McSweeney Promotes Anti-Corruption Legislation

State Rep. David McSweeney combined this tweet with an op-ed piece in the Chicago Tribune in support of two of his bills, House Bill 3951 and House Bill 3962:

This is House Bill 3961:

Amends the Unified Code of Corrections.

Provides that the court shall add 5 years of imprisonment to the sentence imposed upon a defendant who, at the time of the commission of the offense, was a member of the General Assembly and who is convicted of a felony relating to or arising out of or in connection with his or her service as a member of the General Assembly.

Effective immediately.

House Bill 3962 is described thusly:

Amends the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act.

Provides that a founded summary report by the Legislative Inspector General alleging unethical or wrongful conduct on behalf of a member of the General Assembly in violation of the Act, along with any response from the ultimate jurisdictional authority or member, shall be made available to the public,

  • regardless of whether a complaint was filed with the Legislative Ethics Commission and
  • regardless of whether disciplinary action resulted.

Provides that the release of a founded summary report shall not require the approval, by vote or otherwise, of the Legislative Ethics Commission.

Provides that the Legislative Ethics Commission shall (rather than may) also make available to the public any other summary report and response of the ultimate jurisdictional authority or agency head, or a redacted version of the report and response, for which a complaint was filed, regardless of whether disciplinary action resulted.


McSweeney Promotes Anti-Corruption Legislation — 1 Comment

  1. And who shall be FIRED / Terminated Immediately and Pension Revoked immediately be sure this is in there too…

    All Benefits END!

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