Message of the Day – A Hat

This Jim Oberweis baseball had was seen on the head of McHenry County Board member Chuck Wheeler:

“Oberweis for U.S. Congress, MIGA”


Message of the Day – A Hat — 6 Comments

  1. Could someone organize a Bunko Club or Bowling League for narcissistic millionaires to keep them out of D.C.?

    Many thanx.

  2. I just want to know when Illinois WAS great in the first place!

    Gov. Richard Ogilvie, a pseudo-Republican, forced through the state income tax way back in ’69.

    “In 1932, Illinois approved its first income tax – a progressive income tax, which taxed income at ever-increasing rates. But the Illinois Supreme Court immediately voided the progressive income tax, ruling that an income tax in itself was unconstitutional. Graduated rates also violated the rule of uniformity in the state constitution’s revenue article.

    Political leadership in Illinois ramped up their efforts to pass an income tax again the 1960s. Then-Republican Gov. Richard Ogilvie proposed a 4 percent flat rate tax on personal and corporate income. On July 1, 1969, a flat-rate income tax was signed into law – with a 2.5 percent flat rate applied to individuals and a 4 percent flat rate applied to corporations.”


  3. DJ, the bunco club is a grreat idea!

    But our billionaire and morbidly obese fatcat “Governor” committed bunco on every Illinois taxpayer when he did his toilet deception to escape paying his rightful taxes!

    He should be the Club’s President.



    bunko (noun)

    1.a swindle or confidence trick.

    “a bunco artist” ·


    sham · fraud · pretense · imposture · hoax · fake · misrepresentation · blind ·

    bunko (verb)

    1.swindle or cheat.

    “he didn’t propose to be buncoed without a fight”


    deceive · trick · dupe · outwit · fool · delude · cheat

  4. Never understand those whiners who rant about how much they hate it here but never leave.GTFO.

  5. Joe Kvidera, since you smell up the area and this blog, perhaps you should be the one to go.

  6. Yeah, Jo-Jo Rabbit, why don’t you get out and take Kim Foxx, the deviant Lightfoot and Porky Pritz with you!

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