Rockford, St. Charles or Mundalein Will Be Nearest Destinations for Pot Shoppers

McHenry County residenrs seeking marijuana will have to drive to Mundelein, St. Charles or Rockford if they want to purchase marijuana legally starting New Year’s Day.

Chicago Tribune map.

There are no approved stores in McHenry County.

It appears that only Rockford is poised to reap the tax benefits of Wisconsin seekers of weed.

Back in the days when gambling was open in McHenry County, the Big Foot Inn, which straddles the Illinois Wisconsin state line, would move gambling from one side to the other, depending on where law enforcement officials originated.

And, during the time when Wisconsin’s drinking age was lower than Illinois’, McHenry County kids were regularly arrested in Richmond after a night of drinking.

Those were among the ones who were not killed in alcohol-related accidents.


Rockford, St. Charles or Mundalein Will Be Nearest Destinations for Pot Shoppers — 9 Comments

  1. I started out innocently enough, with a Pepsi Cola or Royal Crown boost during the day.

    Before long though, I was on the hard stuff.

    Milk Shakes, Sundae’s all drenched in chocolate syrup on the infamous South Side Torrence Ave., soda shop row.

  2. I thought McHenry approved a medical facility recently did that not happen?

  3. The Big Foot Inn is a little bit south of the state line.

    There is a house just north of the Big Foot Inn that sits on the south side of State Line Road that looks like it used to be a tavern.

    Is that the place you are thinking of?

  4. The owner of the Big foot Inn once told me that there used to be a secret gambling room way back in the day, but I don’t know why the Wisconsin authorities would have been concerned with it.

    That’s what made me think of the house just north of there. There used to be a big beer sign outside the place, so I assume that it once was a tavern.

  5. So many taverns seem to have been out in remote areas back when gambling was rampent in McHenry County.

  6. Rampant? Really.

    There’s like 5 slot machines in every bar, and you believe there used to be more gambling … do tell.

  7. What about the local HS parking lots and Sect 8 housing warehouses in Woodstock & McHenry.

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