IL-14: Catalina Lauf’s Master Stroke

Catalina Lauf
Sold through OscarMike Apparel

Couple of more strokes of genius like this and she will win the nomination

Somewhere between “turning water into wine” and “making lemonade out of lemons” is this stroke of brilliance by Catalina Lauf and her Catalina for Congress campaign.

From Catalina Lauf parody site

When she launched her campaign back in late August, within a week, leftists/socialists set up various parody sites in an attempt to mock her campaign, and one of them used the moniker “Catalina Wine Mixer”.

The leftists/socialists even developed a caricature along the lines of the “Catalina Wine Mixer” image, complete with her MAGA cap showing how Lauf once worked in the Trump Administration for the Department of Commerce for 8 months.

It must be pointed out, no other Republican candidate generated this kind of fear among the socialist Democrats to go out of their way to try and stop her. The leftists saw something in Lauf that is a threat to Congresswoman Lauren Underwood’s reelection if Lauf is the Republican nominee.

It is similar to how some Republicans have displayed unrighteous fear at Lauf’s candidacy, and prompted many to pursue a bogus and now withdrawn petition objection complete with two bipartisan co-objectors, similar to how the Democrats are pursuing an unfounded impeachment against President Trump.

So earlier this week, it was noticed on Lauf’s Instagram account this:

This bears repeating from her Instagram post above.

Catalina for Congress took the “Catalina Wine Mixer” moniker the leftists/socialists tried to use against her as a pejorative and not only made it her own, but created merchandising for her campaign where all proceeds of sales goes to support injured Veterans who want the opportunity to stay active through a Marengo/district-based business.

This was too much to be a coincidence, so McHenry County Blog reached out to the Catalina for Congress campaign for confirmation, and their response:

“Yes this is a play on their [leftists/socialists] parody account and also supporters would bring up, having merchandise like this to us on a regular basis.

“We were able to kill two birds with one stone with this and have one of the best campaign shirts I’ve ever seen thanks to OscarMike over in Marengo.”

Catalina for Congress campaign, 1/9/20

One must think the stone killed more than two birds, and for a cause of helping injured Veterans through the OscarMike Foundation, where 100% of the proceeds go.

And Underwood had to be elected to Congress to help Veterans through her work on the House Veterans Affairs Committee.

Additionally and this shows how far back this idea goes, McHenry County Blog has confirmed Catalina for Congress reserved internet addresses for the “Catalina Wine Mixer” reference, as captured by the registrations dated November 25, but actually reserved on November 22:

California Target Book with edits by McHenry County Blog

So during the campaign, maybe as soon as the congressional candidates’ debate at McHenry County College on January 22, when the Catalina for Congress volunteers are sporting their Catalina Wine Mixer t-shirts, you’ll know the proceeds to purchase the wine mixer t-shirt helped Veterans through Marengo-based OscarMike Apparel.


IL-14: Catalina Lauf’s Master Stroke — 26 Comments

  1. We’re now gone from selling merch is the most egotistical act someone can do (when Underwood did it) to Lauf is going to win the election because her merch is that good.

    This commentary is incredible. Can’t believe we don’t have to pay for this insight.

    Cal is going to lose Lopez when Fox News scoops up this brilliant mind.

  2. So is Catalina paying you on salary or hourly?

    The disgusting groveling is making me think IL14 voters need to invest in Catalina barf bags.

  3. Ms. Prestia, I recall from last Saturday’s Support President Trump rally you and your friend posing around a sign that had a 2-part message, both along Randall Road and from the door of a truck nicknamed “the Beast”, and your response reminded me how you are half-way to the sign’s message. And you know the truth which part of the message I am talking about.

    Unlike you, I have no biases because I am not backing a candidate in IL-14, so I am free to see the brilliance of what Catalina for Congress did and must admit, I was shocked and awed, especially when their campaign confirmed what God had already revealed to me and gave me the ability to see and know before I confirmed it.

    Seeing the kind of reactions you and the other commenter (of the 1st 2) had also showed me how God has gifted my writing to generate the kinds of heartfelt reactions that prompted the two of you to respond. And just think about the reactions of all of the readers who did not write a comment.

    Ms. Prestia, you’re still supporting James Marter in the 14th, right?

    As you know, he’s a graduate of Purdue University.

    Ask him, or look up or if you too are a graduate of Purdue remember, the story of how Purdue made the “Boilermaker” their mascot.

    Because what Catalina for Congress did is basically the same.

    And the only one doing the real groveling is you, Ms. Prestia.

    You have displayed the fear that you and many others have displayed, and even the Democrats, Leftists, Socialists have about Catalina Lauf.

    The Leftists to some extent, I understand because they see something in Lauf makes them fear Congresswoman Lauren Underwood’s reelection chances if she is to face Lauf in the general election, which is probably why a known Democrat operative joined the petition objection against her as a co-objector.

    But some Republicans’ and some conservatives’ fears to this date puzzle me.

    Yours I have begun to understand, but my article did not inspire the fear and the hatred you displayed, it was your own fears.

    Maybe you should invest some time in exploring your own fears, as it will make the very likely chance your candidate will not win the nomination, and will help you accept reality quicker if the winner of the nomination is Catalina Lauf.

  4. Oh, first off, while I recall the merchandising article you are referring to from October the portion of the merchandising that made me shake my head was the Lauren Underwood enamel pin, with her likeness for her socialist supporters like Indivisible members wear.

    I also pointed out that t-shirts are commonplace.

    But I guessed you missed a component of Catalina Lauf’s master stroke of “…all proceeds of sales goes to support injured Veterans who want the opportunity to stay active through a Marengo/district-based business.”

    To my knowledge, Underwood’s merchandising didn’t do that.

    And please reread my previous comment to Ms. Prestia.

    My mind is not brilliant, it’s gifted by God and He inspired me to do His will.

    I doubt FOX News will be ringing my phone, but you were part right, I’ve already been scooped up, but by God and He scooped me up about 2 decades ago.

    And as far as not having to pay for my insight, just consider it a gift from God.

  5. I want Mr. Lopez just why this carpet bagger should get my vote over the other plausible candidates.

    This “She’s female and a minority,” doesn’t cut it!

  6. Yes, Mr. Lopez I will vote for w/o the slightest qualms if she gets the nomination.

    No one can be worse than Under-hood (except creepy Sean Casten)

    BTW, did Casten resign from his job as Chicago chapter head of the Kevin Spacey Fan Club?

  7. This is a clever idea for a shirt but come on I mean “genuis” really?

    Shirts dont win elections.

    Lopez likes to act like she is some great politician when her consultants obviously came up with this idea, I mean she couldn’t even keep a job on Rauner’s campaign.

    I don’t care how many followers she has on IG or Twitter or how many shirts she sells, she isn’t winning, she won’t finish in 2nd either.

  8. “But I guessed you missed a component of Catalina Lauf’s master stroke of “…all proceeds of sales goes to support injured Veterans who want the opportunity to stay active through a Marengo/district-based business.”

    yes, I did miss your point since it wasn’t mentioned until the 7th paragraph of a 10 paragraph post. it wasn’t mentioned in the headline or sub-headline.

    Also, I fail to see a distinction between a pin and a shirt and how selling a pin leaves you “shaking your head.”

    John, a pin is essentially a button.

    It is something that you can wear everyday to show support.

    Buttons have had a long storied history in political campaigns.

    What’s the difference?

    There is none.

    You are spewing garbage.

    You make no sense.

    You are a hypocrite.

    God is using me to expose your BS.

  9. FLamont, I don’t mind a difference of opinion on the wording, and you are right, shirts don’t win elections. But some facts needed for your comment.

    You said “…her consultants obviously came up with this idea.”

    –> agreed, and winning strategies in all elections by all candidates at this level is through the consultants, and doesn’t it speak well for Lauf for surrounding herself with such brilliant consultants?

    You said “…she couldn’t even keep a job on Rauner’s campaign.”

    –> she was employed by Citizens for Rauner all the way through his defeat in November of 2018, and her last paycheck was dated 11/15/18.

    She lost her job when the general election campaign ended, and the same result would have happened had Rauner won reelection.

    The number of followers in social media in this context is not relevant.

    Her campaign took something being said about her since late August by the local leftists/socialists, and made it her own, and helped Veterans in the process through a local business.

    You said “…she isn’t winning, she won’t finish 2nd either.”–> Your present tense reference, what are you basing it on? Is there some new polling you’ve heard about/seen you wouldn’t mind sharing? Otherwise, how do you know?

    I know I have not made any kind of guess as to who is winning because I have no metrics, though given Jim Oberweis’ name ID, he will finish first in any poll at this stage of the campaign.

    Please elaborate.

    As far as your prediction, it’s simply that, a prediction.

    Yes, I know the conventional wisdom, that Oberweis’ name ID will guarantee him a win.

    That’s what brighter minds like campaign consultant/blogger/former reporter Jeff Ward says among others.

    I don’t agree with that, and it’ll take an article to explain why, and we’ll all find out on March 17 who’s right.

    This article is just another interesting story along the campaign trail, and I did make it clear that she would need a couple of more similar strokes of genius to win.

  10. Oh, I always remember, and I hope you always remember the reminder in Galatians 6:7 that God will not be mocked.

    You have exposed nothing and I’m no hypocrite, so cut the mocking/false witness.

    I made it clear it was the Underwood “enamel pin”.

    I guess I recognize an enamel pin is something more than a traditional campaign button/pin.

    Fair enough to say, in my opinion, an enamel pin is a campaign button on steroids.

  11. LOL – yea, more “genius” T-shirt’s is all Lauf needs to win!

    And yes – mocking Underwood’s merch and praising Lauf’s is brilliant hypocrisy.

  12. OK TheJohnsburger at 9:39AM:

    I do not know why you are calling Catalina Lauf a “carpet bagger”, since she’s registered to vote in Woodstock and was born and raised in Woodstock.

    Given none of the candidates in this race have laid out detailed policy positions on the major issues, I have to go by what I’ve seen, so this is what I’ve seen out of Lauf over the other 6 candidates, plausible or otherwise.

    And the “this is what I’ve seen” is two-fold:

    1) Electability. The Republican primary is about nominating the Republican who can beat Congresswoman Lauren Underwood on 11/3/2020, not about who’s the most conservative, who’s lived in the same house longer, or who’s the had the most success in business and/or government. Since day 1 back in late August, Lauf has brought people into her camp both in district and across the country, as evidenced by her social media following, particularly in Twitter. Her earned media would be estimated in the $1.25 million to $2 million range. We won’t know her 4th quarter campaign contribution receipts until the end of the month at the latest, but if 3rd quarter is any indication, her 4th quarter will be a good one and keep her competitive. and,

    2) Lauf takes it to Underwood most effectively. To date, I’ve seen none of the candidates take it to Underwood as well as Lauf, with the possible exception of Sue Rezin. Right now, even more than impeachment, Underwood has shown some real vulnerability on the Qassem Soleimani administration of justice by President Trump and the military. Underwood’s statement last Friday night was weak with ingratitude to the ones who brought a lead terrorist to face justice. Lauf has not let up, and in a general election campaign when the Republican nominee is one-on-one for 7 1/2 months with Underwood, Lauf has shown she can not only go the distance, but win the 15-round fight.

    By all means, tell me something about one of the other candidates that proves me wrong. This is a case where I will not mind being proven wrong, provided your position can stand up to discernment.

  13. You are a massive hypocrite. I have exposed you. Maybe I am the one who is doing God’s work. Maybe God wants LAuren Underwood to win a 2nd term. Maybe not.

    Who the heck are YOU, John Lopez, to say who is doing God’s work and who is not? Who makes you the final arbitrator of who is doing God’s work and who is not? You make yourself that person? I say you are NOT doing God’s work. I say I am doing God’s work.

    Is it possible that you think you are doing God’s work, but maybe you’re just a partisan hack who uses your religion to help try and get people with the (R) by their name elected? Maybe God is using me to point out to you that you are a massive hypocrite and a partisan hack.

    I pray that you see the errors of your ways, John Lopez, you Trump supporting partisan hack. I also offer my thoughts! So you now have my thoughts AND my prayers! PRAY ON THAT!

  14. I admit I’m jealous of Lauf’s youth and looks, but I’m more jealous of her ability to piss off the entire facially impaired community.

  15. Cal this guy Lopez is nuttier than a squirrel turd.


    Your blog (and it pains me to say this) is better than this.

  16. I can assure you her consultants did not come up with the idea, Catalina is actually incredibly intelligent, actually talked with me about the idea prior.

    You all continue to underestimate her and her abilities without even knowing her personally.

    The amount of hate on here constantly, on every post, is in turn, met with thousands of support in the district and across the country.

  17. I agree with her on most of the issues, but I have serious doubts as to whether there is any real substance to her.

    Her heavily embellished resume makes me a bit suspicious.

    I’d like to hear her answers in a debate so I can judge for myself whether or not she can think on her feet.

    My guess is she’ll stick closely to canned phrases and talking points that her handlers have given her, but I am willing to be proven wrong.

  18. Ms. Jennifer, do not be too harsh on some of the people posting comments.

    Any feelings of hatred are based on fear, and Catalina Lauf for some reason makes some people very afraid.

    They do not understand, but in time, and sooner than they think, they will know the truth, and as the Scriptures says, the truth will set them free.

    Billy Bob, the campaign, and the numerous debates/forums taking place between now and March 17, will provide ample opportunity to see how Ms. Lauf, and all the candidates, perform under pressure.

    Right now, I know of three, but I am sure there will be more:

    1) January 22 at MCC
    2) January 30th in Batavia
    3) February 10 in Bolingbrook

    Nos. 1 & 3 are being done by the Republican Party, and No. 2 by the League of Women Voters.

    Watching Lauf discuss issues in Twitter is quite revealing, because she, and not her consultants, controls what is said.

    She has really taken Underwood to task over Underwood’s position on General Soleimani’s facing justice by order of President Trump, especially Underwood’s inadequate response published last Friday.

    As said above, I wish all of the candidates will be forthcoming on their policy/position statement papers, to see the depth they will deal with the issues, but compete with Underwood on those issues to convince general election voters to flip the 14th district.

    We will wait and see.

  19. Underwood supporters are NUTS!

    They really believe they are elites and Lauren’s bullshit!!!

    But, less then 10% of Lauren’s campaign funds come from the district so, I guess they’re “strong convictions” don’t match their sponsorships!

  20. Sorry haters. Lauren’s gonna cream cream-puff Lauf, or whoever ‘wins’ the Rep. primary.

    With eternal vacationer Tirio running elections who knows what will really happen.

    Joe, where’s the next vacation? Spain?

    I can’t get over all the hoopla of Lauf.

    She’s a cutout. And she knows she’s toast, just in it for the publicity.

    Maybe Caliphate Cal will give her a job at this blog after she’s history in March or Nov.

    She could be in charge of “McHenry County Blog -Spanish Edition” (or German edition, since she’s only a partial Latina. Isn’t she proud of her German paternity?

    24/7 she’s always bragging about being a Latina, Chicana and “muher immigrante’.

  21. Wait a minute! Wait a minute! No Spanish will ever be allowed in this ‘Merica first, God fearing, gun clinging, family values, King James Bible, Anglo-Saxon, English-only, we-hate-diversity, no-immigrants-allowed, sewer sunshine blog. After everything else succumbs to the devastating influence of diversity, it will be from this sunshine blog where the process of healing and reconstruction of our nation will begin; led, of course, by our irrelevant sunshine blogger and his immense belly. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, 296 days, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww…

  22. First off miss buckwheat is done

    she had her 15 in. Of Fame and blew it

    not for the people only herself!

    Byebye I would vote for a chimp before her ever!

    Cal me thanks Angie boy has some weird frreekie attraction for you?

  23. Angel, I advise you to get a life.

    That doesn’t mean you take somebody else’s.

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