Mike Madigan Helping Suzanne Ness State Rep. Candidacy

It’s that time of year when candidates filed their fourth quarter of 2019 campaign finance reports.

The most interesting part of McHenry County Board member Suzanne Ness’ filing is the direct connection to House Speaker Mike Madigan.

Take a look:

Suzanne Ness

Impossible to figure out what eight employees of the Friends of Mike Madigan did for Ness.

Certainly can’t have been much because the total paid these Madigan employees was only $200.15.

Given the date of the in-kind donation, perhaps they were checking the Ness petitions prior to filing.

The question that Ness will not answer in the affirmative is “Will you vote for Mike Madigan for Speaker?”

That’s a question that Jack Franks would not answer either, while voting for Madigan nine times.

In all, Ness raised $2,380 during the last three months of 2019.

$930 were under $150.01, so did not have to be reported.

Those over $150 follow:

Foszcz, Russell7301 Burgett
Richmond, IL 60071
Glover, Holly166 W Crystal Lake
Crystal Lake, IL 60014
Hegner, John18810 Highway 14,
Harvard, IL 60033
Metivier, Donald413 Cold Springs
Woodstock, IL 60098

Reported expenditures were

  • $459.13 – Forest Printing, Forest Park
  • $375 – Branding Hatch, East Dundee
  • $259.90 – Emmett’s Tavern & Brewing, East Dundee
  • $64.75 – Unitemized

Ness had $2,274.41 at the end of 2019.


Mike Madigan Helping Suzanne Ness State Rep. Candidacy — 8 Comments

  1. “The question that Ness will not answer in the affirmative is “Will you vote for Mike Madigan for Speaker?””

    Do you really need to ask that question.

    We all know the answer.

  2. Anything with the moniker in it, for any reason of, “Friends of Mike Madigan” in it should be the final straw for ANY candidate these days…

    nothing but stories of sexual harassment in his workplace by his aides and allies, secret memos involving covered up rapes and ghost payroll jobs, previous convictions of aides, and multiple decades reason for Term Limits—not cool hooking your wagon to him or his “Friends of” thereof, for even a couple hundred bucks…

    Keep this info coming McHenry Blog, its this inside info that helps the most with voting.

    Unless of course she ‘splains it all away…

  3. “Unless of course she ‘splains it all away…” She can’t, I don’t think Madigan does anything for nothing. To quote Vito corleone, “Remember that I did you this favor.”

  4. Peanut amounts.

    But now Madigan has to really look over his shoulders as the feds close in.

    I wonder what deals he’ll make with the democrat presidential nominee to halt the US atty’s investigations of his filthy gang?

  5. She is absolutely “in bed” with Madigan.

    I know this first hand.

    He has not only made an official endorsement but as you can see financial, and influential support.

    He has puppet strings on a lot of people you need to get elected in this state and for some reason Madigan has gone above and beyond to use them for her and bury her rival Malone.

    He even got the AFL-CIO exec board to endorse her after the membership voted to withhold an endorsement this round.

    This is the collection of Union Labor who is endorsing someone who pays non union labor to print her election materials.

    That’s a big no no when your a democrat.

  6. And might I add Madigan paid for her new campaign office in Carpentersville the village Malone is headquartered, just as a reminder you don’t go against the Madigan machine.

    Malone has a lot of courage or foolishness staying in this race when Madigan has already picked a side and set his sites on chasing him off.

    Either Malone is a threat to Madigan which I don’t see how that’s possible or she is instrumental in what Madigan has planned.

    I almost feel like donating to his campaign or something to help fight off Madigan.

  7. No in-kind contribution was reported for an office for Ness in Carpentersville.

    How do you know Madigan paid for it?

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