Brettman v. Franks

The lastest effort by McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks to drive female Republican countywide elected officials out of office–an advisory referendum aimed at McHenry County Regional Superintendent of Education Leslie Schermerhorn–has come under attack by former County Board candidate Orville Brettman.

Franks or his allies, through the so-called Illinois integrity Fund, successfully attacked Brettman’s candidacy in 2018. Then Brettman and his running mate Ersel Schuster (put under a parallel attack) sued, losing in Circuit Court, but appealing that decision.

Now, Brettman is challenging the legitimacy of the Franks-supported referndum concerning the office of the Regional Superintendent of Education:

“Should the McHenry County Board pursue a new structure of the office of McHenry County Regional Superintendent of Schools, or enter into an agreement with another Regional Office of Education to share it’s services?”

[Wouldn’t you think an attack on an educator would make sure there was not a spelling mistake in the referendum?]

Here is Brettman’s argument:

The Advisory Referendum question submitted by the McHenry County Board is invalid, void, ambiguous, improperly compound and otherwise fails to comply with the requirements of the Illinois Election Code for an advisory question of public policy, in all of the following respects:

A. The Advisory Referendum question submitted by the McHenry County
Board asks the voters to select two incompatible alternatives and therefore is not capable of being answered either “Yes” or “No.”

B. The Advisory Referendum question submitted by the McHenry County
Board fails to sufficiently define the “new structure” for the office of McHenry County Regional Superintendent of Schools and therefore does
not inform the voters of what “new structure” an affirmative vote is

C. The Resolution fails to limit the electors entitled to vote on the Advisory Referendum to those voters residing within the McHenry ESR.
D. The Resolution fails to provide for electors residing in Kane County to have input into the future direction of the McHenry ESR.

E. By reason of the foregoing, Objector’s vote on the Advisory Referendum is diluted by allowing nonresidents of the McHenry ESR to vote on the
question and therefore deprives Objector of the equal protection of the laws in violation of the Constitutions of the United States and the State of
Illinois and the Illinois Election Code.

Brettman has filed his complaint with the McHenry County Electoral Board, which consists of the County Clerk, State’s Attorney and Circuit Clerk.


Brettman v. Franks — 6 Comments

  1. How the hell did this P.O.S. resolution ever get past a vote of the entire board in the first place?

    Everybody knows Lying Jack is trying to build a patronage machine, but why is the Board going along?

    Vote for Mike Buehler and end this madness.

  2. How could this be aimed at Franks?

    Franks introduced a resolution for an advisory referendum to eliminate the office of regional Superindtendt of schools.

    The wimpy Board changed Franks’ introduced resolution because they didn’t want to offend an office holder who has demonstrated that she can’t manage her office.

    Franks didn’t write the amended resolution or vote on it.

    Franks was clear he wanted a referendum on elimination.

    It is interesting though that these so called republicans protect inefficiency and ineptitude of their own.

    They are breathless hypocrites.

    Like Cal, who criticizes Franks, who is more fiscally conservative than the majority of the elected republicans.

    If Franks was a Republican there would be none of this made up criticism….

  3. Jack Franks doesn’t know the difference between its and it’s, but he’s a lawyer, banker, and successful politician.

    He also, for reasons totally unclear, does not care much for Bernie Sanders.

  4. Brettman is, well, Brettman. If he opposes something, then more than likely the thing he opposes should be supported.

  5. Fierabras, the explanation is that half the ‘Republicans’ are RINOS in the Pam Althoff-Tina Hill mold.

    BTW, I heard Tina got her drivers licence back. WATCH OUT!

    Be on the look out for our convicted drunk State Rep. Stphen Reick, too, a RINO coolie.

  6. I wouldn’t expect much if his attorney is still Jim Bishop.

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