Mike Buehler Fundraiser — 4 Comments

  1. I will tell you why.

    Buehler is going against the heavyweight Jack Franks, and Buehler will need all the help he can get.

    Franks is a master in these wargames, and I am sure his war chest is more than enough to fund an all-out campaign against Buehler.

    Buehler is going up against a professional with years of experience in the art of shenanigans, and Buehler will need to jump right into Franks pig slop if he is going to win.

    And we must remember, Franks has a lot of republican supporters, and the word needs to get out there of Franks history of shenanigans, and that will cost a lot of money.

  2. We the people, need to continue getting the information out there about Franks unscrupulous history, so the people get the message and finally decide to unseat him at the next election.



  3. Are you asking why he’s running or why he’s raising money?

    I would ask you if you think Jack Franks should run unopposed in both the primary and general election, and I’d ask you whether people running for county wide office need to raise money.

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