McHenry Township’s Compound

A letter from Bob Anderson to the Northwest Herald, reprinted with permissio of the author:

McHenry Township has built an expensive public empire

According to McHenry Township property insurance records, this township has over taxed residents for many, many years, evolving into the “poster child” of why townships should be eliminated.  

McHenry Township has $11,640,280 worth of deluxe buildings/facilities, pavilions, playground equipment, fencing, message board and more.

The township also has over fifty acres of property worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

McHenry Township Hall

The following is a list of McHenry Township’s buildings:

  • Town Hall $3,041,200
  • “Recreation Center” $1,297,800
  • Parks Garage $489,500
  • Food Pantry $345,000
  • Community Center $275,200
  • Snow Shelter $92,000
  • Road District Garage $4,233,200
  • Salt Dome $250,000
  • Equipment Storage $141,900, and
  • Recycling Building $136,900. 
A McHenry Township Road District salt dome. Road Commissioner Jim Condon hired former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller to develop bid specs for a new salt dome.

McHenry Township’s empire was built without voter approval at the ballot box through the referendum process.

It was built, bit by bit, by over-taxing property owners, and then stashing excessive funds in the township’s piggy bank.

Some call this backdoor financing built on the backs of hard working families and senior citizens being taxed out of their homes. 

McHenry Township?

A culture of

  • nepotism
  • patronage
  • cronyism
  • waste, and
  • over-taxing its residents. 


Get rid of them. Saves money.

A good thing.

Township elimination is everyone’s responsibility.


McHenry Township’s Compound — 7 Comments

  1. My goodness, will Snowplow Bob ever stop his petty whining?

    He sounds like a petulant 3 year old

  2. The specs Bob Miller did we’re for a conveyor system not the actual salt dome.

    I also see bob is going off of numbers provided by the insurance company.

    Not how much the buildings actually cost to be built.

    Seems kinda one sided if you ask me.

  3. Didn’t Bob appoint Steven verr to his position in a backroom closed door meeting?

    Seems like Bob has a little cronyism in him as well

  4. The McH Twn road commissioner also had a LTE last week, a retort to BA, will you be sharing that here also Cal?

  5. Isn’t it great that Bob Anderson is on the same team as Jack Franks, the Eliminate Township Team.

  6. Jim Condon ought to be investigated.

    He’s the Township Road Hog who never shows up.

    In my township, Iron Mike Lesperance, the Road Hog in Nunda, justifies his long absences from the township by pointing to Condon.

    “At least I come to the Township, not like Jimmy Condon in McHenry.”

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