grievance with DCFS.

    I hope he realizes a grievance is not a tool to use as a way to look innocent.

  5. I’m guessing disgraced Afscam DCFS’rs land six figure jobs as either Emotional Support Animals, or carrying collar brandy casks, to all those Illinois Ski Resort avalanche victims.

  6. Kenneally won’t be charging anyone involved in this as he in my opinion doesn’t understand what is going on.

    Kenneally more like “Can’t eally”.

  7. Does Jack Franks have the balls to ask Mr. Acosta for his resignation from the County Board.

    My guess is that he does not!

  8. Today’s Daily Herald top headline states that the guy and his boss were fired.

  9. This is what you get when you elect democrats and this is the type of government service you get when you let white collar bureaucrats unionize.

  10. Matteson, shame on you for even dealing with RINO Reick our embarassment

  11. “Pronouns: He,Him,His” is Strokosch identifying “his” gender identity.

    Meaning one doesn’t know from written communication if the person is a biological male or female and such is irrelevant as what is relevant is identity not biology.

    Something to keep in mind in intimacy, locker rooms, showers, and bathrooms.

    How you feel about it is secondary to Federal and state law, and local government policy regarding the matter.

    Some people including parents and children are in for big surprises sooner or later.


    One could FOIA for any separation agreement between Mr. Acosta and Mr. Polovin and the state; final payroll records; and records indicating any lump sum payments to either.

  12. I am become death, the revealer of genders.

    J Robert Oppenheimer

    (I’m thinking he was originally misquoted)

  13. He is filing a grievance because he lost his job.

    Is this guy a psychopath?

    A sociopath?

    He must have some brain abnormality because he is completely incapable of removing himself from his shoes and thinking about how the situation looks to an outsider.

    A child is dead, a child who he oversaw at DCFS.

    Now he wants his job with DCFS back.

    Even worse, he is not a private citizen but an elected official, which should make him more conscious of optics yet he is not.

    Or is Acosta suing because he is a no-talent, low-IQ hack who knows he brings no value to a company and can only make it at government or government subsidized jobs

    This guy is a disgrace.

    He should resign from the board immediately.

  14. Woe unto them.

    Members of the party of BABY KILLERS will now have to
    face a reckoning which they can’t begin to fathom.

    Where is their buddy Angel ?

    How about Low I.Q. Little Joey Blowhard ?

    And UnderwearNow ?

  15. The McHenry County Board could, and should, start with a censure.

  16. Acosta, with a master’s degree from the Unversity of Chicago can no more be believed to have a low IQ than Joe Walsh, who similarly has a mster’s degree from the University of Chicago.

  17. Cal, being intelligent is not the same as being “educated.”

    Joe Walsh is a goober and so is Carlos Acosta.

    Perhaps college was different when you were college age in the 1960’s but believe me, the times have a-changed.

  18. I’m not sure I agree with your point, Cal.

    In the less competitive fields like social work, even the so-called elite schools aren’t particularly difficult.

    It’s a lot easier to get into some graduate programs that it is to get admitted as an undergraduate.

    According to Acosta’s Linkedin page, his undergraduate degree is a BS in “Leisure Studies” from the U of I.

    Acosta also would have been an affirmative action 2fer – he had the advantage of being both a minority and an immigrant.

  19. Cal and Billy Bob, Acosta’s Education means nothing when he is a prime example of: Life’s Hard, But It’s Even Harder If You’re Stupid.

  20. Cal and Billy Bob, Acosta’s Education means nothing when he is a prime example of: “Life’s Hard, But It’s Even Harder If You’re Stupid”.

  21. No matter what happens to him, he has to live with his poor decisions each and everyday.

    He knows and will always know that he could have saved the life of a child.

    Try living with that on your conscience – each and every day, until you die..

  22. Its time to leave Carlos alone.

    The past is over and we all need to move forward.

    Put your efforts toward something to help all the children who deserve a good home.

    Help a foster family or become a foster family.

  23. Cecil, do you really thinks Carlos A. Cares a fig about that dead boy?

    He’s only sorry he got caught loafing on the job as he cashed his checks.

    The County Board must censure this brazen wipe, suing to get his Cush job back.

    How many more deaths can he turn a blind eye to?

  24. Linda Moore, let’s forget about you and all your kitchen mishaps. Quit the distraction.

    Why is Acosta still stinking up this place on my dime?

  25. QUOTE FROM ACOSTA-what gall

    “I don’t think it’s fair and I don’t think it’s just,” Acosta told the Northwest Herald, adding “In the short term, I have to do like every other resident in the country and try to find a job with a living wage and affordable health care.”

  26. Cecil? I don’t think you understand what a narcissistic personality entails. There is nothing but darkness there. There are no feelings of remorse for ANYTHING. Absolute vampires of others’ souls. And typical of this type they will pretend to be the victim. From his quote above, the poor little man has to work to find a real job with real health insurance like everybody else. You don’t see the heartlessness is this vacuous person? This person is going to Hell but couldn’t care less.

  27. Cindy, the world is not black and white. There are different forms of Narcissism and it is on a spectrum. In my opinion, Acosta happens to be on the worst end of the spectrum. And, you know very little about what Narcissism entails.

  28. Nob, you seem like the kinda fella, who might be a good “Investigator”? Acosta is also employed by Blair Counseling & Mediation, in Crystal Lake. Does he have a vested interest in Blair? Are they on contract with the State? This inquiring mind wants to know.

  29. DALA you are a complete fool! YOU are the one that knows nothing. YOu know nothing of which you speak. I am an expert on this subject, but you like to throw your weight around like a know-it-all. So just keep jabbering.

  30. With the loss of his cushy >$100k a year job, maybe Acosta will self deport himself back to his place of birth?

  31. Cindy you are no expert. You don’t even have a degree. First you claim to be a retired teacher then you are an expert on narcissism. You live in an imaginary world. When you say those things you demonstrate that you have no credibility. You haven’t even been to College.

  32. anotherwatcher- Blair Counseling and Meditation P.C is a Domestic BCA.


    The were incorporated in 2008.

    Agent Information:
    444 N IL ROUTE 31 STE 104
    CRYSTAL LAKE , IL 60012

    President & Secretery name and address:

  33. Don’t know if this is the same Carlos Acosta from the County Board and DCFS.

    Carlos Acosta

    Status Dissolved

    Involuntary Dissolution on Friday, 8 October 2010

    HANOVER PARK , IL 60133

  34. By the way, Blair Counseling is hiring. From their linkedin page:

    “Looking for employment as a Master’s Level clinician? Contact us!

    Dan Blair is currently open to adding a LCSW, LMFT and LCPC, especially those who work with children..

    We have two locations, Crystal Lake and Huntley.

    With the family in mind and children a priority, individual, marriage, and family counseling has always been the emphasis. Identifying hidden resentments, clarifying communication, and building connections between couples and families is part of the work we do. When divorce is unavoidable, or family disputes are draining the energy of the family, divorce mediation, family mediation, reunification counseling, and supervised visitation are offered. Certified Anger Evaluations for court and Anger Management is available. Christian, Spanish and American Sign Language services available.

    Specialties: Marriage Counseling, Christian Counseling, Family Counseling, Adolescent and Child Counseling, Premarital Counseling, Divorce Mediation, Parenting Coordination, Co-Parenting Counseling, Certified Anger Evaluations and Anger Management, Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, Trauma, ADHD, and Grief”

  35. OK DALA, do you remember “Pete”, Cal’s Legislative Liaison, when he was State Rep. Cal Skinner? Is is still in McHenry County. I have an e-mail into Cal, have not heard back yet. I can not remember his last name.

  36. DALA? You are full of yourself and full of IT! YOu have just outed yourself as a complete nitwit by what you said. You have no idea who you are talking to. How dare you assume anything about me! Unlike you, I speak the truth. Don’t you even dare to ever attempt to lecture me on narcissists. You just showed everyone here what a pompous moron you are. Your life experience shows you are a blowhard and a liar.

  37. Cindy, take a look in the mirror and you will see the real liar, which is you.

    You have never even stepped foot on a College Campus and you know it!


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