IL-14: Catalina Lauf Fires Back at Republican Swamp in Illinois *Update: 2nd Video*

Catalina Lauf

Video Tweet notes the bipartisan approach the “swamp Republicans” use out of fear

Reminiscent of the tricks of the “Bipartisan Combine” of yesteryear

Tweet indicates no backing down for Lauf and supporters being informed what’s taking place in Illinois

The papers she was served today was the actual petition objection itself to appear before the State Officers Electoral Board, presumably on Tuesday, December 17 for the first hearing.

For those who’ve been through the objection filing process, it’s known how objections are served.

Similar to being served with a lawsuit by a process server, both parties, the defendant, in this case Ms. Lauf, and the two co-objectors are served.

Given the political alignment trying to throw Ms. Lauf off of the congressional ballot, this is a form of bipartisanship that, in the context of a Republican primary election, is questionable.

As said months ago, not all bipartisanship is good.

Update: Friday Night Tweet Additional Reaction


IL-14: Catalina Lauf Fires Back at Republican Swamp in Illinois *Update: 2nd Video* — 10 Comments

  1. Just what we need, another Republican legal defense fund.

    This cupcake and former Uber driver hasn’t got a snowball’s chance in hell of getting elected, save your money.

  2. I am sorry if the actual facts of this non-stop Illinois mischief, at are odds with your trope of the saintly, crusading petition objectors, but all this crap needs a long overdue reckoning.

  3. Yes, Ms. Prestia, will second Cal’s question.

    What evidence do you have to support what you said?

    You have our email addys if you prefer to send it to us.

  4. Oh because anyone trusts what you say Linda… the rumor it was you (Marter) and Sue’s campaign colluding. Whoever it was she’s made thousands off of this

  5. I was going to ask the same thing as Cal and John, but I’ve been very busy baking Christmas cookies, jamming to Christmas tunes, and doing other Christmas cheer-y stuff.

    How did you trace the objectors to Oberweis and Underwood, Linda Priesta who works for the James Marter campaign?

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