Jack Franks: Mileage for Me, But Not for Thee

Illinois is a big state.

Legislators come from every corner.

So as not to discriminate against those who hve to drive long distances, State Representatives and Senators are paid whatever IRS allows to compensate for the cost of driving to and from Springfield.

Equalizing the playing field, so to speak.

While he was State Representative, Jack Franks accepted such mileage payments.

Now he wants to end similar payments for McHenry County Board members.

The result will be that people like Tom Wilbeck, who lives in Barrington Hills, will see a cut in his compenation.

Franks not only took mileage reimbursements from state taxpayers, but he took payments from his campaign fund for that purpose.

The reports to the State Board of Elections, strangely, showed the same amount each month–$267.


Jack Franks: Mileage for Me, But Not for Thee — 17 Comments

  1. LOL – Jack Franks tries to cut costs.

    Cal opposes him… because it’s from Jack Franks. Sigh…

  2. Cal, if he lives in Barrington Hills, nobody, not even him will defend this stipend.

    You are supposed to work for your County as a way to pay back, not enrich.

    Donate some of your pension back to the people, you are well off.

  3. The greed of Jack Franks will continue to be revealed.

    It’s all about Jack Franks and he does not work with the intention of working for the People or the Government.

    It appears to be a power grab!

  4. Cal has a pension.
    And healthcare.
    And ridicules others for some reason…?

    Franks try to cut board seats.
    Republicans complained.

    Franks tried to cut board benefits.
    It’s paused.

    Franks tried to eliminate and consolidate.
    “We need more studies.”

    Franks tried to eliminate office of regional superintendent because it’s seriously pointless.

    A misfit files a lawsuit…

    I don’t get it… Just don’t get it.

  5. Jack could cut costs by opting to take his health insurance from state government, rather than county taxpayers.

  6. “Illinois is a big state”. Say what you want about this sewer sunshine blog, but don’t tell me you get access to such a wealth of knowledge anywhere else. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, 295 days, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww…

  7. Does Jack get health insurance through the county?

    I believe the answer is yes.

    Is he going to cut that out as well?

    He’s board chairman, not county executive though his actions would have anyone believe otherwise.

    Does he get mileage?

    Will that be cut?

    The money collected/expensed each month by him for mileage each month was for about 500 miles.

    Is there a cap on mileage legislators can collect?

    Is this an indication of fraud?

    How much was spent for his local legislative office.

    Isn’t that office owned by him or through an entity he controls?

    Was the rent in line with other properties of similar construct?

  8. Or JF could save the taxpayers $$ and get his family health care insurance paid by his law firm, or one of his banks.

    $267.00 every month is highly questionable, especially for a state rep, which is essentially a part time job.

  9. If Buehler suggested cutting the mileage stipend, he would be lauded as a man of the people; if Lauf suggested, well, anything, this blog would call it brilliant.


    Because they have an “R” after their names.

    Conversely, anyone with a “D” after their names automatically has anything they do treated by this blog as improper, underhanded, or sinister.

    How about judging candidates by what they do, instead of judging them solely based on which party they belong to?

  10. @Fairplay

    So Cal does get a pension but doesn’t have another government job, like Jack Franks, that pays $85,000 with benefits.

    Should Elected Politicians get a pension along with another government job?

    I would say NO!

    Cutting County Board Members had been talked about before Franks came around.

    Why doesn’t Franks put a Referendum combining the Townships or Eliminating them?

    Is it because they can go get signatures if they want to just like they could of for the Coroners Office.

    I think the County Board Chairman should have a referendum eliminating his position!

    Who needs it?

    You have a County Administrator that can answer to the County Board.

    Eliminate 2 more patronage jobs and save the County Millions in just those 3 jobs.

  11. My understanding is that, since this involves Jack Franks, you automatically have to be against it – right Cal?

  12. “Fair Play” is anything but.

    Sounds like it is H.R.M. The Jackal himself, or one of of his diapered minions.

  13. Yo fair play:

    You’re right, just try to keep up with the coversation.

    We know it’s hard for your kind, but try.

  14. If you get taxpayer benefits, then criticize someone for taking taxpayer benefits.

    First, remove the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother’s eye.

  15. Has either Franks or ‘Fairplay’ ever been honest once in their lives?

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