Assuming Another Commenter’s Identity Is a No-No

I see that someone has attempted to usurp “AlabamaShake’s” identity in the comment section.

It is clear from the content that the other “AlabamaShake” is a different person, but the content of the comment needs to be posted under another identity, if it is to be shared.


Assuming Another Commenter’s Identity Is a No-No — 6 Comments

  1. Again?

    Who has the time and lack of maturity to pretend that they are someone else on a blog?

  2. It’s not assuming someone else’s identity if they’re using a fake handle to begin with, so let’s stop with that nonsense.

    People use a fake name to mask their identity for a reason.

    Maybe you should be asking why they won’t put their real name with their comments in the first place.

    Trolling and rumor starting are the only reason why they won’t.

    My guess is that this blog would be a much quieter place if people used their real names, or if you instituted a system to verify identity.

    Change my mind if you think that I’m wrong…

  3. Maybe Alabama did it himself to have something to whine about!

  4. Perhaps I should have said that duplicate fake names will not be allowed.

  5. Alabama you must be popular. I had that happen to me many years ago. Kept having fake Cindys appear everywhere I posted. I think all the fake Cindys got me banished from most comment sections. Cal’s blog is the only place I can actually use my real name. Thank you, Cal.

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