IL-14: McHenry County Republicans Lincoln Day Dinner Event

Charlie Kirk

Charlie Kirk Returns to McHenry County


McHenry County Blog obtained this information from correspondence with McHenry County Republican Central Committee

Charlie Kirk, Founder and President of Turning Point USA, will return to McHenry County as the special guest of the annual Lincoln Day Dinner on February 15.

Advanced ticket sales only to be announced by the Republican Party.

Sponsorships will be available.

Watch the McHenry County Republican Party’s website when tickets go on sale for this event and invitations forthcoming.

And follow Charlie Kirk on Twitter to get his words of wisdom like this:


IL-14: McHenry County Republicans Lincoln Day Dinner Event — 3 Comments

  1. I used to go these things.

    Never again.


    BC the local GOP isn’t serious about anything.

    They are PC, cave-ins and wimps.

    That’s why we have Franks, Acosta, Vujik, Mark Justen, etc.

  2. Thank God for Charlie Kirk who…

    -Abandoned his community and state which are becoming bluer
    -Goes on Fox News and says what every other person on Fox News says
    -Started an organization to educate youth about the dangers of socialism, and now young people have a more favorable view of socialism than ever before
    -Believes in George W Bush foreign policy
    -Has no social values
    -Flip flops on other issues like legal migration after he is confronted by Groypers and offers no explanation of why he was wrong
    -Started an organization with the help of several wealthy donors
    -Skipped out on an event with political activists so he could party with Kanye West
    -Acts as a gatekeeper for what is acceptable on the right
    -Joins in hasty and factless left-wing mob outrage against conservatives like the Covington boys

    And the prices are probably going to be higher than they normally are because Massa Kirk is all about the Benjamins.

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