Jim Marter Touts Pro-Life Position

From 14th District Republican Congressional candidate James Marter:

Marter Strongest on Pro-Life at Chicago March for Life

Marches with over 9,000 Pro-Life activists in Chicago

James Marter at Chicago Pro-Life March.

Oswego, IL (January 14, 2020) – The annual March for Life Chicago was January 11th and James Marter was one congressional candidate clearly unafraid of the cold or the political climate.

He stated,

“I am pro-life, 100% pro-life and un-apologetically pro-life. I will not rest until we have changed hearts and minds and have protections for ALL life, guaranteed.”

It is Jim Marter’s belief that every human being is a unique and unrepeatable gift of God, made in His image and likeness, in order to know, love and serve Him in this life, and to be happy with Him forever in Heaven.

He believes that every human life begins at the moment of conception and lasts until natural death, and that all people are endowed by their Creator with the inalienable right to life.

Without life, no other rights are possible.

Marter believes abortion is nothing less than depriving an innocent child, a person, of their life, their most basic human right, and therefore, abortion is gravely evil and never permissible.

Marter is running in the 14th Congressional District in a crowded March Primary to face Democrat Rep. Lauren Underwood in November.

Underwood supports abortion on demand and the largest abortion provider in the nation, Planned Parenthood, whose affiliates are under investigation for illegally selling baby parts for profit.

“A ‘real nurse’ wouldn’t support the taking of an innocent human life,” Marter said.

“It’s my mission to completely eliminate taxpayer funding for abortion and defund Planned Parenthood permanently.”

The 14th District is one that President Trump won, keeping a promise to be the most pro-life President in history.

Meanwhile, many of Marter’s primary opponents have less-than-stellar records on the issue and are avoiding the topic publicly.

Oberweis, Rezin, Gradel and Lauf were noticeably absent.

Marter on the other hand, has been consistently at the march and pro-life all his life.

The video section of his campaign website includes a moving pro-life testimony.

During a previous campaign, State Senator Oberweis infamously equated pro-lifers to the Taliban, apologizing only when threatened with an opposing ad campaign from the Catholic League.

He has not been a leader on Life.

At best, he has been a follower and a donor to garner support for his many campaigns.

Even more disappointing to the Pro-Life Movement is State Senator, Sue Rezin, R-Morris, Grundy County, with her vote for the ERA Amendment.

According to Illinois Stop ERA, this legislation would eliminate all abortion restrictions including those on partial birth abortions, where the baby is all but delivered and then killed before leaving the birth canal.

Adding insult to mortal injury, the legislation would force taxpayers to fund these atrocities against their will.

Both supported Bruce Rauner’s re-election primary campaign over Prolife advocate Rep. Jeanne Ives, after he wrote Planned Parenthood a $50,000 check and turned Illinois into the abortion capital of the Midwest (HB40) funding this genocide for both out of state and in state women with your Illinois taxpayer dollars.

They stood by him, despite both saying the former governor lied to them and the entire Republican caucus about his willingness to sign the bill.

Meanwhile Lauf was a paid staffer on Rauner’s primary campaign.

“Fear, waffling and flip-flopping go hand in hand, when you don’t have a firm grasp of what you stand for,” said Marter.

“It’s really a sign that your positions are for sale. Mine aren’t.”

Nominating a real conservative and bona fide Trump supporter in a district that the President won, is a crucial step to winning back the House in November.

The Primary election will take place on March 17, 2020.

Jim Marter, a graduate of Purdue University, is a small business owner of a professional ERP software, process re-engineering and consulting company with a national and international practice, and 34 years’ experience.

He is a life-long Republican and former Chairman of the Kendall County GOP.

For more information, visit www.Marter4Congress.US


Jim Marter Touts Pro-Life Position — 7 Comments

  1. Notice how liberals, the far left and Democrats twist wording to make an evil sound OK. They are for “reproductive rights”. Kind of sounds ok and common language usage would mean the right of a woman to reproduce and PRODUCE a live human being. But, No. What liberals and Democrats actually mean is that “reproductive rights” is the mother of an infant given the “right” by government to kill and abort that infant human being.

  2. Bred is right again.

    I’m tired of calculating RINOS like Rauner, Oberweis and Lauf. And DeWitte, Reick——all of them.

    Marter gets my vote. The others above get my goat!

  3. Mr. Lopez, this Lauf leaves something to be desired. Like Lauren Underwood, she comes outa nowhere and demands everybody fawn over her.

    I won’t.

  4. Father Time, Ms. Lauf, like all of the candidates, must prove themselves, and we’ll see how she does at Wednesday night’s debate.

    Lauf brings out fear in many, both Republicans and Democrats alike.

    Right now, I am still undecided in this race, and hopefully, many voters like me will be in attendance at the debate Wednesday night.

    If it’s full of supporters only for a candidate, then at least the candidates will be able to debate each other and we can see whom the candidates of substance are, and who are the pretenders.

    I will be watching all of the candidates with a discerning eye.

    But as I said previous posts, Jim Oberweis has a substantial lead in name ID, and many believe this race is already over and Oberweis will be the nominee.

    His spending, buying TV commercial ad time is his way to try and run away with the race and clinch it by the start of early voting.

    And now, voters will be distracted by the impeachment trial in the Senate.

    Oberweis was smart to get his first TV ad buys out prior to the Senate trial.

    Let’s see how all the candidates do on Wednesday night, before calling the race.

    Personally, I’m going to vote on or about the 6th of February, so I really want to make up my mind by the end of the month, if not sooner.

  5. Lauf, Lauf, Lauf. Underwood, Underwood, Underweird, Underwear (soiled).

    These two need to be sent packing.

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