Message of the Day – A Tee Shirt — 8 Comments

  1. Obviously, Underpuppy didn’t heed the advice, but come 2021 she’ll need one to help nurse her after her crushing defeat.

    I don’t care what RINOs ivertsen and Gottemoller say, she cannot be allowed to use robotexts from welfare recipients to get out the vote. That should be illegal.

  2. Haters gotta hate! This blog must be closed!

    Lauren is the best thing that ever happened to McHenry County. This blog is the worst thing that ever happened.

    Cal, have you no shame?

  3. Aw come on. Underwood is something of a cowbird.

    She came here from nowhere.

    Kicked a dope out of the nest (Hultgren), and then snuck in.

    Now we feed her.

    Shoooooo! Bad foul bird!!!!

  4. UnderwierdNow, did your icon lurid Lauren get the cell-phone #s for welfarites to text them to vote?

    Naughty, Naughty

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