David Gervais Has About $81,000 in the Bank

Dave Gervais at the Mild Day Parade

Still buoyed by $75,000 in March and April loans to his campaign committee, appointed Circuit Court Judge David Gervais had $80,792.12 in the bank at the end of 2019.

An additional $1,000 was given by attorney Scott Nolan of Crystal Lake after the reporting deadline. Nolan also made a $1,000 donation the first day of the reporting period.

$510.43 in smaller contributions were reported.

The only expenditures were for consulting–$5,006.09 to Cor Strategies of Palatine.


David Gervais Has About $81,000 in the Bank — 4 Comments

  1. So he actually has less than $6,000 in donations, but has $75,000 in “scare people away from running against me” money.

  2. The only expenditures were to Cor Strategies.


    Who paid for the shirts and banner in the picture?

    Who paid the entry fee to that particular parade?

    Something seems missing in the report.

  3. Hey M (Mary McClellan?), What about Union 150 pouring $$$$$ into you>

    Didn’t they fund your robo-calls?

  4. Sorry, MsTrumpion, you guessed wrong. The fact that I spell correctly should have given that away. And, true to your nom de plume, you respond to perceived criticisms with distractions and very little facts.

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