County Clerk Joe Tirio Urges Early Voting, Locations Given

From McHenry County Clerk Joe Tirio:

McHenry County Clerk, Joe Tirio and his staff unveiled the first in a series of limited edition, commemorative “I voted” decals.

Early Voting schedule announced and commemorative “I voted” decal unveiled

The sticker features a bust of Susan B. Anthony, champion of women’s suffrage.

“Recognizing a woman’s right to vote was a landmark moment in our country’s history, and a fitting subject for our first commemorative decal.

“Susan B. Anthony is the undisputed leader of the women’s suffrage movement and is an icon of our country’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.”

The decals will be deployed to all early voting locations in limited quantities.

“In addition to honoring Miss Anthony and the 19th amendment, our hope is to get more of our citizens out to vote early, to reduce congestion on Election Day.”

Early voting begins in the Clerk’s office on February 6th. Between March 3rd and March 16th, you can vote at one of our 13 early voting locations.

“We’ve expanded our early voting opportunities to make it easier than ever before to find a convenient place and time to vote,” Tirio continues.

“We encourage early voting for its convenience, and because ‘Life Happens’ and sometimes it happens on Election Day.

“Voting early ensures your vote gets counted.”

The staff of the County Clerk’s office encourages you to visit their website for the most updated information regarding early voting, Election Day voting and any other election related topics at


County Clerk Joe Tirio Urges Early Voting, Locations Given — 9 Comments

  1. Why is it the motel / hotel has earlier and longer hours open for voting than our OWN PAID for Nunda Township office?

    Again who needs ’em

  2. Wake up Joe-Joe Rabbit. Early voting only helps Dems steal votes.

    Go back to voting on Election DAY! Our forefathers would scream if they knew about this racket.

  3. Early voting should be rare and not common. It should only be for U.S. citizens who will be away from home on Election Day for reasons such as: scheduled business trip, vacation trip with airline tickets and hotel reservations, scheduled surgery such as knee replacement. That’s it.

    People with above reasons would then go to County Building, sign statement for legitimate reason for not being home on Election Day and then allowed to cast an early ballot.

  4. **Early voting should be rare and not common.**


    Why are you opposed to making it easier to vote?

  5. Because creeps like you AL shake will vote more than once and get more fake voters!

  6. Because a-holes like you ‘inadvertently’ commit crimes to destroy America:

    “SPRINGFIELD — Five Republican Illinois House members are calling for an immediate hearing into the state’s automatic voter registration law after more than 500 non-U.S. citizens were inadvertently registered to vote because of a programming error in the secretary of state’s office.”

  7. This kind of early voting is far preferable to mail in voting.

    When I lived in Chiraq, there was a guy at the local tavern who arranged for people to get absentee ballots and then paid them $20 and bought them some drinks if they brought the ballots in so he could fill them out and mail them.

    This was a long time ago. I wonder what the going rate is now?

  8. **Because creeps like you AL shake will vote more than once and get more fake voters!**

    That’s… not how it works.

    But your obsession with me is odd.

    Do you need some help?

  9. You’ll get your help all right Alabama … when the bullets are flying, remember how you caused the carnage.

    Karma is a B**ch, buddy, but you surely deserve it!

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