Regional Superintendent of Education Referendum Remains on Ballot, Appeal Promised

The effort by former District 6 Republican County Board candidate Orville Brettman to have the County Board’s Advisory Referendum thrown off the March primary ballot failed Tuesday afternoon.

Represented by attorney and Kane County Republican County Chairman Kenneth Shepor, Brettman’s motion before the Electoral Board failed on a 3-0 vote.

Sitting on the Board were

and Treasurer Glenda Miller, replacing County Clerk Joe Tirio, who recused himself from the panel statute provides for him to chair.


Regional Superintendent of Education Referendum Remains on Ballot, Appeal Promised — 9 Comments

  1. Why do they let the puppeteer pull their strings, over and over again?

  2. He reads this blog, then takes the issues often presented here and commented on, of cutting taxes, and reducing the number of gov agencies, then you dudes all fight him for doing what you’ve asked for?

    It’s OK for far right dudes like Brettman and Gasser to waste tax $$$$$$s, but it’s not OK for Jack to cut taxation?

    Wow, you people need to seek help, Carlos is available for counseling!

    Just saying.

  3. Dear Nob,

    How about some Regional Office facts?

    The office serves more than 50,000 students,
    more than 3,500 teachers.

    McHenry County budgets less than $100,000/yr. for the entire office.


  4. Jack doesn’t give a flying F#@* about taxes.

    He is using that ruse to consolidate his power to do to McHenry County what Madigan has done to the state.

    He want’s to create his own little kingdom here under the guise of”see what i’m doing” and then it will be to late.

  5. That being said I too would love to know what the regional superintendent of schools does.

    The last thing I knew she was involved with was the CL South Bleacher fiasco.

    We all know how that turned out.

  6. Nob, go back to your husband [Bob Miller] and ask him how he lost the election.

    Why were the computers scrubbed before Gasser took office?

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