IL-06: Jeanne Ives Responds to Sean Casten Clerical Error

Jeanne Ives

From Jeanne Ives for Congress Campaign:

Have You Heard the One About the Aspiring Career Pol with Property Tax Issues?

Careless or intentional, Sean Casten clearly intends to stay in DC a while.

January 15, 2020 – It was reported today that US Rep. Sean Casten claimed his luxury condo at 555 Massachusetts (where a 1 bed, 1 bath, 710 square foot condo goes for about $515,000) as his primary residence in order to take a homestead deduction. The problem is he is claiming primary residence in DC while running for Congress in Illinois

An Illinois Democrat making a “clerical error” on his property taxes comes as no surprise. The state is governed by a man who pulled the toilets out of his second mansion – next door to his larger mansion – to get a property tax deduction. The rules apply to you, your family and your business, not to “men of the people” like JB Pritzker, Sean Casten or any other member of Illinois’ privileged ruling class.

What does come as a surprise is how quickly it happened. Casten bought the residence on January 2, 2019. Illinois’ Sixth District is not a “safe district” by any means. In Presidential years, it has historically delivered a Republican Congressman. It seems a rather presumptuous move for a freshman Democrat to make such a significant and permanent purchase in DC.

“He bought a condo and took a homeowner exemption.

“How long was he planning on staying?

“Hopefully, the housing market is better in DC than in Illinois when he goes to sell after Illinois Six rejects his big government ideas.

“Just what Illinois needs: another career politician who has trouble with the rules he wants to write for everyone else. Careless or intentional, Sean Casten clearly intends to stay in DC a while. Let’s make sure he doesn’t.”

Jeanne Ives statement 1/15/20

From McHenry County Blog, an external link for more context:


IL-06: Jeanne Ives Responds to Sean Casten Clerical Error — 13 Comments

  1. Her response is so off.

    The hit isn’t that he plans to stay in DC and be a congressman for a long time, what congressman doesn’t plan on being reelected?

    This is such an obtuse response.

    Also isn’t she a proponent of free market so attacking him for Buying instead of renting is dense as well.

    She is really bad at this.

    Claiming a homestead exemption means that home is your primary address.

    You hit him for claiming that he is a DC resident now and not an illinoisan.

    Its easy!

    Then hit him for being a tax cheat and breaking the law.

    This isn’t hard and is frustrating that she went this ridiculous route.

    Also last time I looked, Pritzker is favorable in this state, tying Casten to Pritzker is boilerplate playbook but she should rethink this.

  2. Is the governor a multi-billionaire along with many in his family clan who also are? How cheap and despicable is it to disconnect toilets to avoid paying real estate taxes.

  3. Sorry Flamont, the point is Casten is a creepy cheat, like the vast majority of democrats.

  4. They probably will pass a law for themselves to take whichever is more advantageous to them while working for the people.

    Just wait, I think insider trading is still legal for Congress?

    Do you know Cal?

  5. Oh come on, he’s just trying to save a few $bucks.

    So, vote his lying ass out of office.


  6. Don’t forget Oberweis who had the same problem with a FL residence.

    Are you going to write about that?

  7. DMAC57, there’s nothing to write about concerning Jim Oberweis and homestead exemptions.

    His wife is a legal resident of the state of Florida and has been since January of 2012.

    She only votes in Florida, which means she will not be able to vote for her husband in the primary, even though she has an active Kane County voter registration from their Sugar Grove address.

    It’s legal for the Oberweis’ to take the Florida homestead exemption because of Mrs. Oberweis’ Florida residency in Bonita Springs, FL.

    Jim Oberweis can take the homestead exemption in Sugar Grove, IL, residency, since that is his primary residence.

  8. How convenient for the rich to have a house in Sugar Grove and another in Bonita Springs, I wonder if Google can tell us if both live in their Homesteads for the majority of the time like you are supposed to?

    IMHO, if you own two homes, you should be able to get the Homestead in whichever one you want.

    The other city will get more taxes that way.

  9. That’s it

    i’m pulling my commode will be viewed as a flower pot in my front yard, i’m done paying taxes!

    One is good for these $%^&*( is good for us all.

  10. Gus, the law says you must live at your primary residence for 1 month out of the year in order to keep it.

    I think the President and Vice President have a certain waiver to that law.

    Remember George H.W. Bush?

    For how many years did he claim a Houston hotel room as his primary residence?

    I think it was from early 1980 until he left office in early 1993, or the remainder of 1980 campaign, both terms as Vice President and his single term as President, and it would have gone longer had he won reelection.

    And everybody knew Kennebunkport, ME., was his real residence.

    We’ve seen it before, and if Oberweis does somehow beat Underwood this fall, we’ll see him spend some of his away-Washington time in Florida.

  11. Jeanine hit this one outta the park.

    Democratic oath, “Do as I say, not as i do.”

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