IL-14: Catalina Lauf Takes Aim at “deep swamp IL rivals”

Gregory C. Nichols

Post Christmas tweets show Lauf thanking her supporters and ready to deal with the objection to her petition and those who supported it by just going out and winning.

Friday afternoon, Catalina Lauf took to Twitter concerning her campaign and the immediate challenge of dealing with the objection filed to her petitions by co-objectors Greg Nichols of Plainfield and Justin R. Nudo of Pingree Grove.

Lauf’s three part tweet is transcribed below:

“My deep swamp IL rivals continue to completely embarrass themselves. Out of fear, they arbitrarily challenged valid signatures of my supporters. They’re grasping at straws and we’re fighting back! This is corrupt IL politics at its finest and more of we DON’T WANT / NEED!

“It is so beyond pathetic what type of unethical games politicians will play for power. But it will be stopped, and on March 17th we’ll prove the power goes back to the people and these sad, weak establishment, swamp games are long over.

“We have well over the needed amount of signatures. Huge support in 14th congressional district & across the country continues to grow. It’s clear the people want new perspectives in the Party and a fighter who will stand with President Trump here in the 14th congressional district.

“Thank you ALL for the support every day!”

Catalina Lauf in Twitter 12/27/19

COMMENTARY: Lauf nails the reason for the petition objection, “out of fear”.

That is unrighteous fear against an American who wants to present her claim to represent the 14th district in Washington.

While it is Nichols’ and Nudo’s names on the objection, they had help and though anyone has the right to object to a candidates’ petitions, like impeachment, it should be for a just reason, not a transparent ploy motivated by hatred bred by fear.

The truth will come out as far as whom the people were who helped these two men get the petition objection filed.

But to Lauf’s credit, she is focused on the election and this objection ordeal has made her even more stronger, determined and formidable not only for the primary, but the general, too.

And the same can be said about her supporters, and when the objection is dismissed, there will be a shout for joy and freedom of expression, the Republican primary field could very well be overwhelmed.

That is not what the objectors and their backers had in mind when they plotted and schemed to do this in the depths of the Illinois swamp.

But it’s a likely result.


IL-14: Catalina Lauf Takes Aim at “deep swamp IL rivals” — 12 Comments

  1. Apparently Illinois Pols are the only adults on the planet, incapable of gathering legit signatures, without the intercession of self-appointed ass-clowns.

  2. Rules are rules, if you don’t like game, pick up your marbles and go somewhere else. Don’t wine like a baby Catalina, oh yeah, I forgot, you are a baby! And remember,Mr. Lopez can’t help you here no matter how much you bat your eyes at him!

  3. Justin Nudo is a real jag. He has a long history of communist undermining activity making Illinois what it is today!

  4. How many signatures did she turn in?

    Look at what happened to Sivertsen.

    He may be a threat to some people, but it’s also true that he was lazy.

    Most people aren’t challenged because they get more than enough signatures.

    Even Arthur Jones was not challenged because GOP insiders concluded it would be a waste of time.

    Kash Jackson told Lauf she should have gotten more signatures and thus avoided a challenge.

    He needed 25 thousand and turned in close to 50 thousand; nobody challenged him.

    I think Catalina needed 961 signatures and the rule of thumb in politics is to collect double.

  5. Correcting, I saw that exchange on Twitter & while Kash Jackson’s situation last year was completely different, as he was part of Libertarian party submission for a new political party opposed to an established political party, the rule is to always turn in nearly twice to 3x more.

    I learned about a week before Christmas that a dismissal of the objection is forthcoming and Jon Zahm’s silence on this matter I do not believe is due to the holiday.

    Lauf posted in Instagram last night that her attorney will be filing a formal motion to dismiss the objection, so Lauf & her attorney must believe the objection is frivolous.

    We’ll see.

  6. The objection was not frivolous.

    Her team of mostly out of state paid circulators turned in just 1.5X the minimum.

    If the challenge is not withdrawn she might have 90-100 more than the minimum.

    But that is only because her financial backers and consultants hired legendary election attorney Burt Odelsen, who has successfully made the case that her Kentucky circulator, responsible for about a third of the packet, will be allowed to keep her signatures, despite submitting a vague and incomplete circulator’s address.

    That should have invalidated all her signatures and therefore the whole packet.

  7. Lauf talks about “the swamp.” But politically she seems to live in the swamp herself.

    Did she vote for Jeannie Ives or Rauner in the 2018 primary for Governor while she was working for pay on Rauner’s campaign? Yes or no?

    Has Catalina Lauf told anyone she voted for Ives even though she was on Rauner’s payroll before, during and after the primary? Republican primary voters demand to know her answer to this legitimate question about her character.

    This blog should ask her point blank and publish her answer.

  8. As a taxpayer John Zahm, I’m more pissed that your little antics and sad attempts to kick her off the ballot wasted tax payer money – someone at the State had to review all those signatures to make sure they were valid.

    Whoever challenged her didn’t even look through her petitions considering 90% of what you/they challenged was actually good?

    You all aren’t as crafty as you think you are.

    Go be a washed up political hack elsewhere and let serious, honest people get elected to Congress

  9. Jen, can you please try and grow up?

    At least a little bit?

    Zahm ain’t the enemy.

    Nits like you are.

    Catalina is a joke anyway you try to slice it.

    She pinched a loaf with her amateurish petition project.

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