Impeachment Votes Locally

While 6th congressional district Sean Casten has declared his intention to vote for the impeachment of President Donald Trump, fellow freshman Lauren Underwood is waffling.

Could it be that she has figured out it would not help to have bumper stickers like the one below in her district after the impeachment effort fails:

“Impeach Underwood” bumper sticker.

These are available at Republican Headquarters in the tip of the “V” in the Crystal Lake Plaza.


Impeachment Votes Locally — 14 Comments

  1. Yeah, get her sick puppy name out there with a really confusing, stupid message. Did another RINO come up with it. Congressidiots can’t be impeached in the first place. What are these people putting these things out thinking????

    Should be “Underwood is a Black Supremacist. She doesn’t represent me!”

    “Underw00d is a Fraud!” (With the two O’s the Obama symbol, like this:

  2. Alright!

    In my opinion, Underwood is a Black Supremacist and doesn’t represent anyone!

  3. Could either of you give an example of or two of Underwood’s “black supremecy?”

  4. This racist, homophobic and Facist blog doesn’t qualify as free speech and will be closed soon.

    Very soon. A small number of deplorable racists cannot be allowed to break the law with their willful hate whenever they damn please.

    They do not promote responsible discussion. They seek a return to the 20s. (The 1820s, when slavery was perfectly legal.)

    Commenters’ comments must be vetted by responsible, normal people who understand how these racist comments are designed to keep White Privilege going, and hurt sexual and racial minorities.

    But Cal won’t do it. (If he’s not writing the hate himself)

    The NWH responsibly shut down their comment section when they realized free speech was being misused by haters.

  5. “UnderwoodNow” = Black Supremacist!

    Vetting commenters is a violation of free speech!

    It’s called the Constitution!

  6. Fun fact:

    As soon as Canada got a Hate Speech Law, they went and elected a Prime Minister, who enjoys dressing up in Steppin Fetchit minstrel costumes.

  7. Are there any that include to say:

    Impeach Pelosi
    Impeach Schiff
    Impeach Nadler
    Impeach Schumer
    Impeach Waters
    Impeach AOC
    Impeach Omar and other insignificant (2) who make up the (4) D.A.
    Impeach Madikhan
    Impeach Pritzker

  8. That’s bad advice in the small print of the sticker.

    The obstructed view statute in Illinois is kind of vague, but a cop could write you up for driving with that sticker on your windshield.

  9. Impeach Pence for being the Deep State’s ‘insurance policy.’

  10. Tired of hearing “House Democrats in Trump Districts.”

    Yes, I know what it means, but if the district was so red, how is it they elected a D to represent them?

    Some sort of sentiment must have prevailed.

  11. Then I guess everyone with a rearview mirror or an I-Pass would be violation, too.

    PUt it where the rearview mirror is and I doubt one would get a ticket and, should a Democratic police officer give a ticket, I believe a judge would toss it.

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