What Editors Want for Christmas

With the Chicago Tribune’s having been partially bought by a hedge fund and newspaper subscribers declining, Scott Stantis, the editorial cartoonist for the Tribune created this for his comic strip:

What editors want from Santa.


What Editors Want for Christmas — 15 Comments

  1. NHW’s Jon Styf should be asking for a soul… a spine… some ethics or integrity…

  2. Can’t wait for the NWH to fold.

    I plan on partying.

    Days are numbered..

    Every week, a couple subscribers appear …… in the obits.

    When my wife died last May, they tried to charge me $385 for a normal sized obit.

    I balked at paying the extortion.

    Funeral Director said I ‘had to pay’ …… but I refused. I asked him how much the Herald paid him for a kickback.

    He said ‘nothing, but they run a free ad for the funeral home at the obit’s tail.

  3. Alabama, bug out. You kinda stink up this blog.

    Your comments are pretty stupid.

    Do you enjoy displaying your lack of judgment.

    Do you have any original ideas not given you by Rachel Maddow, the Christian-hater?

  4. ** Chicago Tribune’s cartoonist.**

    Scott Santos is not the Trib’s cartoonist. Maybe you’re thinking of Scott Stantis?

  5. WTTW, that’s awful!!!

    So sorry our county paper is nothing but a tabloid rag.

    What is your least favorite funeral home?

  6. Styf in my humble opinion looks like a bread stick with ears.

  7. What hedge fund would be stupid enough to buy a sinking ship?

  8. Worst funeral home? That’s easy Mark Justen’s. He a Tina Hill groupie! How pathetic is that?

    And he’s the local Freemason Kingpin for McHenry, a post he inherited from the late County Board space-taker and lazy Realtor Erv Staveteig.

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