IL-14: Ted Gradel Releases “Isn’t it Frustrating” Video/Ad

Ted Gradel

Maintaining the football theme released last week, new video talks about who all is in Washington now.

Today, 14th congressional district candidate Ted Gradel released a new video/ad:

No details about a TV ad buy, but with the college football season over after last night’s championship game, this theme likely will go through February 2nd and Super Bowl LIV.


IL-14: Ted Gradel Releases “Isn’t it Frustrating” Video/Ad — 10 Comments

  1. “Career politicians?????”

    Underwood has been a “career politician” for literally 1 year now.

    If he’s going to Washington to KICK OUT (get it… he’s kicking a football…. because he played football…) career politicians is he going to agree to limit himself to 1 term?

    This ad makes absolutely no sense.

  2. Man I had high hopes for Gradel but these football ads are just awful.

    Who cares that he was a kicker for ND 40 years ago? (I’m not even going to say “played football” because he was a KICKER!)

    How does being a football kicker help you be a good politician, answer: it doesnt!

    Why don’t they talk about his success in the private sector more?

    It’s telling when Oberweis is running better ads at this point.

  3. Oh: Gradel signed the term limits pledge from U.S. Term Limits, but he is not, or anyone else outside of Catella, is placing self-imposed term limit promise.

    FLamont & Oh, I have to agree that the football theme is getting old already, and though the tie-in to the NFL playoffs and eventually The Big Game on February 2nd can get the average voter’s attention, there are other ways to communicate the message.

    I know he’s trying to build his brand on the “I kicked footballs in college, I’ll kick tails in Congress” slogan, but hopefully, maybe after this weekends’ conference championship games, he’ll move his message out of the indoor practice facility and do something else.

    Now, if his football themed campaign ads, be it through TV commercials or digital buys, are resonating with viewers and the campaign has metrics, look to see the football theme used through February 2nd.

    Money talks here, and if he’s generating contributions from donors with these ads, he’d be foolish not to continue to use them, and he’s spent 33 years assessing risks and making investments, and he’s clearly had many more hits than misses. We’ll see.

  4. I don’t even care about the ex-jock kicking footballs theme.

    it’s part of the life story he’s telling about himself.

    it’s fine, I guess?

    not great, not horrible.

    I just don’t get the message of kicking “career politicians out of DC” theme of the ad.

    Underwood is a 1st term Congresswoman.

    Maybe it’s a dig at the “career politicians” who are running in the primary?

    But he wants to kick these pols “out of DC.”

    Shouldn’t he have a better message for why he’s running to oust Underwood?

    I hope all these Republicans lose but the message of this ads really confuses me.

  5. Underwood needs a lot of help.

    Start with a psychiatrist, an elocutionist and, of course, a hairdresser.

  6. MsTrumpion – Congresswoman Underwood needs an “elocutionist” and a “hairdresser?”

    I wonder what it is about her that bothers you so?

    Can’t figure it out.

    Cal/Lopez – You guys do a great job keeping it classy around here…..

  7. This ad is all about name ID and voter contact, it’s not going to translate to donations.

  8. Gradel complains in the ad “people who get paid good money to do a job, yet they don’t do it properly.”

    How about when he was Managing Director and CoOwner of US Stem Cell Clinic in Florida and his clinic injected processed fat cells they cal stem cells into BOTH eyes on the same day?

    Three women went blind.

    No opthamologist would operate both eyes on the same day.

    These desperate patients paid “good money” yet Gradel’s clinic didn’t do the job properly.

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