The Virginia Gun Rights Rally

22,000 said to have attended the Second Amendment Rally at the Virginia State Capitol.

Don’t know what you saw elsewhere, but Legal Insurrection publishes what you may not have seen.

I liked this photo from CBS 6 best:


The Virginia Gun Rights Rally — 13 Comments

  1. ** The supporters protested against new gun regulations by the Virginia legislation. This includes “universal background checks, a ban on military-style rifles and a bill that would allow authorities to temporarily take guns from people deemed dangerous to themselves or others.”**

    Woh. How extreme of them! Background checks? Banning military-style weapons? Keeping guns out of the hands of people who may be dangerous?


  2. Countdown to Civil War II. The Blackface Governor starts with abrogating the Second Amendment. Then the other civil rights follows.

    That’s what democrats do! Do not vote for them.

  3. Alabama what about limiting the purchase of guns to 1 every 30 days; the confiscation based on ex parte orders of protection; the exclusion of aliens from many of the regulations for citizens {bc they need ‘more time’}; upping age for ownership from 18 to 21; onerous fees per gun and state registration?????

    It’s not like what you said LIAR!

  4. Only one sheriff and his posse showed up. If there are one hundred 2A sanctuary counties, why did they not ALL show up? The real count for the crowd was more like 100,000 and upwards. AND for every one of them standing there were most likely a hundred more behind them that could not go. All in all a huge win for the citizens. The criminals all ran and hid. Great show of force; and not one incident even though they were all heavily armed. (Plus they left the city cleaner than when they went in!)

  5. **It’s not like what you said LIAR!**

    🙄 I didn’t lie. I literally quoted from the article that Cal posted. But you do you.

  6. No truer words were ever printed…. me see’s a revolution coming if these snowflakes don’t stop trying to run us like Nazi Germany.

  7. God – all of y’all’s obsession with me is hilarious. Carry on.

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