Deadline This Week for Filing Notice of Write-In Candidacy on Thursday

Those riled enough to want to join the body politic have until Thursday, January 16th, to file a statement with the McHenry County Clerk saying that they are running a write-in campaign for a party or public office.

In the Democratic Party, there are lots of spots for County Board.

Republicans have vacancies in District 1 and 5.

In both parties, there are numerous opportunities to run for Precinct Committeeperson. (You can who has filed where here.)

Current McHenry County Board and precinct map.

When one runs a write-in campaign, one needs to get the same number of votes as signatures one would have required to get on the ballot via petition.

In the case of County Board, it is less than 60. (Republican numbers are here.)

Ten votes are required to get ten votes.

The write-in registration form can be found below:

Write-in registration form.

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