Manzullo Endorses Oberweis

Former long-time Congeessman Don Manzullo has endorsed State Senator Jim Oberweis for Congress in the 14th District.

Oberweis’ press release follows:

Former Congressman Don Manzullo endorses Jim Oberweis for Congress

Sugar Grove, IL – Former 16th District Congressman Don Manzullo who represented McHenry County is urging Republicans in the 14th Congressional District to vote for a proven leader by voting for Jim Oberweis.

Don Manzullo

“Being a leader is not about being loud and outraged”, Manzullo said.

“Leadership means focusing on the issues impacting the people.

“I know Jim Oberweis will be an outstanding member of Congress because I have seen how he has conducted himself while serving in the Illinois Senate.

“Jim Oberweis has the right temperament, the right views on the issues and he has the right experience to serve in the United States Congress.”

Manzullo served in Congress from 1993-2013, and was generally regarded as one of the most conservative members of the Illinois delegation during his tenure in Congress. He had a lifetime rating of 96 percent from the American Conservative Union.

“Congressman Manzullo was the Chairman on the Committee on Small Business, and he was a great champion for small businesses and economic development,” Oberweis said.

“He and I think a lot alike on these issues and like him, I am focused on improving our economy, which can only happen if our small businesses are able to thrive.

“It is indeed an honor to receive the support of former Congressman Don Manzullo, whose explementary service in Congress goes unforgotten.”

The Primary Election is March 17, 2020. To learn more about Jim Oberweis, log onto


Manzullo Endorses Oberweis — 11 Comments

  1. I’ve always had a lot of respect for Don Manzullo, and he did a good job during his 10 terms in office, especially combating the first “universal health care” of Hillary Clinton’s proposal back in the 1990s.

    That said, it’s admirable to see the 75 year old Manzullo backing the 73 year old Jim Oberweis, one septuagenarian backing another.

    But one also wonders, could the fact the man who beat Manzullo in the 2012 Republican primary, Congressman Adam Kinzinger, is openly backing 14th congressional district candidate Sue Rezin financially according to the 3rd quarter FEC Form 3 report, be playing a factor into the Manzullo endorsement?

    While Manzullo has the right to endorse whomever he wants to, some endorsement carry more weight than others and lots of endorsements do not necessarily mean positive developments (ask Evelyn Sanguinetti about that).

    Just a few thoughts to consider.

  2. FLamont, didn’t see your comment until after I finished writing mine, but that’s a good thought.

    The Oberweis people seeing the good press on Catalina Lauf’s new t-shirts with 100% proceeds going to help Veterans be active through Marengo-based OscarMike Foundation.

    Oberweis is a master chess champion, and he had to do a countermove.

    Little did one realize it would be the Sicilian defense.

  3. John Lopez, I too have a great amount of respect for Don Manzullo, we were so Grateful that he ran for Congress and Won.

    With that being said, I would like to have a sit down talk, with He and Freda about Oberweis.

  4. Here’s the verbiage I put out on Twitter about the Manzullo endorsement of Oberweis, with link to this article.

    In my honest opinion, Oberweis should have put this information in bold print in his press release, too.

    In Twitter from @JohnLopezIL:

    Former #Congress man Don Manzullo endorses @JimOberweis in the #IL14 @GOP primary.

    Manzullo represented all/part of #McHenry County from 1993 until 2013.

    Manzullo was last #Republican to beat an #IL incumbent congressional #Dem in presidential year. #twill

  5. John Lopez, Oberweis is a Denny Hastert Republican, that is why he will never have my Vote.

    Big Jim Thompson and Little Jim Edgar might endorse him too?

    Manzullo is an Honorable Man, which is more than I can say about the others.

  6. The only good things Manzullo ever did was beat Jack Schaffer and call Al Jourdan a ‘fake Republican.’

    These old sclerotic hacks hang out together.

  7. As you correctly mentioned Endorsements don’t really mean much BUT the Kingzinger endorsement means a lot more than Manzullo.

    Manzullo probably has a lot of respect from people in the area but having a sitting Congressman’s endorsement means more and can help more financially, which actually may be the reason Rezin was able to get some Business PAC money.

  8. Well, then this is a good reason not to support Oberwwise.

    Manzullo never did anything of note to help McHenry county.

  9. He has been sucking on the Oberweis teat for a long-long time.

    You can’t be a cLowN without a cow.

  10. Johnsburger, Manzullo may have said that about about the late Alphonse Jourdan, but I hear him call Jourdan a ‘poisonous snake’

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