IL-14: Catalina Lauf Interviewed by The Resurgent

Catalina Lauf

Publication targeting conservatives and people of faith makes Lauf its 2nd 2020 election highlight

Late Monday afternoon, The Resurgent published an article by award-winning writer Gabriella Hoffman interviewing 14th congressional district Republican candidate Catalina Lauf. The screenshot of the tweet announcing the article is below:

Here are the questions asked in this interview:

  • Introduce yourself to our readers.
  • You are a young conservative running for Congress in a swing district. What first propelled you to run?
  • Which movement figures inspire your philosophical thinking? Who greatly inspired you to get proactive in conservative/Republican politics? What makes you inclined to the Republican Party?
  • What are your top issues on the campaign trail?
  • What sets you apart from your Republican primary challengers?
  • You recently tweeted that political opponents—including Democrats and Republicans—were trying to sabotage your ability to be on the Illinois ballot. Could you elaborate on this, why this occurred, and why you fought back?
  • IL-14 is a swing district that used to be Republican. The Cook Political Report rates it as a R+5 District, and President Trump won it in 2016 49.3% to Clinton’s 45.3%. The current incumbent, Lauren Underwood, has signaled she doesn’t represent all of her constituents with her vote for impeachment and with her falling in line with House Speaker Pelosi. If you are chosen as the GOP nominee, how do you plan to defeat Rep. Underwood? What’s your strategy?
  • Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) recently tweeted that a historic number of Republican women, well over 180, are running for Congress in 2020. There are currently 13 GOP women in the chamber, compared to Democrat women currently serving. Why is it important to see more GOP women elected, especially those who are principled conservatives like yourself?
  • What issues are currently overlooked that you hope to draw more attention to if you’re elected to Congress?
  • Anything else you’d like our readers to know about your race and candidacy?

Here’s the link to the full article:


IL-14: Catalina Lauf Interviewed by The Resurgent — 8 Comments

  1. Making waves or making weird ripples?

    I’m getting sick of Catalina.

    Underwood repulses me far worse, tho.

  2. You are sick of her because she’s winning and you don’t like that 😂

  3. MsTrumpion, a lot going on, and it’s only mid January.

    Between now and March 17th, the Republican nomination for the 14th district will be won and earned.

    Yes, Catalina Lauf’s campaign was selected to be profiled by Gabby Hoffman.

    But on a different point, Catalina Lauf had a couple of setbacks to Sue Rezin in the past week:

    1) The Value in Electing Women (VIEW) PAC endorsed Rezin over Lauf last week, and

    2) A.B.A.T.E. of Illinois endorsed Rezin’s candidacy over Lauf, and Lauf definitely has support from several individual members of A.B.A.T.E.

    Each campaign will have good days and not-so-good-days.

    For example, former Congressman Don Manzullo endorsed Jim Oberweis, per last week’s press release.

    The same goes for the other four candidates.

    And God-willing, McHenry County Blog will help the community keep informed.

    And as a reminder, all 7 will be at MCC to debate each other a week from Wednesday at 6:45PM (more will be posted on this as the event draws closer).

  4. Too young and too selfish.

    She can only attack people, no real ideas or plans.

    We deserve better.

  5. She is truly the LEAST selfish person, a fighter and has proven to have more back bone than any of the jokers in this primary.

  6. Common Sense and Jen, please see my latest article published today (1/15).

    As Lincoln’s Ghost alluded, it’s time to see “real ideas or plans” not just from Catalina Lauf, but from all seven of the Republican candidates.

    Healthcare has emerged big again for 2020, and Underwood has been staking her position for the 2020 election in earnest since mid October.

    And yesterday, the Protect Our Care PAC launched two video ads promoting voters to thank Lauren Underwood for the passage of the most controversial component of H.R. 3.

    It’s long overdue for the candidates to publish their detailed positions on the major issues, especially healthcare. They are 3 months behind Underwood, who started on October 18.

  7. I don’t think it was that bad of a week for Lauf.

    This interview was better than most of her media appearances.

    Her outreach to ABATE may have not gained her their official endorsement, which they gave to Rezin, but she did gain some supporters among the group by doing the outreach so it wasn’t a waste.

    I can think of a few candidates who had a worse week.

    -Gradel: The ads are getting a muted or even negative response. People still don’t know a thing about the guy or his policies and they’re PUNTING on his overuse of cheesy football metaphors.

    -Evans: Did anybody even go to his St. Charles event? How bad are things for you when you have to team up with William

    -Catella: He didn’t do anything bad, he just didn’t do much of anything which has been the story of his campaign.

  8. I don’t mind Lauf.

    I deplore Rezin.

    She’s another RINOette in Pam Althoff’s Lane Bryant clothing.

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